When should you not make Moon Water?

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Moon water has been an integral part of many spiritual and religious practices for centuries. The process of making moon water involves placing water in a container under the moon’s light and leaving it overnight to absorb the moon’s energy. This practice is believed to enhance the water’s spiritual properties and imbue it with powerful healing and transformative energies. However, as with any spiritual practice, it is essential to exercise caution and discretion before making moon water. In this article, we will explore the circumstances in which one should not make moon water.

When should you not make Moon Water?

During a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse:

The full moon is widely considered the best time to make moon water. However, during a full moon lunar eclipse, it is advisable not to make moon water. A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth’s shadow falls on the moon, blocking its light. This phenomenon can impact the moon’s energy and create an imbalance in the moon water’s energy. Making moon water during a lunar eclipse can lead to negative consequences, such as disruptions in your emotional and spiritual balance.

Moreover, it is important to note that lunar eclipses can last up to three hours, and the effects of the eclipse can linger for days or even weeks. Therefore, it is best to avoid making moon water during this period. Instead, you can focus on meditative practices that allow you to connect with the energy of the eclipse and harness its transformative energy.

When the Moon is in its Waning Phase:

The moon has a significant influence on the earth and its inhabitants, and the energy of the moon is closely tied to the water on our planet. During the moon’s waxing phase, the energy is believed to be increasing, and during the waning phase, the energy is believed to be decreasing. Therefore, it is recommended not to make moon water during the waning phase of the moon.

Making moon water during this phase can lead to unintended consequences, such as emotional imbalances, physical ailments, and spiritual disconnection. Instead, use this time to reflect on the lessons you have learned during the moon’s waxing phase and prepare for the energy shift that comes with the new moon. You can engage in meditation, journaling, and other introspective practices to help you connect with your inner self and navigate this transition with grace and intention.

In a Negative or Polluted Environment:

Moon water is believed to be a powerful tool for spiritual cleansing and healing. However, if the water you use to make moon water comes from a polluted source or is exposed to negative energy, it can have the opposite effect. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the environment in which you make moon water is clean and free from any negative energy.

If possible, collect rainwater or use filtered water to make moon water. Avoid using tap water or water from stagnant sources, as they may contain harmful chemicals and pollutants that can negatively impact your energy and well-being. Additionally, ensure that the container you use to make moon water is clean and free from any negative energy or lingering residue.

When You’re Not in a Positive Mental State:

The energy you bring to any spiritual practice, including making moon water, is critical to its success. If you are not in a positive mental state, making moon water can be counterproductive and potentially harmful. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, it’s best to avoid making moon water and focus on self-care practices that help you feel centered and grounded.

Instead of making moon water, take a relaxing bath, engage in meditation or yoga, or spend time in nature. These practices can help you release negative energy and emotions and restore your inner balance and harmony. When you feel more centered and calm, you can revisit the practice of making moon water with a clear and positive mindset.

Additional Considerations:

In addition to the circumstances outlined above, there are other factors to consider before making moon water. These include the timing of the moon’s phase, the location where you make the moon water, and your personal intentions for the moon water.

Timing: While the full moon is the most popular time to make moon water, it is not the only time to do so. You can make moon water during any phase of the moon, depending on your intention and what you wish to manifest. For example, making moon water during the new moon is a powerful way to set intentions and manifest new beginnings.

Location: The location where you make moon water can also impact its energy and effectiveness. Ideally, you should make moon water in a peaceful and natural setting, such as a garden, park, or forest. This allows you to connect with the energy of nature and amplify the moon’s energy. Avoid making moon water in crowded or noisy environments, or in areas with high levels of pollution or negative energy.

Intention: Finally, your intention for the moon water is critical to its effectiveness. Before making moon water, take some time to reflect on your intentions and what you hope to manifest. This can include anything from healing and spiritual growth to abundance and prosperity. By setting a clear intention, you can align your energy with the energy of the moon and manifest your desires more effectively.


Moon water is a powerful tool that can help you connect with the spiritual energy of the moon and enhance your spiritual practice. However, it is essential to exercise caution and discretion before making moon water. Making moon water during a full moon lunar eclipse, the moon’s waning phase, in a negative or polluted environment, or when you’re not in a positive mental state can have unintended consequences.

By following the guidelines outlined in this article, you can make moon water safely and effectively. Remember to always approach spiritual practices with intention, awareness, and respect, and to prioritize your well-being and safety above all else. With these considerations in mind, you can harness the transformative energy of moon water and deepen your spiritual connection with the universe.

When should you not make Moon Water?
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