Where Do Baseball Teams Stay In Pittsburgh?

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Players always need to travel from one state to another and from one country to another needless of what sport they are playing. Interestingly, even chess players around the world need to travel from one country to another just to participation. This is one of the exciting parts of being a player in any sport. In the same way, baseball players do need to travel whenever they have tournaments being held in another state or country. Let us know ‘Where Do Baseball Teams Stay In Pittsburgh?’.

Where Do Baseball Teams Stay In Pittsburgh?

Where Do Baseball Teams Stay In Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is a place of baseball, people in this location love playing baseball and watching them. This state hosts many baseballs including national tournaments every year for all baseball clubs. Now, people have asked where the baseball teams and their all crew members stay when there is a tournament held in Pittsburgh. There is no particular place to stay any team willing to stay at any place in the city can do so. The accommodation depends on the preference of the team members.

Good and comfortable accommodation is very important for players. It is where they will find their rest after a tiring match. Interestingly, most hotels or any other accommodation places in such areas offer some good amenities for players and the other crew members as well. On the other hand, the food services offered are a great concern for the hosts in such areas. 

Hotels in Pittsburgh near Baseball ground 

Looking for and staying in hotels that are near your destination is very important and that is what we look for. In the same way, players and their crew members look for hotels that are near the tournament ground or their playing field. It becomes easier for the players and their crew members to come to practice and judge the field’s condition.  Most MLB teams reserves hotels that are near the tournament ground so that they do not face any hassles. 

Now, in Pittsburgh, many hotels can fit the satisfaction level of baseball teams. Some hotels are quite cheaper in the area which is another advantage to the team and funding department of the team. 

Some of the famous hotels located near PNC Park are given below:-

  • Hilltop Inn
  • Pittsburgh Plaza Hotel
  • Joinery Hotel Pittsburgh, Curio Collection by Hilton
  • Wyndham Grand 
  • Drury Plaza Hotel Pittsburgh Downtown
  • Double Tree by Hilton Hotel and Suites Pittsburgh Downtown
  • Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh

These are some of the famous hotels and suites that are located near PNC Park. PNC Park is the stadium where most baseball games or tournaments are held. Baseball teams from all over the country visit these hotels and enjoy their stay throughout the tournament. On the other hand, these are some hotels that offer great amenities to players and their crew members. 

Away Teams Hotels Pittsburgh

The MLB teams situated in Pittsburgh get their hotels at a very low cost. But, the main question arises where the away team stays. Yes, the away team does stay in Pittsburgh and particular hotels. Some hotels in Pittsburgh are made for the teams that are coming from outside, For example, many famous and good hotels are present near the airport itself. This becomes easier for the away team to directly check-in in the nearby hotels. 

Some common hotels in Pittsburgh where the away teams stay are The Westin Convention Centre, Omni William Penn, Renaissance Pittsburgh, Oracle, and many more. But, these are the most preferred hotels selected by away teams in Pittsburgh. 

The hotel rates in these areas are not very high. But, during high season they go slightly up because of high demand. Not only the teams but, people from all over the country register themselves. 

Things to do and see near PNC Park

Other than participating in the tournament players must engage themselves in other activities. To do that, some unique amenities or facilities must be provided to them. There are some small yet interesting sightseeing near PNC Park stadium and some of them are given below:-

  • Acrisure Stadium 
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • David L. Lawrence Convention Centre

These are some of the famous sights that are available near PNC Park. Not only the team members but, the fans coming from different country visits them every year. Now, things to do near PNC Park are the following:-

  • Andy Warhol Museum 
  • Heinz Hall
  • Stage AE
  • Benedum Centre 

These are some places where one can have fun and be excited. These are some attractions near PNC Park stadium. 


Winning or losing the game is not important, participation is much more important. In the same way, one must be free while playing in such big tournaments. If they lose the game they should not be upset with that, instead, they should enjoy the moment. Now, for that part, the hotels near the stadium help them grow their emotions.

Where Do Baseball Teams Stay In Pittsburgh?
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