Who is the most likely DB Cooper Suspect?

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The case of D.B. Cooper remains one of the most infamous and intriguing unsolved mysteries in American history. In 1971, a man known as D.B. Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 and extorted $200,000 before parachuting out of the plane and disappearing into the night. Despite numerous investigations and countless theories, the true identity of D.B. Cooper remains a mystery to this day. In this article, we will explore the most likely suspects in the case and examine the evidence that supports each theory.

Who is the most likely DB Cooper Suspect?

The Suspects:

  1. Kenneth Christiansen: Kenneth Christiansen was a former military paratrooper and Northwest Airlines employee who closely resembled the sketch of D.B. Cooper. He was also known to have money troubles and an affinity for skydiving. In 2003, a group of amateur sleuths claimed to have found DNA evidence linking Christiansen to the crime. However, this evidence has not been widely accepted, and many experts believe that Christiansen was not D.B. Cooper.
  2. Richard Floyd McCoy: Richard Floyd McCoy was a former Army veteran and helicopter pilot who hijacked a plane six months after the D.B. Cooper incident. McCoy closely resembled the sketch of D.B. Cooper and used a similar modus operandi. He was eventually caught and sent to prison for his crime. Some investigators believe that McCoy was also D.B. Cooper, but others argue that his alibi for the night of the hijacking checks out.
  3. Robert Rackstraw: Robert Rackstraw was a former Army helicopter pilot who was investigated as a suspect in the D.B. Cooper case in the 1970s. Rackstraw had a criminal record and had bragged to his friends about pulling off the hijacking. In 2018, the History Channel aired a documentary that claimed to have found new evidence linking Rackstraw to the crime. However, many experts remain skeptical of these claims.

The Evidence:

  1. The Money: One of the most significant pieces of evidence in the D.B. Cooper case is the $200,000 in ransom money that was never recovered. In 1980, a young boy found a portion of the money on the banks of the Columbia River. However, the rest of the money has never been found, and its whereabouts remain a mystery.
  2. The Parachute: D.B. Cooper demanded four parachutes during the hijacking, which were eventually delivered to the plane. Cooper chose a specific parachute, which he used to jump out of the plane. The FBI traced the parachute to a company in Seattle, but could not identify the buyer.


In conclusion, the true identity of D.B. Cooper remains a mystery, and the most likely suspect is still up for debate. While each of the suspects discussed in this article has their own unique set of circumstances that make them a compelling suspect, none of them have been definitively proven to be D.B. Cooper. The evidence in the case is sparse, and many of the leads have gone cold over the years. The case of D.B. Cooper remains one of the most fascinating and enduring mysteries in American history, and it is likely that we will never know the true identity of the infamous hijacker.

Who is the most likely DB Cooper Suspect?
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