Which Baseball Cards From The 80s Are Worth Money?

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If you are a baseball fanatic, you are probably on the prowl for some infamous baseball cards. When you are racking up your investments in baseball cards. Ideally, you should invest sufficiently in rookie cards. This is because if a player ends up becoming a legend, star, or icon. Their rookie cards are always up for amazing deals. This exactly is what makes the collection of cards so exhilarating. Let us see which baseball cards from the 80s are worth money.

Which Baseball Cards from the 80s are worth money?

Which 80s Baseball Cards are worth money? 

There are a lot of baseball cards from the 80s. However, in baseball cards, the quantity hardly matters, the quality does. A collector can have a collector item worth hundreds of original baseball cards. The most valuable cards from the 1980’s era are mostly rookie shots of established players that went ahead to change the course and perspective of the game. The cards range from $600 – $25,000. Here is a list of some ’80s baseball cards that are worth a lot of money. 

1980s Baseball Card 

Ricky Henderson: 

Top on the list is Rickey Henderson’s rookie card in the year 1980 edition number 482. The card is currently worth a whopping sum of $27,500. Though the value of this card has constantly fluctuated over time. This happened very early during Rickey’s career. However, as time passed, he showed people he was different from the rest. He proved to the world he was ready to make a mark. He was nicknamed the “Man of Steal”. This was because he could easily steal bases. 

His career spanned 24 years. He started his rookie year in 1979, and he retired in 2003. Rickey played for 9 teams during his career, and he holds multiple league records. He played for the Oakland A’s and won different silverware with the team. His Topps rookie card at PSA 9 is worth $350. While the Topps rookie card at PSA 10 is worth a staggering $27,500. 

Nolan Ryan: 

This is the only card on the list that is not a rookie card. Nolan started his career with the Mets. He played for a total of 27 years, and during his playing years, his card value started increasing when he moved to the Rangers. Nolan Ryan has different baseball cards. Some are even ranked among the most expensive baseball cards. However, for this particular year. The Matt Ryan 1980 Topps issue at PSA 9 is worth $75. If your Topps issue is at PSA level 10, it is worth $2,000. 

Cal Ripken Jr.: 

The Cal Ripken rookie card is shared with other players, this is what makes it extra special. It has the faces of Jeff Schneider and Bob Bonner. Ripken had an amazing rookie year in 1982. Most collectors had a zeal and yearn to get a Cal Ripken baseball cad. If you have a Cal Ripken Jr. Topps Orioles rookie card at PSA level 9, it is currently worth $150. However, if you have the Topps Orioles rookie card at PSA level 10, it is currently worth $,1,100. 

Cal Ripken Jr.:

Here is another 1982 Cal Ripken Jr. baseball card. Here is another rookie card, with the Baltimore Orioles. Cal was nicknamed the “Iron Man”. He has multiple personal awards, records, and recognitions to his name. He holds the record for the player that has played the most consecutive games. He played a total of 2,632. Cal was a terrific player. 

He made the All-Star team 19 times. He is an HoF contender. With such stats, it is natural that his rookie cards are worth a whopping sum. If you have a Topps version of the Cal Ripken Jr. Rookie card for Baltimore Orioles Future Stars at PSA level 9, it is currently worth $50. If you own one at PSA level 10. It is worth $700. 

Don Mattingly:

Don Mattingly was nicknamed “The Hit Man”. This MLB superstar hit a major trifecta during his career. He had a career for 30 years. He was a player, coach, and manager. Don was also nicknamed “Donnie Baseball”. Don’s baseball card reignited the fire in card collection. Most collectors always want to pick up the 1984 Don Mattingly rookie card. He was able to turn different miniatures, these art designs at PSA 9 are worth $50, and PSA level 10 cards are worth $600. 


Baseball cards are a suitable investment to put your funds in. There is some 1980s worth card as much as $10,000. Most of the players are Hall of Famers and future contenders. Baseball was played differently, and the hype was different. During that period, it was a very physical game, and most of the players took it very personally and played with their hearts and emotions. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do baseball cards have value? 

If you have the right baseball cards, you can sell them for as high as possible. The cards can be worth a fortune. It just depends on the type you own and the history behind that card. Some baseball cards’ worth is as low as $50. While some are worth as high as $50,000. There are different ways you can get a baseball card. You can be given them as a gift and you can win them in auctions. 

What are the most expensive baseball cards?

The most expensive baseball cards are usually that of top-rated stars. If the card is legitimate, it would sell for a high price. Some of the high earners are rookie pictures of some of these top stars. Cardholders buy rookie cards when the players are young, so they can sell them when the players become superstars.  

Where can I get baseball cards?

There are different ways you can get a baseball card. You can be gifted by friends and families. You can also purchase from eBay and Amazon. There are also some auction websites that you can buy baseball cards from. However, when you want to buy from an auction website. You have to be very certain of its veracity and level of trust. 

Are the valuable cards found only in the 1980s?

No, valuable baseball cards cannot be found only in the 1980s. The cards listed here are not the most valuable baseball cards you can get. They just fall within the period requirements for the article.  

Which Baseball Cards From The 80s Are Worth Money?
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