How Much Do Baseball Caps Cost?

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Many baseball players wear baseball caps to protect themselves from the ray of the sun during a baseball game. However, over time, baseball caps have become popular among baseball fans and also fashion lovers. It has become that extra piece of clothing or accessory that makes up your wardrobe. The price or cost of this beloved sports cap is therefore an important element to consider, especially if you are about to join many others in getting this stylish accessory. Let’s learn about ‘How Much Do Baseball Caps Cost?’.

How Much Do Baseball Caps Cost?

How Much Do Baseball Caps Cost?

There are different types of baseball caps and prices for each. However, you can get a baseball cap for as low as $5 and as high as $75. This depends on factors like the type, design, logo or badge, colour, and the location you are purchasing it. A type, design, and colour could be more expensive in one location as opposed to the other. 

Types of Baseball Caps and Their Prices

There are two main types of baseball caps: adjustable and non-adjustable types. However, these two types are further broken into six because of the peculiarity one cap might have over another. As we consider each of these six and their prices, be careful to note the ones that are adjustable and the ones that are not. 

  1. Fitted Caps: This is a common type of baseball cap. Like its name, it is fitted on the head and unlike some other caps, unadjustable. Its tip is flat, and this cap can only be used by those within the head size of the sizes available in the market. It is usually the most preferred type of baseball cap because it is easy to take on or off, without bothering about adjusting to fit it in, and when worn, it is firm. The fitted caps cost about $10 to $40. 
  2. Flexfit Caps: The flexfit cap is similar to the fitted ones because they are also unadjustable. It has a curved tip, and it is more athletic in design than any other baseball cap. Having an athletic design means it is simple, cause why would an athlete wear a cap that is heavily designed just for a game? Its simplicity makes it very affordable, therefore, it is sold for not more than $10. 
  3. Snapback Caps: This is the most common baseball cap and usually the most expensive. This cap comes in flat or curved tips and is very much adjustable. This means that anyone can wear it, that is the factor that makes it the most widely used baseball cap. However, it is not the most preferred. One more factor that makes it the most expensive is that this type of cap often comes with the logo or badges of a baseball team. It is sold for about $20 to $75.
  4. Strapback Caps: The strapback is very similar to the snapback. If you are not careful, you could mix them up. This is so because the only difference between the strapback and snapback is in the adjustable feature. For the strapback, the closure at the back is used to strap in or tighten the cap. Whereas, the closure at the back of the snapback is to fasten or lock the cap with snaps or buttons. The strapback is sold at $30 to $75.
  5. Trucker Caps: This is considered a type of snapback cap, this is so because it has a similar adjustable closure as a snapback. However, it is different from snapback in height, due to the foamy area at the front of the cap that makes it look taller, the foamy feature also makes it more accommodating on the head. It is popular among truck drivers, hence its name. It also has a slightly bent tip and is not very expensive, like a snapback. It is sold at $10 to $30. 
  6. Dad Caps: This is also known as the 5-panel style because to make it, 5 panels of fabric were put together in it. Its tip is slightly curved but not as much as the other regular baseball caps mentioned above. It also has a strap feature that makes it adjustable. It is also not overly designed, which makes it by far the cheapest cap you could get. You could buy it for as low as $5. However, in some locations, it could be sold for as much as $50.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘How Much Do Baseball Caps Cost?’, Whether you are looking to purchase a cap for athletic purposes, as a fashionable accessory for your wardrobe or simply just as a covering to shield you from the sun; nothing fancy, each of the caps highlighted above serves these purposes. The prices attached to each of them and their specific features have also been highlighted. So the next time you are looking for a specification in the type of baseball cap to buy, we trust with this article, you will make a good choice, well within your budget and need.

How Much Do Baseball Caps Cost?
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