How Much Is Mets Parking?

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Citi Field Parking Charges – Introduction

The Citi Field parking area is where fans of the Mets baseball team park their vehicles when they come to watch their team’s games. The parking area is capable of holding all the vehicles that the Mets fans come with to the game. Different lots have different charges and are affected by the type of vehicle that the owner possesses. If you are a new fan or a visitor to Citi Field and you do not know the parking charges at Citi Field do not worry as all the parking charges and operational hours are in this article.

How Much Is Mets Parking?

Different events have different charges, and the type of vehicle also influences the charges applied. During the regular season car owners will pay a fee of thirty dollars, while buses or oversized vehicle owners will pay sixty dollars. Car owners will pay fifty dollars for the post-season and special events. Buses/oversized vehicle owners will pay ninety dollars for the post-season and one hundred dollars for special events. These parking charges and other important information you need to know about the Citi Field parking area are explained in this article.

Citi Field parking rates/charges

Charges are applied based on the type of event and the type of vehicle that you own.


Car owners will have to pay 30 dollars for regular season events. During the post season and special events, they will pay 50 dollars.

2.Buses or oversized vehicles

Owners of buses and oversized vehicles will pay a charge of 60 dollars for regular season events, 90 dollars for post season events, and a fee of 100 dollars for other games.

Citi Field parking lots

The Citi Field has two parking lots; primary lots and secondary lots

The Primary lot contains parking lots within the fence line of the Citi Field; lot A-F. Lots A and B are for vehicle owners who are Season ticket holders and have Lot B access. Lots C to F are all designated for general parking.

The secondary parking lot contains five lots located outside the fence line of Citi Field and is for general guest parking. These lots include Marina west, found north of Citi Field and only used during special events. Marina East, located north of Citi Field and is designated for general parking. Stadium View East and West are found beneath the Whitestone Parkway overpass and the Southfield/commuter lot which accommodates general parking and commuter parking during events and games and is situated at Roosevelt Avenue between Seaver way and Shea Road.

There is also a lot for Buses and oversized vehicles located on the north of Citi Field on the west side of the Shea Road intersection and is only opened one hour before the event. There is another lot for accessible parking where people with disabilities park their vehicles and the lots are located in lots B and F.

Citi Field parking area hours of operation

The Citi Field parking is always open two and a half hours before the start of the event. For instance, if a game is to start at seven the park will be opened at 4:30 PM to allow guests to stream in and park their vehicles before they head to the stadium for the game, this also helps reduce traffic.

Citi Field payment methods

Citi Field management allows for prepaid payments that allow motorists to pay for the parking charges earlier before the events and this helps ease congestion and traffic during the events day. Motorists can also pay for the fees on the event day but it is so convenient and advisable to make prepaid payments.

Citi Field does not allow cash payments, all payments are made using credit and debit cards and mobile money. There are no additional fees cut from an individual when cashless payments are used. The following are the accepted payment methods, Amex, Visa, Discover, Apple pay, China Union, Diners Club, Mastercard, Google Pay, Samsung pay, Debit and credit cards, Star, Maestro, and Givex.

Citi Field RainOut Policy

If a game is Rained Out or postponed by the MLB, fans who had already paid for their parking area will get a refund that is in terms and regulations of the Citi Field RainOut policy. The Mets fans can also fill out a form to obtain a rainout ticket that can be used in future games and events.


The Citi Field parking area is the main parking area for the Mets fans during a Mets home game. Different charges are applied for different events and types of vehicles. Car owners will pay charges between 30 and 50 dollars while buses or oversized vehicles will pay charges between 60 and 100 dollars. Citi Field has more than 10 parking lots designated for different functions and guests. They only allow for cashless payment methods and they include the use of credit and debit cards and the use of mobile money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does Citi Field accept cash payments?

No, Citi Field is a cashless point and only accepts payments through debit and credit cards and mobile money payments.

2.What is the contact detail of the Citi Field parking lot?

If you have any concerns and need support about the Citi Field feel free to contact their customer service team through this email,

3.When does the Citi Field open?

The Citi Field parking lot is open two and a half hours before the start of the event. For instance, if the Mets play at 5 pm, the Citi Field gates will be opened at 2:30 pm.

How Much Is Mets Parking?
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