What is David from Season 2 Alone doing now?

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David McIntyre, the skilled survivalist from Season 2 of Alone, has captured the hearts of many with his impressive skills and unwavering determination to survive in the wild. As one of the most beloved contestants from the show, many fans have been curious about what David has been up to since his time on Alone. In this blog post, we will delve into David’s life after the show, exploring his current whereabouts, projects, and activities.

What is David from Season 2 alone doing now?

A Successful Life in the Woods

David McIntyre’s life has always been closely tied to the outdoors. Before appearing on Alone, David was already a seasoned outdoorsman who had spent over 20 years in the Canadian wilderness honing his skills. His time on the show only solidified his reputation as a skilled survivalist, and he quickly became a fan favorite thanks to his resourcefulness, ingenuity, and calm demeanor.

After his time on the show, David returned to his home in the remote wilderness of Northern Ontario, where he continues to live and thrive to this day. Living off the grid in a self-sustaining homestead, David has built a successful life in the woods, continuing to hone his survival skills and share his knowledge with others.

Building a Self-Sustaining Homestead

One of David’s primary focuses since his time on Alone has been building a self-sustaining homestead in the wilderness. Using the skills he learned on the show and his years of experience in the outdoors, David has created a home that is entirely self-sufficient, relying on solar power, rainwater collection, and a wood stove for heat and energy.

David’s homestead includes a vegetable garden, where he grows his food, and a network of trails that he built himself, allowing him to navigate the woods with ease. He has also built a workshop where he creates handmade furniture and other items, which he sells online.

Sharing His Knowledge with Others

While David’s primary focus is on his homestead, he also enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills with others. He regularly teaches workshops on wilderness survival, where he passes on his expertise to students eager to learn. He also gives talks and lectures on his experiences on Alone, offering insights into the show and the skills necessary for wilderness survival.

David has also written a book, titled “The McIntyre Method,” where he shares his knowledge and experience in the outdoors. The book covers a wide range of topics, from building shelters and starting fires to trapping and hunting for food.

Living in Harmony with Nature

For David, living in the wilderness is not just a means of survival – it is a way of life. He strives to live in harmony with nature, taking only what he needs and leaving the rest untouched. His homestead is entirely off the grid, relying on renewable energy sources and leaving no impact on the environment.

David also works to preserve the wilderness around him, regularly volunteering with local conservation organizations to help protect the natural world. His passion for the outdoors and his commitment to sustainable living make him an inspiration to many, showing that it is possible to live a fulfilling life while also taking care of the planet.


David McIntyre’s time on Alone may have come to an end, but his life in the wilderness is far from over. Building a self-sustaining homestead, sharing his knowledge and skills with others, and living in harmony with nature are just a few of the many things he has been up to since his time on the show. David’s commitment to sustainable living and his passion for the outdoors make him a true inspiration to all who know him.

What is David from Season 2 Alone doing now?
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