How Much Do You Make In AAA Baseball?

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There are seven levels before reaching Major League Baseball. The lowest level is Low A or called Rookie Ball and the highest level of Minor League Baseball is AAA (Triple-A). The big league uses this level to send underperforming players. Let us know “How Much Do You Make In AAA Baseball?”

How Much Do You Make In AAA Baseball?According to the U.S. Census Bureau, even though AAA is the highest level of minor league baseball but players in minor leagues make significantly less money than those in Major League Baseball (MLB) as well as less money than those working in the majority of American jobs. The average yearly wage of a Major League Baseball player is $4.41 million, and that of a minor leaguer range from $4,800 to $14,700.

The Average Earning Of Players In Minor Leagues At Different Levels:

The monthly wage of minor league players ranges from $1,500 to $3,000. The players also receive a salary of up to $35 per hour. In addition to covering travel expenses to and from their home city, teams frequently pay for meals and lodging as well.

Salaries of first-year rookies and Class A players: The lowest paid baseball players exist at these levels. The players earn $6,000 a season. In a short season, the salary is even lower. They earn anywhere from $300 to $400 per week.

Salary of Single-A baseball players: According to data from the Legion Report the players of Single-A earn $500 weekly. Across a six-month season, the players make $10,500. Players have occasionally started before Single-A and advanced to the Major levels in the same season, which results in a large salary raise.

Salary of Double-A baseball players: Double-A players are paid a minimum of $600 per week. The players make $12,600 for the whole six-month season. Each participant is responsible for their living expenditures, making it difficult for them to have much money left over at the end of each month.

Salary of Triple-A baseball players: Legion Report reported that Triple-A athletes earned at least $14,700 per year, this means that they earn $700 per week. In Minor Leagues Baseball levels, this is the highest salary. It is due to these players are often the greatest in the minor leagues.

According to another source, Minor League Baseball players make an average wage of $44,680 in the United States. The earnings ranging from $19,910 to $187,200. The average annual salary for the top 75% is $187,200 and 50 percent of players receive $28,400. 

There is an increase in salary for a Triple-A player after being added to the 40-man roster. The annual salary automatically increases to $46,000 for a player added for the first time on a 40-man roster. The bonus for being added to the 40-man roster for players on their second contract is $93,000.

Salary of Major League Baseball players: In addition to performance bonuses like awards for winning games, MLB players are renowned for earning significant yearly salaries. The average player salary was over 4.41 million U.S. dollars according to the 2022 report of This salary is more than seven times the minimum wage. Additionally, it virtually doubles the average player wage from 2003, demonstrating the quick growth of baseball’s wealth. Max Scherzer and Mike Trout are the highest-paid players. 

The minimum wage of Minor League Baseball players: Minimum wage for the six-month season depends on the league contract. Players with first major league contracts receive $57,200. $114,100 for those with second or later major league contracts.

Salaries of Minor League Baseball players in different states of America: In the United States, Minor league baseball players make an average salary of $64,168. Baseball players in the minor leagues make the most money in Los Angeles.

Salaries of Minor League Baseball players in Los Angeles: Minor League Baseball players in Los Angeles, California earn wages ranging from $19,910 to $187,200.  The median pay is similar to the national average. 

Salaries of Minor League Baseball players in New York: In New York City, NY, the average minor league baseball player’s annual salary is $64,168. This salary is equivalent to the sum of the average salaries in the nearby metro areas of Portland, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

Salaries of Minor League Baseball players in San Francisco: Minor League Baseball players in San Francisco, California make wages ranging from $19,910 to $187,200. The average wage is $44,680.

Factors Affecting Salaries Of AAA Baseball Players:

Position: The salary of Baseball players depends on the position of the players whether they play in the Major league or Minor league. The players who play as pitchers and catchers are among the highest paid. 

Levels: The players have high salaries in Major League. Among the Minor leagues, Triple-A players earned the most. 

Team: Some franchises pay handsome salaries to their players. For example, in the Major league of 2022, Los Angeles Dodgers were the best-paid.  

Age of Triple-A Baseball players: Younger athletes are more likely to receive better pay than older ones. 

Performance of the players: Individual batting averages and home runs are used to gauge the performance of the player. A player’s market value is based on his ability, which in turn impacts how much money he can earn off the field.

High-skilled players: Players are paid depending on the quality of the competition. Players who have talent are in high demand and typically earn more money than those who have less potential.

Tenure: The length of a player’s tenure with his or her teams also influences contract and pay discussions. They will receive more money the longer they are a member of AAA.


There is a significant wage gap between minor and major league players. It is mostly due to the fact the Major league players are considered more skilled and have high merit. The Major League is increasing the minimum wage for Minor League athletes beginning with the 2021 season. These compensation increases range from 38 to 72 percent.  The average AAA salary includes health insurance and retirement plans. In addition, they get a tuition fund for their kids. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the value of a AAA baseball team?

A Forbes study found that some AAA teams are valued at more than $30 million. In contrast, a Major League Baseball team is worth $17.8 billion on average.

What are the two leagues within Triple-A baseball?

The two leagues are East Division also called as International League and the second West Division also known as Pacific Coast League. The players of these leagues earn the same salary and are called triple players. 

How Much Do You Make In AAA Baseball?
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