Little League Elbow

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Little league elbow defines an injury or wound that is caused in the elbow tendons, ligament, or bone. Little league elbow is also known as Anatomy of elbow or Medical Epicondylitis. It mainly happened to young athletes. Little league elbow causes due to excessive use of the elbow. It usually causes baseball pitchers, cricket bowlers, etc. where the use the elbow excessively. Little League Elbow is not a serious problem or injury. If little league elbow injury is not checked up regularly or the victim does not care about it then, it might be a big problem. Due to ignorance and lack of checks up it causes a huge problem for young athletes and may lead to bone deformity problems. Let us know “Little League Elbow

Little League Elbow


Little League Elbow or Anatomy of the Elbow or Medical Epicondylitis. is an injury caused to young athletes. It is a painful swelling. Little League Elbow is like a bonny bump into the interior part of the elbow. It is not a big issue but due to lack of treatment, it may become a big problem in the future. Due to the injury, the young athlete is not able to move their elbow freely and it causes pain and swelling. It is caused to a child or young athlete due to excessive use of hands. Young athletes who play sports like- cricket, badminton, tennis, etc. usually suffer from this injury. Proper care is required from the parents as the child can’t always be able to tell their problem.

Causes Of Little League Elbow-: 

In games like baseball, cricket, javelin throw, etc. throwing power is required. Due heavy practice and continuous throwing may lead to Little League Elbow. The causes of Little League Elbow injury are-:

  • It causes due to excessive use of the muscles of the elbow and forearm.
  • Continues activity without giving proper rest and recovery of the elbow. 
  • Some examples of causes of Little League Elbow-: if an athlete throw ball with huge power continuously, during a golf game when the hitter is hit with great power continuously, due to excessive swimming, typing, and texting while sitting in an odd position giving too much pressure on the elbow, etc.

    Symptoms Of Little League Elbow-:  


Sign or symptoms of Little League Elbow-:

  • When an athlete who suffers from this injury will fill pain in the interior of the elbow. It may expand or increase along with the forearm, and it becomes more painful due to expanding of the elbow, like-: throwing a ball, throwing heavy ball games, etc.
  • Interior swelling of elbow. It increases along with the increase of the forearm.
  • The strength of the grip becomes weak the victim will also fill pain. For example, when the injury sufferer tries to hold or grip any heavy weight will fill pain inside the elbow. 
  • The victim will also feel warmness and redness in their hand.
  • The speed and distance of throwing a ball will also decrease.
  • The flexion or bend of the hand can not be more than 15 degrees.
  • On the radiograph, the issue will be noticed by the doctors.

    What Precaution Or Treatment Required To Take?

It is a minor injury until the victim does not continue playing with this injury. There is no such heavy treatment required to take to cure the injury. However, the little treatment or precaution that must require is-:

  • Continue to rest until the swelling and pain subside. Not to do things that can increase pain and swelling. Things not to do like-: taking heavyweight, throwing the ball, doing push-ups, etc.
  • During the day victim need to take the ice for at least 15-20 minutes continuously. It will help to reduce the pain and swelling. In a day, two to three times victim needs to give ice for 15-20 minutes.
  • During sleep, the victim must look that they will not sleep over their injured hand.
  • Proper care should always be taken to ensure that no such pressure falls on the injured hand. 
  • Give medicine of anti-inflammatory. Medicine required like-: ibuprofen, etc.   

    When The Consultation With Doctor Required?

Parents have to take their child to doctors for a check-up after the home treatment. When the home treatment does not work, consultation with a doctor is required. Steps when consultation with a doctor is necessary-:

  • When proper rest and ice treatment are completed but the pain and swelling are not cured then a consultation with the doctor is required.
  • If the victim is not sure about the depth of his injury and also feels some uncertainty in his elbow.
  • After 20 to 30 days of continuous rest, when the swelling and pain do not cure properly or a little bit as per treatment, a consultation with the doctor is necessary

How To Prevent Little League Elbow?

 To prevent Little League Elbow, the young athlete should take a rest from throwing related games for 3 to 6 months as per the depth of injury. During this period, they can ice the elbow for 15 to 20 minutes a day up to two to three times. They also need to consult with the doctor if the pain and swelling not cure after 20 to 30 days from injury. According to the advice of a doctor, the athlete should work. Finally, the victim had to notice or his parents needed to ask their child whether they feel pain or not during practice. As the child is not able to understand their problem by themselves. If they fill comfortable a final discussion is required with the doctor and the trainer of the young athlete.

What To Do After The Pain And Swelling Are Cured?

When the victim is injured and 20 to 30 days pass but the pain and swelling are not cured still the child needs to start physiotherapy. It will help the victim to cure quickly and start to build strength in the muscles. Some other exercises will also be suggested by the doctor for the athlete.    

When The Athlete Can Return To Training?

When the young athlete has started to feel better, both the pain and swelling decrease can return to practice. At that time, they are supposed to contact their doctor if the doctor permits them to start practice, they can start their training. Except the game practice doctor will also provide the young athlete some other exercise that helps them to gain power in the muscle.    


Little League Elbow is an injury that causes to children who are athletes of cricket, baseball, javelin throw, etc. It is a minor problem. In some cases, if proper care and precaution are not taken it may become a big problem in the future. By several symptoms, a young athlete and their parents can understand whether or not the child is suffering from Little League Elbow or not. Continuous rest for long period can cure it. After 20 to 30 days, if the sufferer still suffering from pain and swelling then consultation with a doctor is required.      


Little League Elbow
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