Why Are Mets Fans So Annoying?

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Baseball is one of the top-growing games in today’s world. There is a lot of fan base under each team which in turn makes the game more fun to watch. The Mets are one of them. It is a professional American baseball team. The New York Mets were founded in 1962 to replace other New York teams. It was a replacement for a team like the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants. Let’s learn about ‘Why Are Mets Fans So Annoying?’.

Why Are Mets Fans So Annoying?

Why Are Mets Fans So Annoying?

Initially, the Mets were named ‘The New York Metropolitan Baseball Club Inc’, However, the long name was not favored by anyone. Hence, it was later on named Mets. This name was acceptable to the public and media because it was easy to spell. Mets was a clear and straightforward abbreviation of Metropolitan and it was closely related to the original name. The team owner Joan Payson has suggested many other names, but this name became widely popular in baseball. 

We know that each team would have a fan base. It can be huge for some teams and small for some. However, it seems to be a problem when the fans take games and rivalries seriously. This is the reason why most people hate the fan bases of a particular team. Even now there are many clashes regarding the games and players that they are not even aware of. In this article, We will discuss why Mets fans can be annoying:

They take rivalries seriously

As I mentioned before, Mets fans seem to be annoying to the fans of other teams because they take rivalries very seriously. The games should be perceived in a fun manner rather than being too sensitive about it. This makes them a toxic fan base. It seemed like some Mets fans take the Yankees and Mets rivalry more seriously than Yankee fans. It is almost the same when it comes to Mets versus Red Sox or Mets versus Astros.

They have an inferiority complex

As we all got the idea that the Mets are a newly emerged team, but it is not as strong as the old teams. Hence, many fans have this inferiority complex where they think that the Mets are not on the top list. Honestly, the Mets should be seen as equally amazing as other teams. This greedy nature of the Mets fan base is another reason they are annoying. The Mets have a culture of hating their own team. This should be changed to get a good fan base. 

Lack of etiquettes 

This is one of the most annoying characters of a Mets fan. Since they take their team seriously, there are a lot of fans who trash-talk about other teams. They also boo other teams and cheer when they lose. They can easily get into a fight when someone says something bad about their team. This all makes the other fans hate them which in turn increases the rivalry. They are devoid of keeping their cool most of the time. 

Their hate-on Yankees

Mets fans hate all the teams which come into rivalry with them. But the hate they have for the Yankees is enormous. Some people yell “Yankees suck!” even when they are not playing. This is another fact that adds to the list that they are annoying. Both the Mets and Yankees are known rivalries but the Mets fans take it more seriously. This is not the case when it is Yankees fans, they take the game in a fun manner and often take the rivalry as a part of the game spirit. Yankees fans care less about winning or losing when compared to the Mets fans. 

Good reviews from Mets fans

Even though they can be annoying most of the time, there are still some good qualities that stated of them. Some people consider Mets fans to be very enthusiastic. They are more vibrant in supporting their team no matter what situation their team faces. They support their team in a very patriotic way which makes the fans of other teams to be like them. Moreover, Mets fans can be very gentle-minded at times. You can see them cheering for other groups even though the Mets lose on the other side. This can be a positive side of them.


We all love sports where we spend a lot of time discussing the players and how they played a particular match. The relationship gets unhealthy when people start to fight violently based on this topic. It’s not that all the Mets fans are toxic, but the majority of them are. Some people take the game in a less stressful way. Some Mets fans don’t intend to fight others in the name of baseball. The only rightful thing a person can do as a viewer is to not take every game personally. 

Why Are Mets Fans So Annoying?
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