How To Play Baseball For Beginners? – Complete Guide

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Baseball is one of the games that are in the national league though it is not a popular sport. There has been a series of misconceptions about who founded the game. Abner Doubleday declared himself the founder in 1839. Records have shown that baseball was accepted as a sport in the national sport between the 1840s and 50s. The first team was set up in New York before it spread to Brooklyn. Over the years, the sport has attracted several fans and produced highly priced players, with its highest player valued at a net worth of about 300 billion USD. Let us know ‘How To Play Baseball For Beginners?’.

A Complete Guide On How To Play Baseball For Beginners?

Do you have an interest in baseball?

Read this brief guide to get a description of the game before going further. Baseball is beyond the series of runs noticed by its players on the pitch. It is a sport that requires strategic tactics to complete all four bases without being put out by your opponent. To succeed in the game, you must first learn and have a comprehensive knowledge of its rules which in most cases applies to all the classes of league baseball.

How To Play Baseball For Beginners?

Two teams are required to start the game at a time. During the game, the home team takes the defense in the first round while the guest occupies the offense position. Each of the teams must have 9 players.

The series of runs is innings. The innings are is divided into two top and bottom with a total of 9 innings for all levels of players except for college games are limited to 6 innings.

The game is played in a diamond-shaped field. The field has four bases and a later box. the field has an infield and outfield. Each of the bases is 90 feet apart except for the high school field which is 60 feet apart from each other.

A baseball game lasts for three hours but can exceed the time if the 9 innings are not completed by an offensive team, especially in Major League Baseball. Other leagues run between two to three hours.

The team with the highest number of runs is declared the winner of the game. Like Soccer, if a team draws, the umpire will call for another innings to have a winner.

Players are not allowed to take a random position. The strike zones are assigned to a batter based on their strength. 

Baseball Equipment

To have a successful match the following equipment must available:

A diamond-shaped field.





Pitch rubber


Baseball parts

Baseball Spikes


Techniques In Playing Baseball

Winning the game during each inning depends on the ability of the player to navigate their way with the four bases through the 360 feet wide field. The game begins with the hitter having the ball thrown with the bat. During the process, the offensive must ensure that the defense is unable to catch the ball before it hits the ground. The offense can be removed from the game if the defensive catches the ball or the runner arrives at the base after the ball had arrived. The batter must be properly stationed in the batter box with both legs. 

Scoring A Run In Baseball

Every team desires to win the game. In baseball, a win is only declared for a team when the pitcher has successfully run through all the bases to the home plate without being put out by an opponent. In a situation where a player, the hitter, can navigate his way through three of the bases without the defense having access to the ball, he is allowed to wait in any of the bases and have his teammate hit the ball as they arrive at the home plate. The defense on the other hand must be on top of the game ensuring that the offense does not arrive at the home plate. This can be achieved by ensuring that they take hold of the ball before it hits the base or puts out a runner before they get to a base.

Rules In Baseball Game

Like every other sport, baseball has rules that make their games fun. The rules don’t vary between leagues. Here are some of the rules:

The game will not commence until the coach informs the players about the order for battling. He is in charge of placing each of the players in their respective strike zone. He does this in the company of the umpire and the coach of the opposing team.

The guest takes the lead in the match as the offense in the first round of the game and the home team takes the defense position in the box. The pitcher will through the ball on the command of the umpire on the mention of  “Play Ball”.

The pitcher is allowed to hit the ball from any angle in the batter box while in a stationary position in the box.

A team is declared successful when they can go through all the bases without being put out by the defense.

A barter can only move beyond the first base. If they attempt a run beyond the second and third they will be put out by the defense.


Baseball is an interesting game. To be a successful player in the game you have to first get conversant with all the rules that govern the match. The offensive team is always declared to begin the game while the defense is the home team. Each team must complete nine innings which total 27 for each of the top and bottom games. The duration of the game depends on the innings and it does not depend on a set time like in soccer or other sports. A complete 9 innings makes a full circle.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a run in baseball?

A run in baseball is declared when a hitter goes through the four bases and arrives at the home plate without being removed by an opponent.

  • Why is double play declared in a baseball game?

A double base is declared if a defense successfully removes two players simultaneously in a game.



How To Play Baseball For Beginners? – Complete Guide
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