What Is Raking In Baseball?

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Sports lingo is very common among different sports, athletes use sport-specific lingo to refer to different things. Sports lingo may be phrases like Beat someone to the punch, carry the ball, or down and out; the phrases or words are used to pass about particular information or action that was carried out. Let us know ‘What Is Raking In Baseball?’.

What Is Raking In Baseball?

What Is Raking In Baseball?

In baseball, there exist its own set of lingos’ or slang including the popular rake, which means to hit the ball extremely well or hard, it is so widely used that there even exists a hall of fame for particular baseball players who have hit the ball in an all-time record, the term has been defined as hitting the ball hard, all over the ballpark, the term, however, is not used to define just one but consecutive hitting of the ball extremely well, meaning a person would be said to have raked the ball if he hits the balls extremely well one after the other, more like scoring home runs every single time the batter hits the ball.

The origin of the term Rake

The word was derived from the garden tool which also takes its name from the rake, and it indicates sweeping or traversing with the shot using the baseball bat, the initial use can be dated back to the 1990s, considering that the sport is one of the oldest there is in professional space, the term rake has diversified to also accommodate similar terms like gardeners which actually refer to as outfielders, so it is fair to say that rake is a pretty popular term about baseball fans and players. 

Learning to rake

Now, most people who follow major league baseball, know that hitting the ball and raking the ball requires a lot of practice, it does not matter what the position is, raking is a great skill to learn and put in your arsenal, to become great at the skill, one way to start is to start hitting the ball in all directions and all varying speeds, you can use an old baseball when practicing on your solo time or you can makeshift target to work on your timing and power, a key factor is that you have to be in a key position if you are defining raking based on positioning it is when the batter arranges himself behind the home plate and right in front of the first base, so it is easier to hit a ground ball, the better your position, the more likely you would rake better.

Popular Baseball Lingo like Raking

Just like any sport, baseball has its own set of slang that goes with the game that appeals to all the right atmosphere baseball fans want, you could call its own particular language, sports generally have language fans and players use to communicate although depending on the sports the slangs used may seem like gibberish, some of the popular slangs used and their meanings include.

Bag: The bag is just simply a base.

Bandbox: The Bandbox Is a small-spaced ballpark that is usually very beneficial to hitters

Ace: The Ace just like almost all sports is the starting team’s No. 1 pitcher

Walk-off:  you might hear this in commentaries when a batter makes a hit that ends the game.

Uncle Charlie: when a batter hits a curve ball and the crowd goes wild.

Three Bagger: this is simply a triple.

Tater: when someone hits a home run, and the home fans scream tater.

Southpaw: southpaw is what fans and baseball critics call a left-handed pitcher.

Punchout: this is known as a strikeout in a baseball game.

Punch and Judy hitter: this is mostly common with players, especially young players whose hitters have no power.

Nibble: this is when pitchers target and throw pitches toward the strike zone and the edges of the plate.

On the screws: This is when a batter makes perfect contact with the ball.

Offspeed Pitch: Normally if a pitch can be a fastball or a slow ball, if it is a slow ball it is referred to as an offspeed pitch.

Junk: this is more like a skill, to throw a junk you have to throw a ball at a lower velocity but with more movements.

Golden sombrero: this is when a player strikes out four times in a game.

Dead red: this is when a batter gets a particular pitch he is looking for and smashes the ball.

Caught napping: if a batter is called out on all strikes.

Around the Horn: this is a double play that always begins with the third baseman and goes to the second and then to the first.

Hot stove: this is the name that goes off when speculation and rumors figuratively keep fans’ hearts beating and warm in the winter months.  

Gas: this is used to describe a high-velocity fastball.

Greenlight: this is the name given to a hitter who says that he should swing in a 3.0 count.

comeback: A pitcher throws a ball and that ball when hit by the batter comes back to the pitcher.

Bonus Baby: used typically when a young player receives a large signing bonus on becoming a professional player in the country.

Bronx Cheer: when a crowd boos their opposition.

Dinger: this is a home run.

Ducks on the pond: this happens when two or three players can be seen on the base all waiting to get the ball.


Sports lingo is popular in the sports industry, it is like a personal language fans who know their games talk and relate commonly with, some sports lingo is more generic while some are more personalized to the particular sport.


Is slam dunk slang?

Yes, it is a common lingo used in basketball.

What does the rubber arm mean?

The arm removes the need for constant throwing of the ball by the pitcher and yes, the term is referred to as a person.

Where does the term raking come from?

The term previously meant being on the winning side.

What Is Raking In Baseball?
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