Why Do Mets Fans Hate Noah Syndergaard?

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Noah Seth Syndergaard or Thor (nickname) is a 30 years old American Baseball pitcher for the Philadephia Phillies of Major League Baseball. Previously, he was playing for New York Mets. He left New York Mets in 2021 to become a part of the Los Angeles Angels, and then the Philadelphia Phillies. Let us know “Why Do Mets Fans Hate Noah Syndergaard?

Why Do Mets Fans Hate Noah Syndergaard?

Why Do Mets Fans Hate Noah Syndergaard?

New York Mets hate Noah Syndergaard because he said that he didn’t want to deal with the uncertainty of the Mets in 2022. The Mets fans think that he gave up on his team. The second reason is that Noah Syndergaard didn’t want to face his old team and asked for more rest days when he had to play against them. Mets fans seem to hate Noah Syndergaard. Everybody thought that this is just timely because he will be facing his former team at the game. Syndergaard was drafted by the blue jays and was even part of the series run that the Mets had back in 2015. Since then he had been hurt and he moved on from the organization. There are a couple of facts that you need to know about the Noah Syndergaard situation:

1st Reason: Noah Left New York Mets 

He made some comments about the uncertainty of the organization. They had to find a new manager. Steve Cohen is a billionaire who is a fan of the team. He was willing to spend everything in this regard. But Noah left, and it was further confirmed when Noah had a conversation with Perry Minasian. 

When a player leaves the team and goes somewhere else, the team either thinks of it as a good thing that it’s good that he has left the game or they miss the player who has gone because of his good game. In this case, Noah didn’t have anything to say about his former team publicly, but his former team kept bashing him. 

2nd Reason: For Not Being a Perfect Pitcher After An Injury 

He had been recovering from Tommy John’s surgery. It provided him a great opportunity to figure a few things out on his own and get back to the pitcher that he was. He is still being criticized by the New York media for not being a perfect pitcher, which doesn’t make sense because he is coming back from an injury. But he has still done fairly well other than the texas outing. In the texas outing, he gave up one run and allowed two runs on five hits. He struggled a bit, and people worried if it was tipping pitches. 

3rd Reason: Because Of His Statements

Another issue that Mets fans have with Noah Syndergaard is that the Mets had a combined no-hitter this season (April 2022). Then shortly after Reid got his no-hitter, Noah said something to the extent of “This is what a no-hitter looks like”. Everyone took this as a dig at the Mets, and he later saved himself by saying that he was just supporting his boy Reid. 

People still are not sure if Noah was playing a game a bit or if it was a dig. People haven’t been able to interpret what that is supposed to mean. But whatever it was, Mets fans received it that way, and they have just piled on every time Noah Syndergaard has struggled. 

Noah’s Statement On Social Media 

Noah posted on social media that “Sorry guys we should have turned the fountain off”. The statement was viewed as a bit irritating in New York but not in Southern California. This tensed the situation and confused the Mets fans as they didn’t know what was happening. But in Southern California, they did not have a great pitcher for a long time. So, his coming and pitching even above average had got the fans excited, unlike the Meta fans. 


The fact that Meta fans are still mad at Noah even though he has left the team is weird. Because he was on their team at a steal- he has got arbitration years, and he was a great player for the Mets. He just had one bad season with them and they started hating him. Noah Syndergaard gave New York Mets great years and was part of the success that they had been enjoying for two years. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Was There a Tension Between Mets Journalist and Noah Syndergaard? 

Yes, there was a temporary tension between the two. He and Noah go back and forth. Though it is a joke because the journalist has something in his Twitter bio about hating Noah. So, it’s just for boosting the ratings. 

What’s the Reason for Syndergaard Leaving the Mets?

He left the New York Mets because he wanted to start his career from scratch as too much was happening already. Too much had happened in the Queens, and he wanted to move on. Secondly, he also didn’t feel wanted by the Mets. 

Why Do Mets Fans Hate Noah Syndergaard?
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