Is headgear allowed in MMA?

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Headgear to combat headgear, what are the risks of getting injured when training a combat sport? Is headgear allow in MMA?

The short answer is no. If you’re in a fight in an MMA ring. You’re not allowed to wear headgear. In your training session, it’s good to use for your safety.

There is always risks associated with absorbing punches and kicks to the head. There is no way around these types of strikes to the head when training combat sports. Luckily the use of combat headgear can improve your chances of not getting injured.

Combat Headgear – An Overview

The original purpose of combat headgear was fight club type martial arts. The headgear allowed the fighter to absorb multiple hits to their head in order to practice the art of not getting hit. Since then, people have started using it for MMA and other combat sports which involve absorbing punches and kicks to the head.

Why is there so much potential for injury?

When you are wearing this type of gear there is more than one layer to protect your skin. You can expect to get hit more times and you can be expected to absorb more of the force due to the solid structure of the equipment.

Why is headgear necessary?

The type of equipment most commonly used in combat sports for head protection is made up of a thick piece of foam on the inside and a solid outer shell. These types of equipment cover as much surface area as possible in order to protect your head. With that being said, you are still able to feel the blows that you are getting hit with. This allows you to train in a controlled environment.

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What can happen without headgear?

The longer you train or when you train with your partner, the harder it is for them to control the strength of their strike. The harder a strike is, the more damage it causes. When you are not wearing headgear, there is a chance of getting hit harder than you are used to. The damage may not occur immediately, but it could lead to tears in muscle tissue or worse.

Is headgear all that is needed?

There is no way to really guarantee the safety of yourself and your partner. You can only hope that they are able to control the damage they cause during training. The best way to help avoid injury while training MMA and other combat sports is to wear headgear.

Is headgear allowed in MMA?
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