Who is the Oldest Active YouTuber?

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In the vast digital landscape of the internet, YouTube has emerged as an extraordinary platform that has revolutionized the way we consume content. From entertaining skits to educational tutorials, YouTube has given rise to countless creators who share their passions and expertise with the world. Among this vibrant community, there exists a group of extraordinary individuals who have defied age stereotypes and continue to inspire others with their unwavering dedication. In this article, we embark on a captivating journey to explore the lives and stories of the oldest active YouTubers, remarkable pioneers who have embraced technology and transformed the way we perceive the golden years.

Who is the Oldest Active YouTuber?

The Resilient Visionary: Mastanamma (Age: 107)

The charming name “Mastanamma” has become synonymous with culinary delights on YouTube. Born in 1912, this extraordinary centenarian from Andhra Pradesh, India, captured the hearts of millions with her traditional cooking skills. Mastanamma’s journey on YouTube began at the age of 105, when her great-grandson, K. Laxman, decided to document her recipes. Despite her age and the hardships she faced throughout her life, Mastanamma displayed an indomitable spirit, radiating joy through her authentic cooking techniques.

Through her channel, Country Foods, Mastanamma embarked on a gastronomic adventure, showcasing age-old recipes passed down through generations. From lip-smacking biryanis to sumptuous curries, she prepared traditional dishes with an infectious enthusiasm. Her unique selling point lay not only in her culinary skills but also in her humble approach and infectious laughter, effortlessly connecting with viewers of all ages. Mastanamma’s videos garnered millions of views, transforming her into a global sensation and a symbol of resilience for people around the world.

The Adventurous Trailblazer: Peter Oakley (Age: 92)

Peter Oakley, fondly known as “Geriatric1927,” revolutionized the concept of vlogging long before it became a mainstream phenomenon. Born in 1927 in Derbyshire, England, Oakley served as a RAF radar mechanic during World War II. However, it was his later years that brought him unexpected fame and made him one of the oldest active YouTubers.

At the age of 78, Oakley ventured into the realm of YouTube, sharing his life experiences, memories, and wisdom with the world. His channel, Geriatric1927, featured intimate monologues that captured the essence of his generation. Oakley’s endearing personality, combined with his captivating storytelling skills, struck a chord with viewers young and old.

Oakley’s videos became a time capsule of the 20th century, documenting historical events and cultural changes. He shared personal anecdotes, reflections on life, and insights into growing older with grace. Through his channel, Oakley not only challenged age stereotypes but also fostered intergenerational understanding, offering a unique perspective on the past and present.

The Graceful Guru: Clara Cannucciari (Age: 107)

Clara Cannucciari, lovingly known as “Great Depression Cooking,” was a true testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Born in 1915, Cannucciari lived through the Great Depression and embraced YouTube as a medium to share her memories and recipes from that challenging era.

Through her YouTube channel, Great Depression Cooking, Cannucciari transported viewers to a bygone era, recounting stories of hardship and sharing economical recipes that sustained families during the most difficult times. With her warm smile and gentle demeanor, Cannucciari became an internet sensation, captivating audiences with her authentic storytelling.

Cannucciari’s videos were not merely about cooking; theyimmersed viewers in a rich tapestry of history and nostalgia. She painted vivid pictures of life during the Great Depression, evoking emotions and instilling a sense of gratitude for the abundance we enjoy today. Cannucciari’s recipes, often made with simple and affordable ingredients, offered practical solutions for those facing financial constraints, while also reminding us of the value of resourcefulness and resilience.

The Musical Maestro: Fred Stobaugh (Age: 103)

Fred Stobaugh, a true embodiment of the saying “it’s never too late,” captivated the world with his heartfelt musical talents. Born in 1917, Stobaugh gained international fame when, at the age of 96, he entered a songwriting contest organized by Green Shoe Studio. The contest invited aspiring musicians to submit original songs, and Stobaugh’s submission stood out not only for its emotional depth but also for the remarkable circumstances surrounding its creation.

Stobaugh’s song, “Oh Sweet Lorraine,” was a tribute to his late wife and a reflection of the love they shared throughout their 73 years of marriage. Despite not being a professional musician, Stobaugh’s raw and poignant lyrics struck a chord with listeners around the world. His heartfelt rendition, coupled with his endearing personality, turned him into an internet sensation overnight.

The story of Fred Stobaugh serves as a reminder that creativity knows no age limits and that it’s never too late to pursue one’s passions. His humble yet powerful presence on YouTube continues to inspire individuals of all ages to embrace their artistic inclinations, irrespective of societal expectations.

The Fitness Enthusiast: Charles Eugster (Age: 98)

Charles Eugster, a remarkable advocate for healthy aging, redefined the boundaries of physical fitness and vitality. Born in 1919, Eugster embarked on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement at the age of 85 when he began participating in competitive rowing. His dedication to fitness and well-being led him to discover a passion for bodybuilding, ultimately becoming an inspiration for people of all ages.

Eugster’s YouTube channel, aptly named “Charles Eugster – The Ageless Machine,” became a platform for him to share his fitness routines, dispense advice on healthy aging, and challenge societal norms surrounding the capabilities of older individuals. With his rippling muscles and infectious enthusiasm, Eugster shattered stereotypes and demonstrated that age is no barrier to physical prowess.

Through his videos, Eugster motivated viewers to prioritize their health, embrace an active lifestyle, and seize every opportunity to live life to the fullest. His unwavering determination and his refusal to conform to societal expectations serve as a powerful reminder that age should never limit our aspirations or define our capabilities.


In the realm of YouTube, age is no longer a boundary to creativity, inspiration, and influence. The oldest active YouTubers showcased in this article have proven that passion, resilience, and a willingness to embrace technology can transcend generational barriers. Mastanamma, Peter Oakley, Clara Cannucciari, Fred Stobaugh, and Charles Eugster have not only entertained and enlightened millions but have also redefined what it means to age gracefully. Their stories serve as a testament to the power of the human spirit and a reminder that it’s never too late to pursue one’s passions, share wisdom, and inspire others, regardless of age.

Who is the Oldest Active YouTuber?
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