Peloton Shoe Size – [Are they the correct size?]

Peloton Shoe Size

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Peloton Shoe Size

Are the Peloton shoes the correct size? The answer is yes and no. Peloton’s shoe size depends entirely on how narrow or wide your feet are. Peloton shoes do not come in different widths. Shoes are narrow. So if you have wider feet, it is best to go one size up.

Peloton is a great New York-area company that takes the world by storm when it comes to indoor cycling. Pelton rides are a fun way to stay fit and healthy. With Peloton shoes designed for style, comfort, and durability, you can make the most of this activity. On the other hand, wearing ill-fitting Peloton shoes can make your feet slow and painful, making indoor cycling a tedious activity.

Peloton Shoe Size Guide – How Should They Fit?

Here are the dos and don’ts for a Peloton shoe fit.

  • Peloton shoes should be similar to running shoes i.e. H. They shouldn’t be too tight so they don’t dig into your feet
  • They shouldn’t be too loose, so they put extra weight on your feet and move them back and forth, which can cause you to lose your balance while riding the bike. The back of the Peloton shoe should comfortably accommodate your heel.

In addition, the arch support in Peloton shoes should be supportive enough so that they don’t stress and stress the joints of your foot.

I interviewed several people wearing Peloton shoes and combed through their discussions on relevant forums. If you have narrow or standard width feet, I would say Peloton shoes fit.

If you have wider feet, you can go one size up, but the toe size may be larger as many users feel they are a larger size.

There is another solution. You can adjust the double Velcro and ratchet straps to keep the shoe snug against your foot. Also, you can try pairing thick socks with your shoes for a comfortable and comfortable wearing experience. If they’re still a little loose, women maybe because the Peloton brand shoes don’t fit half the size of their feet, and they can put on orthotics to get the support and fit they need.

Peloton Shoe Size Rating

There is one more reason to size up your shoes if you decide to size up, because like other brands, these shoes are not half size. For example, if you look at the Peloton shoe size chart on the Peloton brand website, you’ll see that there are only half sizes for men, US10.5 and US13.5.

This is because Peloton brand shoes are manufactured to European (EU) sizing. Here’s a breakdown of Peloton shoe sizes based on their chart.

  • EU sizes from 40 to 43 are available for both men and women
  • Sizes from 44 to 48 are for men only
  • Sizes from 36 to 39 are for women only

So, to check their size, I hopped to their official website and found out that the information was correct. Peloton brand shoes are only two and a half sizes and are for men only.

So you can see only two and a half yards. I think they only set half the size for men because their feet are wider than women’s. For example, if a male’s foot is of normal width, or even narrower, it will still be wider compared to a female’s foot.

That’s why they offer two half-size options for men so that if they have a normal foot width and can’t comfortably wear a normal size, they can choose a half size up.

For women with wide feet, they may need to choose one size up. Here’s what one user said about the Peloton Women’s Shoe Size.

Peloton Brand Shoes with Nike Superrep Sizing

When I mentioned “Peloton shoes” at the beginning of this article, that doesn’t mean I’m limiting my content to only Peloton branded shoes. Several other brands make shoes for Peloton bikes. One of them is Nike.

Their famous peloton cycling shoe is the Nike Supperrep. Thanks to its soft mesh upper, this shoe is much more breathable than Peloton’s branded shoes. On the other hand, Peloton brand shoes have a stiffer upper due to the leather material.

Regarding their size, the shoes have a Velcro strap that wraps diagonally across the upper to provide a comfortable, snug fit on your foot. Compared to Peloton branded shoes, these Nike shoes are available in half sizes for both men and women.

The Nike Superrep also runs narrow, but not as well as the Peloton brand shoes. If you have normal or wide feet, I recommend ordering a half or full size up.

Peloton Shoes & Shimano Sizing

Shimano shoes also feature soft, breathable mesh fabric and leather overlays for comfort and support. Compared to Peloton branded shoes, many Shimano branded shoes are available in half sizes to accommodate a variety of foot shapes.

As you can see in the size chart, the Shimano cycling shoe size chart is a bit complicated when converting from European to US sizes. So if you convert their EU size to US size, they are not like US 7, 7.5, and 8. They look weird in sizes like 6.8, 7.2, and 7.6. Therefore, it is a bit difficult to compare a Peloton brand shoe size to a Shimano indoor cycling shoe size based on the size chart.

Generally speaking, Shimano shoes will also be narrower if you choose the normal size that you normally wear. Since Shimano and Peloton have different shoe sizing options, it can be difficult to compare their sizing. So, I suggest you try Shimano indoor cycling shoes at a nearby store.

Peloton Shoe vs Venzo Indoor Cycling Shoe Sizing

Venzo has been named the best-selling shoe on Amazon. In contrast to Peloton-branded shoes, they feature three Velcro buckles with a mesh upper and a leather material that wraps around the sides for a secure fit.

Compared to Peloton shoes, they are not as heavy, so you might consider buying them for indoor riding. Venzo shoes are also available in men’s and women’s half sizes. The best thing about this pair of shoes is that they are mostly true to size. Some users on Amazon say they run a little big. But with these shoes, the large size is not an issue, as their three Velcro straps allow you to tighten the fit.

You can see user reviews on Amazon saying the Venzo shoes are a bit big. He did not disclose in the assessment whether his feet were narrow or wide. He can have narrow feet, which is why Venzo shoes are too big for him.

Peloton’s final verdict on shoe sizing

I hope you found the Peloton Shoe Size Guide useful. Not sure when to start worrying about the size of your Peloton shoes, are you referring to Peloton brand shoes or those used on Peloton bikes? So I talked about Peloton brand shoes and compared them to other brands of indoor cycling shoes like Nike, Venzo, and Shimano.

If you have narrow feet, the Peloton brand shoes are the right size. But for standard or wide feet, you may want to choose one size up. Unfortunately, Peloton brand shoes are only two and a half sizes and are designed for men. So if your size is not in the half-size range, you may need to go up to a full size. If your Peloton brand shoes run a little too big after sizing, you can put on thick socks, insert orthoses, and secure the shoes with double Velcro straps for a secure and comfortable fit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Peloton Shoe Sizes

Are Peloton shoes stretchy?

Peloton shoes have a hard leather upper, which means they don’t stretch. So if they run small, don’t wait for them to break in. Choose one size up!

How do I find the right Peloton shoe size?

First, you need to measure your feet correctly. You can do this with a Brannock device. Peloton shoes do not come in different widths. They are a standard size and usually narrow for people with wide feet. So if you are one of them, buy one size up for a perfect fit.

Peloton Shoe Size – [Are they the correct size?]
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