What Is A Baseball Fan? 9 Types Of Baseball Fans Explained

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Baseball is one of the most admired games that is played in most European countries, especially in America. America is the nation that developed this game, and it has huge admirers of this game all over the country. The admirer admires this game for many reasons; some love this game, some love the player, others like it because they want to learn this game, and many more. Let us know “What Is A Baseball Fan?

What Is A Baseball Fan? 9 Types Of Baseball Fans Explained

Baseball fans love this game, admire it and follow it regularly. There are approximately 500 million baseball fans all around the world. That is because this game is very interesting and develops its charm by itself. As the living styles and traditions of people are different from each other, so are their ways of watching and enjoying the game.

The Baseball Fans: 

Before discussing baseball fans, let’s first understand the meaning of sports fans or sports lovers. Baseball fans are those who know all the rules and regulations of the game and can spend quality time watching the game, which means they can’t miss even a single moment of the game. They enjoy every single shot and movement made by their favorite team and players. 

The term “baseball fan” was originally developed in the 19th century from the word “fancy”. In the 19th century, baseball fans were known as “cranks” or “crackers”. These words were replaced by the word “the Fancy”, for some time known as “the Fance,” and finally the term “the fans” came into existence which we all are familiar.

Types Of Baseball Fans:

If someone talks about baseball fans, a question may come into a person’s mind: what type of fans? There are different types of baseball fans, and into which category of baseball lover does he fall? Let’s find out:

9 Different Types Of Baseball Fans

There are a lot of categories of baseball lovers and fans. The most popular nine types of baseball fans are explained below.

A Super-fan:

A person may be called a super fan who knows everything about the game of baseball. He loves every aspect of the game, and instead of having one team as a favorite, he loves to watch other teams play as well.

He is so deeply involved in the game that he knows what is going to happen next in it. Some of the characteristics of a super fan are

  • He knows the pros and cons of every team.
  • He loves to watch matches for every team.
  • He is profoundly involved in the game that he can predict easily, which team is going to win the game.
  • A Loyal Fan:

A loyal or true fan is one who truly admires one team. This means he loves to watch the matches of a particular team that he loves. These loyal fans always support their team, whether they lose or win the game.

Some of the characteristics of a loyal fan are 

  • A loyal fan wears the socks or uniform of his team to show that he is a fan of the team.
  • These fans carry or display flags of their favorite team, at the matches or at their homes, respectively.
  • As they are loyal to their team, unlike other fans, who may be loyal to some other team, they easily get into a fight or argument when they talk with each other about the game. 
  • A Causal Fan:

A casual fan is a person who just likes to watch the game. They are not deeply involved in the game.

Some of the characteristics of a casual fan are 

  • They don’t spend much time watching the match, they just watch it for entertainment purposes.
  • They didn’t have any particular team that they loved.
  • A casual fan generally watches a few matches of baseball, not all the matches of a team.
  • They just watch baseball games to spend their free time.
  • A Trivia Buff Fan:

A trivia buff is a person who has so much knowledge about something.

In baseball, a trivia buff fan is a person who is curious to know about everything that is happening or happened in baseball.

Some of the characteristics of a trivia buff fan are 

  • A trivia buff fan collects and makes research to know more about the game, its history, its techniques, and about the rules.
  • A know about the rules of the game and how they should impose.
  • They know about the techniques of the players and how they going to play in the game.
  • Old-School Fan:

A person is known as an old-school fan who loves to learn about the history of baseball games. This game has been played since 1846, so it has a lot of things that someone would love to know.

Some of the characteristics of an old-school fan are 

  • He loves to gather information about the history of the game that’s why sometimes they are also known as history buffers.
  • An old school may know about everything about the game since they were born until now. 
  • They can easily guess the time of any event that happened in baseball history.
  • The fans who love to play but don’t watch baseball:

These are the fans who love to play baseball rather than sit on the TV and watch the game. These fans find baseball more interesting when they play it by themselves.

Some of the characteristics of these types of fans are 

  • They are the sportsman, who enjoy playing baseball instead of watching it.
  • That may come from their hobby to play baseball in their free time.


A Violent Fan:

These may come in the category of crazy fans of baseball. These fans are too much in the game that sometimes they got out of control and can harm themselves or others.

Some of the characteristics of violent fans are 

  • They love the game or players so much that they are sometimes dangerous to others.
  • They are not just harmful to others but sometimes they made damage assets as well.
  • A City fan:

These fans only love the teams or players of baseball which belong to their city or state.

Some of the characteristics of city fans are 

  • They only watch the matches of the teams that belong to their hometown.
  • They support the player of their states only.
  • A Temporary fan:

It is clear from the name that these are the fans whose choices change from time to time. These baseball players may change their preferences after some time.

Some of the characteristics of temporary fans are

  • They may baseball games but because of their nature, they can’t resist one game.
  • Conclusion: 

There are so many fans in the world, and it is difficult to explain every type of fan. But these are the fans, because of which baseball is loved and watched all over the world. Baseball fans make it the second most favorite game after football in America.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the medium age of a fan of baseball?

The age of 57 is the medium age for baseball fans in America.

Approximately does how many fans baseball has?

It has approximately 500 million fans all around the world.




What Is A Baseball Fan? 9 Types Of Baseball Fans Explained
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