Why Baseball Players Use Pine Tar?

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Are you wondering why many baseball Players Use Pine tar? Why do these players still use this substance despite the rumors that it might be illegal? You are about to find out why. Let us know “Why Baseball Players Use Pine Tar?”

Why Baseball Players Use Pine Tar?

When it comes to baseball players, pine tar is a sticky subject. The substance has been used since the game was invented, but not everyone agrees with its use today. Some argue that it gives hitters an unfair advantage over other players in the same position on the field; others claim there are better ways to improve your performance without using pine tar.

Baseball Players use pine tar for many reasons, but most use it for gripping. Before we get into why they use it, let’s look at what pine tar is.

Pine Tar

The substance, pine tar, is made from pine resin, which comes from trees and can be found in old-fashioned pine tar soap. Pine tar oil is also available and contains more resin than its counterparts.

Why Baseball Players Use Pine Tar?

According to many Baseball Batters, using pine tar to helps them get a better grip on their bats. This helps them swing harder and longer, giving them more power with which they can hit home runs. 

Pine tar also helps provide an extra layer of protection for the ball when it’s hit by a player’s bat—so that no matter how hard or fast they are hit, the ball will stay safe from being deflected by other players’ bats!

It also makes the bat heavier, which can give them more power when they swing at the ball.

What Is the Purpose Of Baseball Players Using Pine Tar On Their Helmets?

Some athletes will purposefully apply pine tar to a helmet so they can make sure their hands are as sticky as they like them to be when playing baseball. Some players may choose to wear their helmets with pine tar on them because they think it looks cool, which may have been their primary motivation.

Why Do Pitchers Apply Pine Tar In Baseball?

Pitchers have been using pine tar for as long as there has been baseball! Generally, they use it to enhance gripping. The substance is used in most college baseball games and much smaller league baseball. It’s important to note that it is Offensive for MLB pitchers to use it, but they’re allowed to use rosin—a type of pine resin—to help keep their fingers from slipping off the ball. 

Apart from MLB, some baseball leagues allow the use of pine tar, but they have certain regulations that guide it, which we will talk about in the sections that follow.

Is Pine Tar Considered Illegal In Baseball?

For smaller league baseball, it is not a crime to apply pine tar. However, it is illegal for MLB pitchers to use it, but they’re allowed to use rosin—a type of pine resin—to help keep their fingers from slipping off the ball. 

Although using pine tar isn’t illegal in SLB, if its usage violates regulations such as the 18-inch rule, it can be considered illegal. 

Pine Tar Use Guidelines For Batters And Pitchers

For Batters

Unlike in MLB, where the use of pine tar is strictly prohibited, batters in high school and collegiate games are permitted to utilize the substance. But a batter has to follow certain rules, like the 18-inch rule, when using pine tar. 

Talking About The 18-Inch Rule:

The 18-inch rule states that pine tar may only be applied to the bottom 18 inches of a bat (the grip end). However, it is against MLB rules for a hitter to use a bat that contains pine tar near the barrel end, and it is also against the rules for a pitcher to utilize pine tar in any capacity. 

The restriction is the location of tar on the bats. 

For  Pitchers

Major League Baseball Restriction Rule 

According to the provisions of Rule 8.02(b), “It is strictly forbidden for the pitcher to connect a substance to his or her finger, or wrist. 

It is the umpire’s obligation to assess whether or not the attachment in question is made of a foreign substance, such as pine tar.

Usage Rule

Pitchers are not allowed to put pine tar on their caps. Pitchers who are detected using the tar on their glove or cap will be dismissed from the game.

Also, Pitchers are not allowed to put pine tar on the ball, but they can put it on their gloves. 

How To Apply Pine Tar To A Bat?

First, clean the grip area so that you can coat the 18-inch section of the bat closest to the handle. 

Apply the Pine tar the same way that you apply a stick deodorant: you remove the tar from its container, unfold it, then rub it up and down the bat’s grip until it’s evenly coated. The method can also be done using liquid pine tar, albeit it is messier and requires the use of a rag. 

After cleaning the bat, apply some pine tar to a rag and twist the rag around the end of the bat’s handle to spread the tar over the grip.


From what we have learned so far it can be seen that most players apply pine tar for better gripping. Although it’s prohibited in the MLB, baseball players use pine tar in many different ways. Some of these uses are more obvious than others but all of them show us how important pine tar is not just for the sport but also for their well-being and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does pine tar work?

Yes, it does. Pine tar is a substance that’s been used by baseball players for decades. It’s so effective at improving grip that many ballplayers will use pine tar even if they don’t need it—just because they want to keep their hands from getting sweaty or getting chapped from constant contact with the bat.

What does pine tar do in baseball?

Pine tar is a substance that’s used to make baseball bats, and more durable. As you swing your bat, it helps to keep the ball in contact with your bat, which helps prevent any balls from being hit out of play by breaking through or rolling away from the plate.


Why Baseball Players Use Pine Tar?
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