[Boxing/MMA] Kidney Punch: Key Factors Your Opponent Didn’t Know

kidney punch

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kidney punch

If you get hit with a kidney punch during a fight, it is usually not a good sign. This combination of punches to the stomach and blows to the kidneys serves as a way for fighters to take out their opponents quickly since they are some of the most vulnerable parts of the body.

The key factors that your opponent didn’t know what’s a kidney punch all come down to exploiting weaknesses and capitalizing on opportunities that arise during fights.

It may be difficult to inflict serious damage with just one or two punches, but the key is making your opponent essentially give up.

What’s a Kidney Punch?

The kidney punch is a series of punches delivered to the side of the stomach in rapid succession. As you can imagine, the target area is quite large and includes several vital organs.

The tactics are very similar to the flying knee, with both being designed to take out an opponent as quickly as possible.

These punches are probably one of the most effective ways for fighters to get a quick win, so it’s important that you know how it works and how to avoid them.

The main weakness in these attacks is that they are difficult to see coming, so make sure that you’re looking out for tell-tale signs when your opponent is about to throw one of these punches.

Consequences of a Kidney Punch

You have to take a moment to think about the ramifications of having your kidney hit by another fighter.

For starters, it will definitely hurt. The pain of this attack is often very intense and can leave one vulnerable.

There is something else that many fighters don’t realize is that if you are hit with a kidney punch, it can cause internal bleeding in your stomach or intestine which could eventually lead to organ failure. This could potentially lead to death.

There’s also the possibility of getting a preexisting condition such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis from the kidney punch. If you have either of these conditions, it is likely that you will have to undergo some sort of treatment to prevent complications.

The symptoms for these conditions vary greatly, but in general, they include abdominal pain, blood in your stool, abdominal pain and swelling, and fever.

This is not something that happens overnight… It can take months before any symptoms show up. This is a serious effect of the kidney punch, so it’s important to consider the ramifications of getting hit with this combination of punches.

Fighters should also be aware that there are several other kinds of injuries that can occur from a kidney punch. Some include kidney stones and bleeding from your intestines. There are also chronic problems like hemorrhoids and hernia that could result from being hit in your kidneys.

Kidney Punch Technique

During a Stand-Up Fight

In order to pull off a successful kidney punch, your opponent has to be in a relatively vulnerable position such as being on their back. This means that the first part of the combination is to get your opponent on the ground or at least cause him or her to fall backwards.

Once you’ve done this, you can follow up with a quick blow into the kidneys. This is often most effective with an elbow shot, though if you’re close enough, you can use punches too.

During a Ground Battle

When you’re on the ground, your opponent is likely to be protecting his or her kidneys so take advantage of this by using strikes to the body such as knees or punches. You can also use elbows to hit into the kidneys.

Paying close attention can be especially important when engaging in ground fighting. If you’re on your back, there’s a good chance that your opponent has his or her hands up protecting their kidney area. In this case, you have to be creative and use your feet or knees to get the job done.

These are a few tips on how to inflict serious damage on your opponent during a fight. It may not be possible to end the match with one blow to the kidneys, but if you can put them in a position where they are injured and vulnerable, it will definitely change the battle so that you wind up winning.

During a Clinch

The last grouping of punches that you can use to inflict serious damage are the ones in a clinch. When your opponent is defending against a takedown, they may be guarding their kidneys so by catching them in a clinch, you can deliver the kidneys punch.

There are a variety of punches that you can use in order to inflict this kind of damage. It’s also important to remember that your opponent may be trying to defend against your takedown attempt so you have to be aware and avoid being thrown on your back.

How to Avoid a Kidney Punch

There are a few steps that you can take in order to prevent yourself from getting hit with this powerful combination of punches.

Keep Your Hands Up

If your hands are up while defending against an attack, your opponent will not be able to land hits directly into your kidneys. This positioning is especially important when you’re on the ground. By keeping your hands up, you will be able to block a lot of strikes and minimize the number of times your opponent is able to get a good hit with their elbow or knee into your organs.

Avoid Face-Ups

If you are on the ground and your opponent is on top of you, your kidneys will be vulnerable. If you end up in a position where your back is against the ground, you will not be able to defend yourself against a strike to the body. By avoiding this position, you can avoid getting hit by a kidney punch.

A lot of people may find that they need to lie in a fetal position when they are defending against an opponent. This way, their body is protected from the elbow and knee strikes that can be used against them.

The entire kidney punch can be considered as a dangerous combination of punches. The force of this combination will definitely cause damage like broken bones, internal bleeding, or even organ failure. This means that fighters should make sure they are careful and aware when fighting so they can minimize the likelihood of getting injured from this punch combination.

If you are looking for more information on this topic, here are a few articles that can be helpful.

Kidney vs Liver Shot

In comparison, a liver shot can cause bleeding you may not see or feel. After a while, the bleeding can start to affect how you feel and your blood pressure can drop quickly. If you seek treatment as soon as possible, doctors can work to prevent this from happening thereby.

Accessible Organ

The kidney is located beneath the rib cage. It is only protected by the liver, stomach and diaphragm. As a result, it can be rendered ineffective with a blow to the right area.

The kidney is divided into different lobes – you have the upper right, left and lower right. They work to filter toxins, fluid and water from blood; as well as remove excess salt from your body.


A blow to the upper right is considered as most troublesome because it can cause internal haemorrhaging or even organ failure if your kidney introduces too much acidity in the blood stream. If the blow is to the left or lower right, it can cause kidney tissue. However, if the kidney is hit directly in the center, it can cause damage to the adrenal gland.


According to Dr. Tim Emeagwali , a kidney shot can cause leakage of fluid from around your kidneys, which is called haematoma. In this situation, you may feel dizzy and faint and feel nausea as a result of other symptoms related with blood loss. After being hit by a kidney shot, you should seek emergency treatment immediately for this is life-threatening condition.

Instant Repercussion

A kidney shot can cause immediate repercussions; such as a drop in blood pressure and even your consciousness. This is the reason why you should always be careful when fighting. You cannot afford to get injured because there is always a chance that you could die if you are not seen in time.


How Long Does It Take to Recover From a Kidney Punch?

In regards to kidney punches, it is difficult to tell exactly how long it can take you to recover from this type of injury. However, it will depend on the severity of the injury. If your kidney is cut but not destroyed, then this will mean that you will be okay as soon as the bleeding stops. In some cases though, you may need a CT scan or an MRI scan to find out if your kidneys are injured and if so what damage has been done. It is important that you get emergency medical care at this time if your kidneys are involved in a kidney punch because no one knows for sure how long you will be able to live after such an incident.

When are most kidney punches thrown?

Kidney punches are most common during the first rounds of boxing matches. A lot of boxers have said that a boxer can sometimes go into a fight thinking that they can get away with one without consequence, and just before the third or fourth round they decide to throw it. However, if you plan on fighting in the sport for a long time then it is recommended that you never use this tactic at all.

In what types of sports is it thrown?

Kidney punches are used in many different types of sports and not just boxing. They are used by both fighters and football players in order to throw off the other competitor’s game because they know how badly it can hurt.

Why do kidney punches hurt so much?

The kidney punches are hit in an anterolateral direction, which can cause a lot of pain to the kidney area. This is because of the way your kidneys are positioned on your abdomen. Your kidney are basically stacked on top of each other and this causes all the force to go through the upper side of your kidney which can cause tremendous pain in the area. The pain sometimes takes months to disperse and this is why we often experience back pains after a punch to the kidneys.

Can a kidney punch cause permanent damage?

If you are attacked by a kidney punch, it can cause permanent damage to your kidneys. This is why it is important that you seek emergency medical care as soon as possible once you have been hit by this type of combination of punches.

Is the kidney punch used?

In different sports, the kidney punch is used not only to knock out the opponent but also to decide a winner. If you are in a sport where this type of tactic is allowed then be very careful about falling in love with this technique because it probably will not be seen as a fair fight.

Is a Kidney Punch Legal in Competition?

According to referees, kidney punches are not illegal in competition. This is because they can cause internal bleeding that is hard to detect and can be fatal. Although it is not illegal, you should still be careful because an illegal tactic can cause serious health problems such as organ failure.

Can a Kidney Punch Kill?

The kidney punch cannot cause death on its own but it can cause your body to die more quickly if you have bleeding or ulceration due to an injury caused by the punch. If a kidney punch causes hemorrhaging or bleeding, it can drop your body’s blood pressure which means that you may not even feel pain from a kidney punch if it has been severe enough to damage internal organs or your kidneys.

What does a liver shot feel like?

The liver shot is normally done to a fighter’s body from knee or elbow strikes. The liver shot will usually cause swelling and pain in the area if you have an injury such as a fractured rib, but it can also result in death.

Some fighters have said that it is impossible to become a world champion without using the liver shot at least once during the fight. However, if you go into a fight thinking that this will be an easy tactic for you to win over your opponent, then you may end up losing your life because of this type of attack.

What is your kidney and where is it located?

Your kidney is located in your back on the right side of your body. It is usually covered by fat and tissue so it can be difficult to realize that you have been hit until you start feeling pain in the area. The kidney is divided into four different lobes, and each section has a different function, for example, the bottom right lobe filters wastes from your blood stream whereas the upper left lobe removes excess salt from your body.

What are the best ways to defend against a kidney punch?

Some say that it is impossible to block a kidney punch with boxing gloves on because they will often go behind them and up into your kidneys. This is why it is important to learn what ways you can defend against kidney punches because if you are hit by one, you could end up on the ground and unable to respond to the attack.

Final Words

Hopefully after reading my article, you will know more about kidney punches. Unfortunately, they are a serious injury that can easily kill you if you do not seek medical care immediately for the pain and bleeding that it causes. Although they are not illegal, you should always be very careful when fighting so you can avoid getting hurt and killed by a kidney punch.

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[Boxing/MMA] Kidney Punch: Key Factors Your Opponent Didn’t Know
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