What phrases were popular in the 70s?

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The 1970s was an era of cultural transformation, where fashion, music, and language reflected a newfound sense of freedom and self-expression. In this blog post, we embark on a nostalgic journey through time, exploring the popular phrases that defined the lexicon of the ’70s. From groovy slang to iconic catchphrases, we delve into the vibrant linguistic tapestry of this unforgettable decade. Join us as we unravel the linguistic time capsule, capturing the spirit and essence of the ’70s in all its funky, far-out glory.

What phrases were popular in the 70s?

Far Out, Man! Groovy Slang of the ’70s

The ’70s witnessed a resurgence of counterculture and a rejection of societal norms, resulting in the birth of an array of groovy slang phrases. “Far out” was a popular expression that conveyed amazement, excitement, and a sense of approval. It encapsulated the spirit of embracing the unconventional, urging individuals to embrace their unique identities and embrace a liberated mindset.

Another phrase that gained popularity in the ’70s was “groovy.” This term, rooted in the jazz and beatnik culture of the previous decades, became synonymous with being cool, stylish, and in tune with the latest trends. It evoked a sense of effortless coolness and captured the essence of the era’s laid-back attitude.

Can You Dig It? Catchphrases of the ’70s

The ’70s gave rise to iconic catchphrases that have stood the test of time and continue to evoke nostalgia and cultural significance. One such phrase was “Keep on truckin’.” Derived from the iconic comic strip by Robert Crumb, this expression became a mantra of perseverance and resilience, encouraging individuals to push through challenges and stay positive.

Another notable catchphrase of the era was “Right on!” This phrase captured the sentiment of agreement, enthusiasm, and solidarity. It reflected the era’s social and political movements, with individuals expressing their support for causes and ideas they believed in. “Right on!” became a rallying cry, a way to show unity and align oneself with progressive values.

Disco Fever: Catchy Phrases on the Dance Floor

The ’70s marked the height of the disco era, with its vibrant music, flashy fashion, and energetic dance moves. Alongside the disco scene came a whole new set of catchy phrases that became intertwined with the dance floor culture. “Boogie Down” was a popular expression that encouraged people to let loose, hit the dance floor, and groove to the infectious beats of disco music. It encapsulated the carefree, joyful spirit of the era’s dance parties.

Another phrase associated with the disco scene was “get down.” It urged individuals to embrace the rhythm and move their bodies in sync with the music. “Get Down” symbolized the liberation and self-expression that disco offered, creating a sense of community and unity on the dance floor.

Peace, Love, and Funky Expressions

The ’70s were deeply influenced by the legacy of the ’60s counterculture movement, and expressions of peace, love, and freedom continued to resonate. “Make love, not war” became a rallying cry for those seeking harmony and unity. It rejected the violence and conflict of the past and championed a message of love and understanding.

“Funky” was another term that gained popularity in the ’70s, signifying a unique style, attitude, or sound. It was associated with the funky music of the era, characterized by its infectious rhythms and soulful melodies. “Funky” became a descriptor for anything cool, hip, and unconventional.


The phrases that emerged during the 1970s reflected the era’s spirit of freedom, self-expression, and cultural transformation. From groovy slang that embodied the counterculture movement to iconic catchphrases that continue to evoke nostalgia, the language of the ’70s captured the vibrant and dynamic nature of the era. The ’70s were a time of disco fever, boogieing down on the dance floor, and embracing peace, love, and funky expressions. As we reflect on the popular phrases of the ’70s, we are reminded of a decade that embraced individuality, broke societal barriers and left an indelible mark on popular culture. So, let’s raise a glass to the ’70s and keep the spirit alive—because, after all, it’s still groovy, man!

What phrases were popular in the 70s?
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