What Size Catchers Mitt Should A 12 Year Old Use?

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Every sport has the right apparatus for its players so does the baseball game. The following are the equipment used by baseball game players: helmets, masks, knee guards, cleats, gloves, and mitts. The equipment used differs in terms of size, length for players, and position played. A wrong-sized gear will affect the performance of the user. A catcher mitt is one of the vital tools for the performance of a baseball catcher during a match. The catcher position is one of the most sensitive positions to play in a baseball game, hence the need to have the position holder fully and well-equipped for maximum impact. Let us see what size catchers mitt should a 12 year old use in this article.

What Size Catchers Mitt Should A 12 Year Old Use?

What Size Catchers Mitt Should A 12 Year Old Use?

If you are a pre-teen interested in playing the catcher position in baseball or know of one, getting a perfect size mitt is one of the things you should consider while choosing a catcher’s mitt. Catchers mitt size for children ranges from 30 to 35 inches, but for 12 year old, a size 32 or 32.5 is perfect. Apart from the size, you should also consider the durability of the mitt for 12 years old. This will guide against the need for a catcher’s mitt every season. This article will cover everything you need to know about the choice and maintenance of a catcher’s mitt for twelve-year-olds.

What To Consider Before Choosing A Catcher’s Mitt For A 12 Year Old?

The catcher’s position is sensitive as it determines the tone of the tournament. Hence, if a catcher uses a mitt that doesn’t allow room for movement, gripping, and ball control, it will become a challenge for the catcher. When choosing a catcher’s mitt it should allow for accurate hand movements to give signals when the need arises, the proficiency to block balls, pass a ball, and also anticipate moves freely.

The mitt must fit perfectly in the hand of the catcher. If a catcher’s mitt doesn’t fit well it can cause the ball to slide from the catcher’s hand and will hinder quick moves.

Catchers Mitt And Catchers Gloves

Though, this two are often used interchangeably by most people. You cannot replace a catcher’s mitt for a glove for your twelve-year-old. If the child is permanently playing the catcher position. The glove has openings for the five fingers, while the catcher’s mitt is without an opening. All the fingers are fastened together. Some catcher’s mitts have a hole for the thumb.

Gloves are not as padded as the catcher’s mitt. Catchers’ mitts are padded to ensure that a catcher doesn’t sustain an injury when attempting to hold a ball thrown at a high frequency. The wrist is covered in some mitt to provide a protective covering for the wrist.

The material used for a catcher’s glove is leather. You should go for hard leather and not synthetic leather if you are considering the long-term involvement of your twelve-year-old in baseball as a catcher. Synthetic leather mitts are not firm as hard leather. Go for something more durable and firm instead of always desiring a change of mitt every season.

The catcher’s glove is measured in terms of the length and not the circumference of the hand. The circumference is considered for the mitt and not the length. 

To break in with a catcher’s mitt takes more time than it would for a glove because of the disparity in the quality of material used. To be on the safe side, a catcher should break in with the mitt at least four weeks before the main match. This will help to soften and enhance flexibility since the mitts are always very stiff due to the excess padding.

How To Measure A Catcher’s Mitt?

Now that you know the size of the catcher’s mitt for your twelve-year-old, the next thing is to get the actual size of the mitt for the individual, remember, children, grow differently.

  1. Pick a desired catcher mitch and have it spread as much as you can.
  2. Press the mitt down with your palm to have a flat outlook. Ensure that it is well flattened.
  3. With the use of a measuring tape, take full measurements of the perimeter of the mitt. This will give you the mitt size. If it exceeds 32.5 inches it will not be perfect for a twelve-year-old.

How To Care For A Catcher’s Mitt?

To preserve your catcher’s mitt from being worn out before time, proper care should be given to it. 

A belt should be wrapped around the mitt after every use to ensure that it is still firm. Once tied it should be left overnight.

Avoid the application of excess oil to loosen the padding. The padding will be loosened after a period of consistent use. Do not attempt to loosen it with a bat frequently. This will make the mitt to become flattened.


The tips shared here apply to catcher mitt for all age range apart from the size. A good catcher’s mitt will allow a catcher to perform his moves perfectly well in the play area. Twelve-year-olds who intend to play for a long period should go for quality catcher’s mitt and also ensure that the mitt is firm enough in their hands to prevent balls from sliding. The catcher’s mitt for a twelve-year-old should not measure up to thirty-three inches in diameter circumference.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are gloves and mitts the same thing?

The terms are used interchangeably but in the real sense, they are not. The gloves are measured in terms of length while the mitt considers the circumference.

  • How can I know my perfect mitt size?

This is very important when choosing a mitt because it must be what fits your hand. You can check online for all the catcher’s mitt sizes that will fit you 

  • How often should a catcher’s mitt be changed?

It depends on the quality of the leather used in the production of the mitt. Once you notice that the mitt is no longer firm, it calls for a change.

  • Do all children use the same catchers mitt size?

The catchers mitt for children differs in size as they are designed based on the age of users.

What Size Catchers Mitt Should A 12 Year Old Use?
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