What Is PPD In Baseball?

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Many Baseball fans in the world like watching their club play. The game has flourished in the United States. And this has seen more following towards the game and more fan base. Many fans in the United States take to the stadiums to watch their club play every weekend when they have a scheduled league match or a playoff game. Baseball fans also take part in playing baseball fantasy. It is usual for baseball fans to come across the abbreviation PPD. If you have ever come across this abbreviation and did not understand the meaning then this is the article to read through as it has an elaborate explanation of the phrase PPD about Baseball. Let’s learn about ‘What Is PPD In Baseball?’.

What Is PPD In Baseball?

What Is PPD In Baseball?

In baseball, the phrase PPD stands for a postponed baseball match. The match is postponed and is always played on a later date.

Fans and supporters of baseball might come across this phrase on many occasions when a game is post poned due to different reasons. Fans who had paid tickets to watch these games or those that had players of these clubs included in their baseball fantasy does not like it when they see these phrase used because what it means is that they will not entertain themselves on that weekend. Games are post poned due to reasons like bad weather and covid 19 among other reasons.

Reasons for the postponement of a Baseball game: What Is PPD In Baseball?

Baseball games are not post poned without a valid reason. Because the postponement of a game might create a lot of inconveniences, Baseball games are postponed when there is a serious reason for the postponement. Here are some of the reasons that might lead to a postponement of a baseball game bad weather, covid 19, earthquakes, extreme cold, excessive heat, wildfires, protesting social issues, and in the event a pitcher is locked in the bathroom.

Bad weather

Badweather is among the main reasons for the postponement of many baseball games. When the conditions are said not to be favorable for a baseball game, the managing board can decide to reschedule the game to a later date. 

Badweather conditions that will lead to a cancellation of a baseball match include extreme cold, rain, snow, and more heat and other extreme weather conditions.

Badweather conditions might lead to the following scenarios and it was proper to postpone games when the conditions are not favorable to host a game.

  • Slippery ground and muddy grounds increase the chances of players getting injured during the game and not playing during that period helps protect the players.
  • When it is rainy, the baseball can become more slippery, reducing its grip and making it hard to play the game because of the lost grip.
  • If it is raining, the bat can become more slippery, making it hard for the players to play the game.
  • Strong winds can change the direction of a baseball in motion, distracting the game.
  • Lighting and thunder can also distract the baseball match.

Covid 19

Since the breakout of the covid 19 pandemic in early 2020, most sporting events have been halted and rescheduled to another date due to the risks of the spread of the virus. Covid 19 spreads out more in large crowds which saw the World Health Organization (WHO) give out a directive to sporting event bodies to suspend any games when there is fear of the spread of the virus. Sporting bodies have to suspend games if there is fear of covid 19 among players or staff of the club, this protects both the players, staff, and fans of the club.

A game can be post poned when a player or staff tests positive for the virus. An example of an MLB match that was suspended and assigned a new date was when the Cleveland Guardians were to play against the Chicago White Sox in May, after some players and members of staff tested positive for the virus.

Other reasons for the postponement of a baseball game

There are some other reasons for the postponement of games, these reasons are rare, but when they occur, a game can be halted and stopped. They include the following;

  • Cases when earthquakes occur.
  • Extreme cold conditions.
  • Protesting social issues.

At what time is a baseball game postponed?

A baseball match can be canceled and rescheduled to a later date before the game starts or during an ongoing baseball game.

Because the reasons for the postponement of games are unpredictable, especially weather conditions, a game can be postponed just before kickoff. The match can be moved to the next day.

In cases where players test positive for covid 19, games can be postponed a day or two days before the event and moved to a date when the players will have completed medication and a 10-21 days isolation period.

Ongoing games can also be stopped and played on another date if the weather conditions change and the game can not be played in those conditions.

What happens to ticket holders in the event a baseball game is postponed?

Some fans and supporters like to enjoy their teams playing live in the stadiums. When they pay for the games and see the PPD abbreviation on the game, they start to panic. There is no need to panic, as all these are catered for. There following are the different scenarios that happen to your ticket in the event a game is postponed.

  • When a game is canceled and rescheduled for another confirmed date, fans can use this same ticket to enter the stadium for that game on that date.
  • If a baseball game is postponed indefinitely, the fans can be allowed to access another game in that same season with this ticket.
  • If the season ends and that game is not played at all, then all the paid tickets are refunded fully to the owner, meaning you will get the full amount you paid for the ticket.


Baseball fans do not like it when they wake up to find the acronym PPD against a game they were eager. PPD in baseball stands for a postponed baseball game. Baseball games can be postponed due to many reasons some of which include, bad weather and covid 19 among others. Baseball games can be postponed either just before kickoff or during an ongoing match. The games are always rescheduled to a later date.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the main reasons for a baseball game to be postponed?

The main reasons for the postponed of MLB games since early 2020 are bad weather and covid 19, but of course, there are other many rare conditions where an MLB game can be postponed.

  • When will I get a refund in case a baseball game is postponed?

A ticket owner is only refunded their money when the season ends, and the game was not played.

  • When is a postponed game in MLB played?

Postponed games, are changed to another date during the same MLB season.

What Is PPD In Baseball?
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