How to Volley in Tennis in 4 Simple Steps

how to volley in tennis

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how to volley in tennis

The ball is coming in and you know a return volley is needed. So how do you do the best volley to not lose strength and score? This article will provide all the information on how to volley in tennis: the techniques and tips.

What Is a Volley in Tennis

Volley is one of the essential techniques in tennis that players return the ball to an opponent before the ball bounces to the ground. The volley is usually performed when the player is near the net or the service line. Volley is an aggressive shot because the purpose of this hit is to make the opponent tattered and having no time to counter attack, so there is a high chance that you will score points. Usually a player will perform a volley with either forehand or backhand, and the correct grip is crucial to performing this technique.

Types of Volley in Tennis

There are many types of volley techniques, not just 1. The different volley techniques are determined by the height, position, and speed of the incoming ball. Let’s take a look at the different volley types below.

Punch Volley

This is the most common volley. This is performed when the player stands close to the net and punches the ball forward with a racquet and scoops slightly downwards. With this shot, the player does not need backswing and is applied to the oncoming ball at a medium pace and slightly over the net.

Drop Volley

To perform a drop volley, a player only needs to touch the ball lightly to return the ball to the other side, as close to the net as possible so that the opponent has to move further. A successful drop volley bounces twice before the opponent can re-strike. A proper drop volley is done right at the net.

Block Volley

how to volley in tennis - block volley

The block volley is easy to do without losing your energy. Simply put, the player only needs to raise the racquet to block the ball right at the net.

Lob Volley

Lob volley should be done when 2 players reach the net at the same time. With distances like this, it is very difficult to do a passing shot. At this point, players just need to open the racquet to send the ball a round over the opponent’s head. The force should not be too strong or the ball will cross the baseline.

Swinging Volley

This volley is special because the player breaks the basic rules of volleys. The player has to do a groundstroke swing to hit the ball to the other side of the net. Swing volley is suitable to perform when players are in the area of no man’s land. This technique is not for beginners as it requires the perfect combination of strength, pace and swing so that the ball in response does not fly over the baseline.

Half Volley

A half volley is not really a volley because the player hits the ball after the ball has bounced off the court, not before. This means that when the ball is bouncing up, the player hits the ball. This technique requires the right timing to execute.

How to Volley in Tennis in 4 Steps

Just follow our 4 basics steps, then you will know how to hit a volley in tennis:

Step 1: Get into the Right Position

Volley is a technique that needs to be done quickly to score points so players need to get in position quickly to catch the ball and judge the opponent’s next ball. 

Move your foot in the direction of the oncoming ball, and you can do an authentic backswing. Knees should bend a bit to prepare for movement, racket and arms should be right in front of your body.

Step 2: Backswing

Now you need to bring the racquet and elbow close to your body, while moving to do the volley do not swing. For right-handed people, the left shoulder should be tilted towards the net and arms outstretched for balance, the body slightly leaned on the hind leg. When the legs begin to move, the racquet must be opened in preparation for contact with the ball.

Step 3: Swinging and Contacting

Keeping your eyes on the ball, clutching racket, wrist and elbow buckle. Now, hit the ball onto the opponent’s field into the position you envisioned. Quickly shift your body weight to the other leg, step forward and use your body weight and lower body force to accelerate the ball.

Step 4: Following through

After hitting the ball, let the racquet move until your arms are extended again. Then move quickly to the center of the field in preparation for the opponent’s response shot.

Tips on How to Volley in Tennis

To make the volley you follow the tennis volley technique above, but to make it like a pro, remember the following 3 tips carefully:

Always Moving Forward

Your arm will take full responsibility if you don’t move forward to hit the volley. Of course, this will reduce your scoring ability. If you are making this mistake, you must correct it. 

Keep moving with your body momentum and try not to move your arms too wide. With solid wrists, firm grip and forward body weight, balance, you’re sure to hit the ball across the field successfully. Practice your footwork as much as possible to ensure a successful volley.

Awaring of Your Position: Get Close to the Net.

The closer you are to the net, the easier it will be to bring the ball over the net with a volley. If you stand far away, the ball will fall right in front of you. In this situation, you will not be able to volley. If you step back the ball will fall to your waist height and your strike will be very weak. Remember tip number 1, always go forward and hit the ball at shoulder height upwards. A good place to do volleys is when you’re in the middle of the net and the service line. You should only do volley on the service line if it’s a half volley.

Be fast and keep things under control.

Moving Your Racket Towards the Ball Direction.

To have a volley that doesn’t float or bounce, hit through the ball instead of placing the racquet under the ball. Always direct the ball where you want it, not down. Start with the racquet lower than the ball and then swing it upwards for a good volley. At first, you may not be familiar with it, practice as much as possible so that it becomes your reflex.


Volley is an essential technique to win in tennis. Take time to practice it regularly. You can either train with your partner or hit the ball to the wall. Remember to follow the steps and tips above in order to make historic volleys of yours.

How to Volley in Tennis in 4 Simple Steps
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