Where is the New York Mets Stadium?

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Baseball is a famous game in America. Americans have some real sentiments for baseball and baseball teams. New York has two main baseball teams. One is the New York Mets and the other is the New York Yankees. The New York Mets is the team we are discussing here.  Here we will see about Where is the New York Mets Stadium? 

Where is the New York Mets Stadium? Where is the New York Mets Stadium?

The Mets team is the skilled baseball team of America that is the New York City based team located in the Queens Borough. The New York Mets team considers the Citi Field stadium its hometown. They play major home leagues and matches in this stadium. So this stadium is very famous among baseball fans. 

The name of New York Mets Stadium is Citi Field. It means that the New York Mets team plays all their home matches in Citi Field stadium. So if we are talking about the New York Mets Stadium, we are talking about Citi Field. This stadium is situated in Flushing Meadows, Corona Park in the New York City of the United States. It was established in 2009 and is built as a substitute for neighboring Shea Stadium.

If you want to know more about the New York Mets Stadium i.e. Citi Field, keep on reading the article. 

Location of Citi Field Stadium 

Corona park is a famous spot in New York. This park is also known as Flushing Meadows park. It’s a park on the northern side of Queens, New York, and is very famous among both local people and tourists for its famous spots including Citi Field stadium also.

So, the actual location of the Citi Field is in Flushing Meadows, Corona Park in the Queens borough in New York. Fans of baseball and especially of the Mets come to this stadium when matches are held there. The stadium is easy to locate because of its size and popularity. Every Mets fan has come here in their life once at least. 

History of Citi Field Stadium 

The Citi Field which is called the New York Mets Stadium is located in New York. New York Mets take this stadium as their domestic area. The Mets team considered New York City as their homeland when they started to play in Shea Stadium. This stadium was used by the Mets for approximately 44 seasons. Many people like it but many also dislike it. 

It is because it lacks the modern facilities of that time. So on 13th April 2009, the new ballpark was made directly opposite Shea Stadium. Citigroup has the ballpark’s naming rights. So the new stadium was named Citi Field. From 2009 till now, authorities have made many renovations in the stadium to provide better facilities to fans and for a good experience of the game. 

The capacity of Citi Field 

All the buildings need renovation over time. Especially the famous stadiums need time to time renovation so that they remain capable of playing games and fitting the fans in it. 

Similarly, the owners of New York Mets Stadium also renovate it at different times. So that it will have the capacity for more and more people.

  • In 2009, the capacity of Citi Field was almost 41,922. 
  • After that, in 2013, it was full of 45,186 people because of its standing room seats. 

So it has a capacity of almost 40,000 to 45,000 people. When the league starts, it is always full of the fans of the New York Mets. 

Special Features of Citi Field 

Citi Field, which is the New York Mets Stadium, has some of its special features. We listed some features of Citi Field here. 

  • First feature of the Citi Field is its relation with its history and past. 
  • The home run apple of Mets team is also a feature of this stadium. The new apple is twice the size of the real one. It moves high and low when a player hits a home run. 
  • You will see Jackie Robinson’s large dome at the main gate that greets fans at the entrance. It is made to give honor to Jackie Robinson. 
  • Another feature of the Citi Field stadium is the Mets Hall of Fame. It is one of the favorite places of fans coming to the stadium. It is adjacent to Jackie Robinson’s statue.
  • In this stadium, orange foul poles are shown instead of yellow standard poles and this is also a unique feature of Citi Field. 

Facilities at Citi Field 

Citi Field is the main New York Mets Stadium. It is famous and familiar among Mets fans. Due to its popularity and usage, it has to give good conveniences to audience. That is why the authorities always try to look for the improvement a stadium needs. Some main facilities you encounter at Citi Field are

  • Food and snacks are the things people mostly want in stadiums an cinemas. Citi Field offers a vast range of food items sold by different restaurants. So you can satisfy your hunger with anything you want. 
  • Citi Field also provides you with many different clubs. 
  • You can easily get the tickets without any hustle. 

Lastly, we sum up our discussion about this topic’s general information. We talked about the location of the New York Mets Stadium, its features, capacity, historic values, and facilities. Read our article to the end if you want to know more about the New York Mets Stadium. Hopefully if you read it, it will be advantageous for you. 


When do the gates of Citi Field open? 

When regular games are played, Citi Field opens the gates 2 hours before the first pitch. 

What is the opinion of public about Citi Field? 

Nothing is without criticism. Although, citi field provides many facilities to its audience still it face some criticism by the fans about its views. 

Where is the New York Mets Stadium?
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