Potential Ways To Measure A Triple Double In Baseball

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Baseball fans like to do one thing, and that is to compare the accomplishments of some star players in a particular sport to other accomplishments of other people in the same sport. But how do they do that? You will see baseball fans paying close attention to their statistics in every  (i.e points per game) and what they find most stands out for them is whether their favorite player has reached the milestone of handing out a triple-double in a game. What is even a triple-double in a baseball game? A triple-double is a rare accomplishment, and it is an outstanding accomplishment that a player can receive in a particular game. How do they measure a typical triple-double in baseball? How do you also get a triple-double in a game?. Let’s learn about ‘Potential Ways To Measure A Triple Double In Baseball’.

Potential Ways To Measure A Triple Double In Baseball

Potential Ways To Measure A Triple Double In Baseball

According to information from NBA, you will not find an official statement or statistics that discuss extensively a triple-double in baseball. However, you will see a lot of explanation that focuses majorly on triple-double in basketball because the game is always about how a single player performed in a particular game. What do you understand by a triple-double? A triple-double is an act by which a single player claims ownership of a double-digit statistic, and this also means them earning 10 or more out of the 3 or 5 basketball statistical categories in history. The five statistical categories that exist in this type of sport are grouped into points (PTS), steals (STL), Blocks (BLK), Assists (AST), and Rebounds (REB). You should know that a player that accomplishes this is said to have a good game, and it is always considered a unique way to end a particular game. How do you mention a triple-double in a baseball game?

Different Ways To Measure:

Hits for the Cycle

One of the official ways to measure a triple-double is for a single player to hit for the cycle. What this means is that a single player has the opportunity to hit more than a single ball. They hit considered, doubles, triples, and even a home run in a particular game, this is important because you will find players trying their possible best to hit as multiple balls with their bats as many as possible, but all their effort often falls under a fruitless trial. If you eventually hit the ball and it strikes a single, double, triple, or home run in that specific game, give or take, your game will be considered a great game. Therefore, this is a wonderful way in measuring a triple-double in a baseball game

Hits 3 Doubles in a single game

This is another way of measuring triple-double games in a game. If a single player tries to use a ball and hit three doubles in a particular game as how its name implies, then it is an excellent comparison to hitting a triple-double in basketball, and it is considered a great accomplishment in the game of that particular player. This is because, for a player, you will find it extremely difficult to use your bat to hits a double ball talk less of using your bat to hit double or triple balls in a particular game. If you have lucky and you eventually hit your bat, and it strikes three double balls, then you have just fulfilled the requirement of a triple-double game in basketball

Hit and earn eight total bases in a single game

In basketball, if a player is said to have a triple-double in a game then this is equivalent to that same player earning eight total bases in the same game. Thereby, making it an excellent comparison for measuring triple-doubles in a baseball game. This is one of the official milestones a single player can achieve because before you can touch the right bases, then you should have touched a single base, followed by a double and triple base before you eventually get to the eight bases. This can only be achieved by actual hits and not an outcome from a wrong bat hitting. These are the following ways a single player can touch eight bases; you can choose to hit four doubles in a single game, or hit two triples and a single double in a game, all in all, you will need a minimum of two home runs in a particular game before you can achieve that.

Possible ways of getting a triple-double in a baseball game

It has been explained above the potential ways that you can use to measure a triple-double in a game, but what are the ways that can be used to obtain the achievement? After all, you can not measure something you can not achieve, and to find out the possible ways, you will have to continue reading this article.

Score 10 points in a game

This is one of the potential days that can pave way for a triple-double in your game. These 10 points may come from three-pointers, Two point baskets, or some free throws. As long as it generated 10 points for you, then how you obtain it does not matter in a game

Grab 10 rebounds in a game

All players are always hoping to grab a rebound in their game to level up their point, and if you are lucky to be one of the players that can grab ten rebounds in a single game then you are considered to be on a possible way of acquiring a triple-double in an hour baseball career

Dish out 10 assists in a game

No single player will allow you to take the ball from them hence, it is difficult as an assist player in a game. If you are one of the handlers in your game, it shouldn’t be a bad shot from your teammate.

Achieve 10 steals in a game

This is one of the most difficult things a baseball player can achieve, this is because achieving five steals in a game isn’t easy, not to talk about ten steals. However, this does not mean you can not achieve it if you put in the required effort

Achieve 10 blocks in a game

Compared to achieving ten steals in a game, achieving ten blocks is quite easy to achieve if you put in the required effort. In the history of baseball, eight active players have been able to achieve this to obtain a triple-double in their game so, it shouldn’t be a difficult task


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Potential Ways To Measure A Triple Double In Baseball’, A triple-double is one of the most accomplishments a baseball player always looks for in their game before they can be considered an outstanding player. This article has highlighted the different ways for a single player to measure a triple-double in their game and the practical way that you can achieve them. obtain triple-double triple-double

Potential Ways To Measure A Triple Double In Baseball
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