Are The Yankees Or Mets Better?

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Baseball is one of the top-growing games today. There are huge fans of baseball these days. This leads to supporting various teams and criticizing various others. In this article, we will discuss two teams, the Mets and the Yankees. The discussion based on these teams started since the Mets evolved as a new team. There are many clashes regarding whether the Mets or Yankees can be considered a better team. Let’s learn about ‘Are The Yankees Or Mets Better?’.

Why Are Mets Fans So Annoying?

Are The Yankees Or Mets Better?

Mets are an American professional baseball team located in the New York city of Queens. It was founded in 1962 to replace the old NL teams. The name Mets was named by its owner, Joan Payson. It is the short term for the Metropolitan Baseball Club. While the New York Yankees is also an American Professional team based in the New York city of Bronx. The Yankees can be considered one of the most successful and professional baseball teams in the United States of America. Now let’s have a detailed knowledge of the New York Mets and New York Yankees.

When it comes to a comparison of two teams, it is always better to point out their differences first. Their differences include,


There are different ways of ownership in both Yankees and Mets. The Yankees were owned by Yankee Global Enterprises. They do not have any stakeholders. While the Mets team was owned by Fred Wilpon with a 52 percent stake. This is followed by the other stakeholders who own 42 percent stake.

The FanBase of the Yankees and Mets

Both the fan base of the Mets and Yankees are energetic and vibrant. They are ardent supporters of their teams and support their teams whenever needed. The Yankees fan base uses the name Bleacher Creatures for representation while the Mets fan base calls themselves the 7-line army.

Years active

As mentioned above, the Mets baseball team emerged. It was a replacement for the departed teams of the NL like the New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers. The Yankees started their journey in 1901 while the Mets started in 1962. Hence, the Yankees have more active years than the Mets.


We all love to call our favorite teams with cool nicknames. Similarly, both Yankees and Mets are called different nicknames by both their fans and others. The Yankees are called The Bronx Bombers, The Pinstrippers, The Evil Empire, The Yanks, The Bronx Zoo, and Murders Row. The Mets are called The Amazins, The Metropolitans, The Bad Guys, The Metsies, The Amazin Mets, and The Miracle Mets.

Leagues Affiliation

Both the Yankees and Mets play under different leagues. The Yankees play under the American League (AL) and the Mets play under the National League (NL).

Team Colors

Both teams have an interesting set of colors that they represent through their logo, jerseys, flags, etc. the Yankees has navy blue, gray, and white as their team color. While the Mets side has orange, blue, and white as their team colors. They only differ from each other by one color.

The fans Demographics

This represents the areas where the fans are located in both teams. It is true that both these teams have fans worldwide but here, we consider the people living in the United States of America. The report by Independent Budget Work states that most Mets fans are located in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk, Long Island, and Staten Island. On the other hand, the Yankees fans are mostly found in the Bronx, Manhattan, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rockland, the upper Hudson Valley, and Westchester.

Number of fans

The Yankees are a really old team when compared to the Mets. But both their fan bases have significant changes. Even though the Mets are a newly emerged team, they have more fans than the Yankees. But this does not stop the Yankees from being a tram with one of the best players. Even if the Mets are considered to be people’s favorite, the Yankees have the best players.


The Yankees team which was initially known as the Baltimore Orioles and New York Highlanders started their baseball journey by joining the American League in 1903. In the initial years of joining the Yankees could not perform well. However, 20 years after their joining, in 1923 they won their first World Series Championship . Since then they have won over 27 championships which is more than any sports team in history.

Mets, as mentioned above, emerged in the baseball industry over 50 years later than the Yankees. They joined the National League in 1962. They were termed as an expansion team which means a combination of the two departed teams of NL. As any other team would perform, their first few years of playing baseball were terrible. But soon they caught up and in 1969, they won their first World Series Championship.

Both teams have their greatness and flaws. It is all based on how one sees their favorite team and other teams. Hence, we cannot state which team would be better in the baseball industry.

Are The Yankees Or Mets Better?
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