What to Wear to Baseball Training?

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Baseball requires special gear during practice or even when playing in competitive match. In the United States, Baseball has emerged to be one of the games with the biggest fanbase and many young talents prefer venturing into the beautiful sport. The rise in the sports fanbase has alternatively increased the need for training and education about the game. Many people have questions regarding the rules of the sport, sporting gear, guidelines and safety, and the game’s training. If you are an existing baseball player or a new talent who is ready to train and learn more about this game, and you did not know what to put on during training sessions do not worry as this article explains all you need to know about what to put on during a baseball training session. Here we will see What to Wear to Baseball training?


What to Wear to Baseball Training?The general gear for a baseball training session includes a hat, t-shirt, cleats, and long pants. Different coaches or teams will have their preferences of what to wear to a baseball training session. The players are allowed to wear some optional clothing when coming into training sessions such as sliding shorts and jewelry. Let us now look at the general clothing to take to baseball practice, the coaches/team’s preferred clothing and the optional clothing to take to a baseball training session in the following parts of this article.

General clothing to wear to a baseball training

These are sports gear that all baseball players should wear to a baseball training session. Whether it is a start-up team or a developed team, the players should put on this general sports gear because baseball is somehow prone to accidents and some of these clothing act like protective gear protecting the players from accidents. The following are the general clothing that one should wear to a baseball training session, a hat, long pants, cleats, and an appropriate training shirt.

A hat

The baseball hat has been in use since the olden days in the sports culture. Players should put on these hats both when going into training or during a league match. The hats act as protective gear and also a practice of uniformity on the field as all players should put on a hat during training or in real games.

During training players can put on team hats if provided with or can put on any appropriate hat in the event there are no team hats, although many baseball teams have provided their players with uniform hats to come with them into training.

Long pants

In any weather, baseball players are required to come with long pants into training. Baseball is a game that requires players to slide and dive more hence the need to wear long pants to act as protective gear preventing the players from injuries such as grass burns. The type of long pants carried to baseball practice should either be sweatpants, track pants, or traditional baseball pants. Jeans are not athletic pants and should not be worn to baseball practice sessions.


Cleats are the shoes that baseball players put on either during baseball training or during baseball games. Cleats are necessary for any baseball player to put on a uniform during training or real games situation. They have a grip that ensures the players’ stability on the ground. The cleats used in training are the same as those used in real-game. Players can use the same cleats for training and games as this will increase their comfort with the shoes hence making them composure during competitive games.

Players are allowed to wear regular tennis shoes during indoor baseball training sessions but it is a must to put on cleats when the practice is outdoors.

Appropriate training t-shirt

Players are allowed to wear any appropriate shirt to training sessions. The teams do not provide team jerseys to players during training sessions, each player wears a shirt of their choice. The t-shirt should contain appropriate images and language. The t-shirts might be damaged during training so the players are advised to wear t-shirts they do not mind replacing.

Coaches preferred gear to be worn during a training session

Apart from the general gear, some coaches/teams might have some preferred gear to be worn during practice sessions and this is communicated earlier to the players before the sessions. 

A coach may allow players to wear hats of their choice to practice sessions, allowing players who might have miss placed their team’s hat to wear any appropriate hat to training. When training outside in the cold some coaches might allow their players to come with beanies to training instead of baseball hats.

Coaches can also allow their players to wear tennis shoes to training when the session is indoors.

Some coaches can prefer their players to wear uniform t-shirts, always tuck in their shirts during training, players should have long-sleeved shirts, and players should not carry any jewelry to training sessions.

Optional clothing to wear during a baseball training session

There is some optional clothing that players can take to baseball sessions. Players can be allowed to wear sliding shorts during games and even training, but wearing sliding shorts is optional for players during training, some players prefer shorts while others do not.

Players can also wear jewelry to training sessions. Some coaches/teams allow jewelry to train while others do not. Jewelry can be worn in some baseball games while it is restricted in others. Therefore, the wearing of jewelry is generally the guideline of the coaches, team, or the governing body of the baseball league.


Baseball training session requires players to put on some kind of uniform that acts as uniformity among team members and as protective gear because the game is prone to accidents. General clothing to be worn during a baseball practice session include a hat, cleats, an appropriate t-shirt, and baseball pants/shorts. Players can also wear clothes that are preferred by their teams and coaches. Optional clothing includes baseball shorts and jewelry. Players are required to put on these gear as per the rules and regulations of their team and the preferences of their coach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a must to wear baseball team hats during a training session?

It is not a must to wear team hats during a training session, players can wear appropriate hats of their choice unless the team/coach gives a direction to wear team hats during training sessions.

Can a baseball player use the same cleats for training and real league games?

Yes, you can use the same cleats both during training and games, this increases your composure on the field because using the same cleats increases your comfort with the cleats.

Can I wear sliding shorts during a baseball training session?

Yes, players who prefer to wear sliding shorts during training are allowed to do so.

What to Wear to Baseball Training?
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