How much are Mets worth?

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Who Are Mets?

The New York Mets is a National League of Major League Baseball sports franchise. The team was founded as the New York Metropolitans in 1883 and has played its home games at Shea Stadium since 1964. The Mets are the only MLB club to play their home games outside of North America and became the first MLB team to play on foreign soil when they hosted an exhibition game against a Japan All-Star Team at Tokyo Dome in 1996. Here we will see How much are Mets worth?

How much are Mets worth?How much are Mets worth?

The estimated value of the New York Mets is $2.5 billion US dollars as of June 2022. This figure was determined by Forbes Magazine and is up from the estimated value of $1 billion US dollars in 2014. The Mets had been unheard of in value until the early 1970s. However, that changed when they became a dominating baseball force. This value is up from an estimated $347 million US dollars when the Wilpon family bought the team in 2002.

How Much Are Mets Worth Over Time? 

Since their first year of existence, the New York Mets have gradually increased in worth. In their first year as an official team, their estimated value was $8.4 million US dollars. In 1973, two years after winning their first National League Championship title, the New York Mets were sold for $19 million US dollars. It wasn’t until their 1988 Championship title that the Mets began to see their value increase. The Mets were sold for $135 million US dollars one year after their victory. Since then, the New York Mets have steadily increased in worth.

Who Owns The Team?

The current owner of the Team is billionaire Steve Cohen. He purchased the franchise in September 2020 for $2.4 billion US dollars. The billionaire is the head of Event and Sports Network (ESN). In February 2022, he sold many of his shares in ESN to three other investors in exchange for purchasing another 50% stake in the team.

Why Is The New York Mets Worth So Much?

The New York Mets are among the two MLB teams that play in New York City. They also have an extremely dedicated fan base, including New Yorkers and people living outside the city. The team is uniquely placed because they play within Flushing Meadows, Corona Park. The park is next to Shea Stadium, the home field of the National League’s Mets rival team, the New York Yankees. The Mets also have a new stadium, Citi Field, which opened in April 2009 with a  seating capacity of over 41,000.

How Have The Mets Performed Throughout The Years?

The team has, since its founding in 1962, experienced vast success. They won their first World Series in 1969 against the Baltimore Orioles. These were the only two teams to win the World Series that year. In 1973, three years after winning their first National League Championship title and competing in the World Series for the first time, the New York Mets team was sold for $19 million US dollars. This sale price set a record for baseball franchises. The Mets have won the National League pennant 15 times, the most recent being in 2015.

Apart from winning two World Series titles, the New York Mets have also been competitive in their other seasons. The number one reason for this is that they play in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, which can be described as having a neutral park-effect environment. Its characteristic park factors do not drastically affect its effects on home runs and batting averages.

How Do They Compare To Other Teams?

The team is the fourth most valuable team in the National League. The Mets rank 17th out of 30 MLB teams compared to the entire league. The New York Mets are among the two MLB teams from New York City, with the New York Yankees being the other. The last time two National League teams shared a home city was when Brooklyn and Manhattan were home to a baseball team and a football team from 1957-58. 

The most valuable franchise in Major League Baseball is valued at $3.7 billion US dollars by Forbes Magazine for the year 2010. The New York Mets are not far behind on this list, as their estimated value is $2.5 billion US dollars in June 2022.

What Makes The Mets Worth Such A Large Amount Of Money? 

The New York Mets are valuable because of their location within Flushing Meadows Corona Park and their consistently competitive play since its founding in 1962. The New York Mets are located where many people support the team. This large number of people makes it much easier for the team to sell their games, increasing the revenue generated from this. This revenue allows the organisation to allocate more money towards player salaries and purchasing additional players, which can further increase value. It is why teams must continually be competitive and reinvest money in the franchise and its players.


In conclusion, the New York Mets will be worth $2.5 billion US dollars in June 2022. It is based on their recent history and the consistent success they experienced in their first 50 years of existence. Suppose you want to know more about these numbers. In that case, you can look at a team financial report, such as an income statement or a balance sheet, to further explain the numbers used in this analysis.

How much are Mets worth?
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