USA Vs Usssa Bats

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Bats are one of the most critical things for a baseball player to understand. Every baseball player should be familiar with the numerous bats available, especially the USA and Usssa bats. They should understand how they work, what they look like, plus the potential differences between them. This highlights the importance of this article, which sheds light on everything there is to know about USA vs Usssa bats. With your popcorn in one hand, sit in your favorite chair, and read the USA vs Usssa Bats article until the end, let’s go!  

USA Vs Usssa Bats

USA Vs Usssa Bats

The most important difference between the USA vs Usssa bats is in the type of performance skills they provide to the user. Usssa bats are faster and more powerful than USA bats. Continue reading to learn more intriguing facts about these two bats.

USA vs Usssa Baseball – Meaning

This article will start by explaining the meaning of USA & Usssa baseball. This is because USA Bats are used in USA baseball games while Usssa bats are the bats specific to Usssa baseball. Also explaining what they mean alone, readers can know some differences between their bats. 

What is USA Baseball ?

USA baseball means the United States baseball organization, it’s a national body that’s governing amateur baseball. Since its inception in 1978, up till this moment, this federation boasts 15 million youth baseball players. 

The USA bats are bats designed according to the conditions of the USA baseball organization. And plated with the USA stamp after going through lab tests and approval. USA bats are tested for use at WSU, the Washington State University sports science laboratory.

It’s not only the United States baseball establishment that uses the United States bats alone. Other youth baseball divisions that prefer and use them include

  • Little League Baseball.
  • PONY Baseball
  • NABF
  • Dizzy Dean Baseball.
  • AABC.
  • Tee Ball.
  • Babe Ruth Baseball/Cal Ripken Baseball
  • Dixie Youth Baseball
  • Dixie Boys Baseball.

What is Usssa Baseball ?

Similar to the United States baseball, the Usssa baseball is an organization that validates the bats used in youth baseball. The full meaning of Usssa is the United States Specialty Sports Association.

Compared to the United States baseball, Usssa baseball is a minor organization. However, this association oversees several youth baseball games across the United States.

Their fundamental goal is to create programs that grant teams of different skill levels the chance to compete. To be specific, Usssa baseball is in charge of tournaments and travel baseball for youths with different skill levels. Examples of the skills levels are;

  • AAA
  • Major divisions.
  • AA
  • A.

Popular tournaments that use the Usssa bats include

  • USSSA World Series
  • Global Sports World Series.
  • All-American Games.
  • Elite World Series.

Comparisons Between United States Bats & Usssa Bats

Now that the meaning of each bat has been thoroughly explained. The unique differences between their bats are as follows; 

Physical Appearance

Players knowing about these bats for the first time may be confused about how they’ll identify which is who. Especially when they want to purchase one. Here are the physical distinction between them both;

United States Bats 

Before the inception of the organization, bats comprised wood. That’s why the organization states that the USA bats are to be designed with metal and composite. So they can perform like wood bats. 

They prefer composite and metal-like bats because they’re lighter and more durable than wood. Something the youth players will find comfortable to handle. 

Every approved United States bat mustn’t exceed 2 ⅝ in inches diameter. And finally, they don’t have any drop weight limitations.


The easiest way to identify Usssa bats is to look around their body if it has the 1.15 BPF inscription. The 1.15 BPF inscription means the bat has a Bat Performance Factor of 1.15. 

Perhaps the player couldn’t find a bat with that inscription. The good news is that Usssa permits its players to use the certified BBCOR bats which have 0.50. The NCAA and NFHS don’t allow any other bat except the 0.50 BPF BBCOR-certified bats. 

As for the diameter, approved Usssa bats mustn’t be more than 2 ¾ inches. Unlike the USA bats which don’t have specific drop weight limitations, those bats must have  -10, -8, or -5 drop dead weight. BBCOR bats, approved by the baseball federations must possess a drop weight of -3.


The differences in the performances of both bats include

United States Bats 

As explained earlier, the USA bats are lighter. This means they have lesser weight and this means a stress-free swing for the player. They’re designed this way so the inexperienced player can understand the fundamentals of swings, and get better at it. These bats help the players understand the basics of batting as well.


USSSA baseball designed its certified bats to optimize a batter’s on-field productivity and hitting strength. Giving them a competitive advantage. 

They help maximize the player’s performance while also boosting the player’s batter productivity and hitting power. According to several research, Usssa bats deliver a 5 to 10% boost in how fast the ball flies. As well as how far batters hit it.

With a BPF of 1.5 and a larger barrel diameter, these produce substantially more pop. It enhances springiness and a higher trampoline effect when the player is hitting the ball.

Recommended Age

The age of the player determines the type of bat he or she will use. Here are the specified age group of players that can use the USA and USSSA bats;

USA Bats

This type of bat is for young children in the age range of 8-14. This explained that playing baseball is possible for young children. Their guardians should just ensure they use the approved USA bats for them.


Usssa recommends these bats for experienced baseball players. It’s used for players that are active in the business of playing baseball. Going from one tournament and competition to the other. 


Only approved USA and Usssa bats may be used by baseball players, especially during games. Here’s how one can identify verified USA and Usssa bats;

USA Bats 

The certification process for USA bats starts with performance testing. They carry out this performance testing at the WSU, the Washington State University sports science laboratory. 

Performance testing implies testing the modification of the bat. Ensuring that the bat meets USA baseball’s wood-like standards. 

After the performance testing, it’s left for the USA baseball to approve of its design and facial appearance. Once they’ve approved it, it’s safe for use. Now the producer of the bat can confidently put the bat up for the sale at the official USA Baseball mark. 


Before any baseball player can use the Usssa bat during games. The bat must have the approved size and shape required by the Usssa baseball explained above. Also, only Usssa bats purchased at the official site of Usssa baseball are allowed on the field. 

Examples of USA & USSSA Bats 

Knowing the examples of each bat can help a player choose rightly while purchasing. Two examples of USA and Usssa bats are as follows;

USA Bats

1. Easton GHOST ADVANCED Fastpitch Softball Bat 

This approved USA bat has composite technology which paves way for stronger, longer, and lighter barrels while playing. It possesses lizard skin bat grips that enhance the player’s tack, grip, and cushion.

2. Louisville Slugger 2022 Prime

The availability of high-quality MircoForm barrels helps optimize the weight of the swing and sweet spot. Its VCX vibration control lowers the vibration between the handle and barrel. Allowing the handle and barrel to move independently of one another.


1. Marucci Cat 9 Connect USSSA Senior League Bat

This bat has an additional track and tiny holes to make it comfortable for players to hold it. A display of end-loaded feel and power is assured thanks it’s its composite handle that’s reinforced with an AZR alloy barrel.

2. Axe Bat Elite USSSA Bat

It’s stress-free and faster to swing the club thanks to its convenient design. It’s capable of providing control, speed, and performance advantage.


In the end, this article has shown that not every baseball player can use both USA and Usssa bats. Therefore players should only use the bat that’s suited for their age and their experience. Plus, the tournament they’re playing under. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is it legal for a player to use USA bats during USSSA games?

Yes, it’s legal. The player should note that USA bats are less effective during Usssa games.

2. Can a baseball player be removed for using unapproved bats during games?

Yes, the player will be removed immediately and they can be subject to more penalties. This includes getting suspended or being asked to pay an expensive fine. 

3. What does BBCOR stand for?

BBCOR in full is “Bat-Ball Coefficient Of Restrictions”. It means the amount of energy that evaporates when the ball makes contact with a bat. Therefore BBCOR bats lower the speed at which the ball bounces back after hitting the bat.

4. Do bats last long?

Yes, composite bats used a few times a year can last for three years. While the ones used all through the year can last for two years. 

USA Vs Usssa Bats
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