Who are the Ninja Kidz parents?

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If you have kids or if you are around kids, you have probably heard of the Ninja Kidz. This group of young martial artists has taken the internet by storm, amassing millions of followers on their YouTube channel. But as popular as they are, many people still wonder who their parents are. In this post, we will delve into the mystery of the Ninja Kidz parents and see what we can uncover.

Who are the Ninja Kidz parents?

The Early Years:

The Ninja Kidz were founded in 2017 by Bryton Myler, who was just 11 years old at the time. He had a passion for martial arts and wanted to share it with the world. Bryton’s father, Joel Myler, was a videographer, and he helped Bryton create the first Ninja Kidz videos. The early videos were shot in Joel’s backyard, and they featured Bryton and his siblings doing martial arts moves and stunts. The videos quickly gained popularity, and Bryton’s siblings, Payton, Ashton, and Paxton, joined in the fun. Bryton’s youngest brother, Bryson, was still a baby at the time, but he would soon become a regular member of the group.

The Myler Family:

Joel and his wife, Katie, are the parents of the Ninja Kidz. They have six children in total, and all of them are involved in the Ninja Kidz videos in one way or another. Bryton is now 15, and he is the leader of the group. Payton is 13, Ashton is 11, Paxton is 9, and Bryson is 5. The family lives in Utah, and they are all homeschooled. Joel and Katie have been married for over 17 years, and they are both active members of their church. Joel runs his own video production company, and Katie is a stay-at-home mom who helps manage the Ninja Kidz brand.

The Ninja Kidz Brand:

The Ninja Kidz brand has become a huge success, thanks to the Myler family’s hard work and dedication. The YouTube channel has over 13 million subscribers, and the videos have been viewed over 6 billion times. The family has also created their own merchandise line, which includes clothing, accessories, and even a board game. The Ninja Kidz have also made appearances on TV shows and in movies, and they have even performed live at events. All of this success has helped the family become one of the most popular and recognizable families on the internet.

The Ninja Kidz Team:

While the Myler family is the heart and soul of the Ninja Kidz, they have also brought in other talented young martial artists to help expand the brand. The Ninja Kidz team includes kids from all over the United States, and they all share the same passion for martial arts and entertaining others. The team members are all homeschooled, and they train together via video chat and in-person when they can. The team members have their own social media accounts, where they share their own videos and content. Some of the team members have even become breakout stars in their own right, with large followings of their own.


In conclusion, the Ninja Kidz are a family of young martial artists who have taken the internet by storm. The Myler family, led by parents Joel and Katie, have created a brand that is loved by millions of people around the world. Their hard work and dedication have paid off, and they have become one of the most popular families on the internet. While the Ninja Kidz are still young, they have already achieved a great deal of success, and it will be exciting to see where their journey takes them next.

Who are the Ninja Kidz parents?
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