What is 11u baseball?

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11u baseball is for players of age 11 or under 11. There are eligibility rules for children who might get turn 12 years old in that month. The USSSA has defined the criteria to be eligible for 11u baseball. The children can take part in the game to practice the fundamentals of the baseball league.

What is 11u baseball?Any player who falls under these criteria can take part to play 11u baseball league. The children who pass the criteria are eligible to play and can play without taking care of the grade where they are in. But some children might not fall in the age category and their age is approximately equal to or near 11 years. Like if a child gets 12 years old before the first day of May, he will only become eligible to play the league if he is in the fifth grade.

Calculation of the eligibility criteria for the 11u baseball tournament

Some people might be interested in calculating the eligibility criteria for the 11u baseball league. Here are the criteria specified by the USSSA. Any child under the age of 11 can participate in this game. The criteria are just based on their ages, not their grades. Regardless of the grade of the kids, they can actively participate in this 11u game if they fall in the age category of intermediate and junior divisions.

  • The one thing we need to know is that the age criteria are calculated before 1st May of the current year. If a child becomes 12 years old before the mentioned date, then the child will only be eligible for the 11u tournament game if he/she is in 5th grade in his/her school. Otherwise, if the child is above this grade and 11 years of age, he/she will not be considered eligible for this game.
  • The children who become of age 14 before the start of the august month in the current years. They will be ineligible to play this 11u tournament game as it is merely for the youth. 

Eligibility criteria for children of age other than 11

Some people might want to know the eligibility criteria for children of less than 10 years. Here are the criteria specified by the USSSA.

A child of age 10 years is eligible to play in the 11u baseball league. But there is a slight difference in the game method, rules, and regulations for the 11u baseball league and other youth baseball leagues. People can get knowledge regarding 11u rules and regulations from the manager of the league.  Parents must train their children as per the rules and regulations.

Policies and rules

The rules of this game include some general rules, pitching rules, game rules, and hitting rules. A combination of these rules and tactics makes this game more interesting yet motivating and captures the attention of the youth of the United States.

An organization whose name is previously mentioned in the content called SSA, also called USSSA and abbreviated as United States Specialty Sports Association, has defined rules for this game. These rules keep changing in every league. It depends on them. They can specify new rules and regulations according to their new policies and procedures. 

Reason for calling it the 11u baseball league

There is a reason behind it. The 11u baseball is called 11u because of this reason. The letter “U” in the 11u means “Under”. The letter “U” with 11 represents the only youth participation in the game. People under 11 years are eligible to play 11u baseball games.

Path distance between two bases for 11u baseball

Base path distance as the word suggests is the distance between two bases on the ground of baseball. The distance between two bases is called the path for the game players. Game players are only allowed to use the area that comes between the two bases.

The length of this area varies from division to division. The distance between two bases for the 11u division is 70 feet or 21 meters approx. 70 feet distance is the standard for the base path distance in the case of the 11u youth league.

Distance between two pitches for 11u baseball league

Pitching distance in an 11u baseball game is the distance which is the absolute calculated difference between the pitch intervals known as congruent and incongruent intervals between the tone before the TS and the one before it. The pitching distance varies from division to division. The pitching distance calculated for 11u baseball is as follows. The absolute difference between congruent and incongruent intervals in the case of 11u division is 46 feet.

Expansion of dimensions in 11u baseball league

The dimensions of the 11u game vary among players of different age groups that come under 11 years of age. When the player gets older, these dimensions expand according to the age of the player group playing the game. These dimensions expand because it comes under the junior baseball league and it is allowed for the children to play in a wider field. It is measured from the back side of the home plate to the front edge side of the pitcher’s plate.


The article has fully and thoroughly explained all the aspects of the 11u tournament which will help the reader to gain complete information about the game, its rules, and its different types. So, if you are wondering about the 11u baseball tournament guide, follow this guide for complete information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the 11u tournament game?

The time duration for this game is 1 hour and 40 minutes approximately.

How many innings are there in this game?

A total of 6 innings are specified for 11u tournaments.

Why do we represent it by 11u?

The letter “U” means under and 11u means age groups under 11.

Which organization makes rules and criteria for the 11u baseball league?

The USSSA organization is responsible for defining rules and regulations for the league.

What is 11u baseball?
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