Why do Amish have that haircut?

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In the serene landscapes of Amish communities, one cannot help but notice the distinctive hairstyles worn by individuals belonging to this deeply traditional sect. The Amish haircut, with its unique characteristics and adherence to simplicity, is a symbol of cultural identity and religious devotion. In this captivating blog post, we embark on a journey to uncover the reasons behind the Amish haircut and explore its profound significance within the Amish way of life. By delving into the rich tapestry of Amish traditions, we gain a deeper understanding of the customs and values that shape their unique hairstyles.

Why do Amish have that haircut?

I. A Visual Marker of Separation: Distinction from the Outside World

In this section, we explore how the Amish haircut serves as a visual marker of separation from the outside world. The Amish people are deeply committed to a life of separation from modern society, upholding a strict code of simplicity and humility. The distinctive hairstyles worn by both men and women play a significant role in differentiating the Amish from the mainstream culture.

For men, the Amish haircut is characterized by closely cropped hair on the sides and back, with the crown left longer and often styled into a bowl-shaped cut. This distinctive cut symbolizes humility and rejects the fashionable hairstyles prevalent in contemporary society. It is a visible reminder to remain separate from worldly temptations and embrace a life of humility and devotion to God.

Women, on the other hand, wear their hair long and typically in a bun, often covered with a prayer cap or a bonnet. The long hair is a symbol of femininity and modesty, while the covering represents humility and obedience to God’s commandments. The Amish women’s hairstyle serves as a visible sign of their commitment to traditional gender roles and their desire to live in accordance with the teachings of their faith.

II. A Reflection of Simplicity: Embracing Humility and Modesty

In this section, we delve into how the Amish haircut reflects the core values of simplicity, humility, and modesty that define Amish life. The Amish people strive for a life of simplicity, aiming to avoid extravagance and vanity. The hairstyles they adopt are a reflection of this commitment to a modest and unadorned way of life.

The closely cropped men’s haircut and the women’s long hair in a bun are deliberate choices that reject the elaborate hairstyles and excessive grooming of the modern world. By embracing simplicity in their appearance, the Amish demonstrate their dedication to inner virtues and spiritual growth rather than outward adornment.

Moreover, the Amish haircut fosters a sense of unity and equality within the community. With everyone adhering to the same hairstyles, there is a sense of camaraderie and equality among community members. No individual stands out based on their hairstyle, as everyone willingly participates in the communal practice of simplicity and uniformity.

III. Preserving Cultural Identity: A Testament to Ancestral Traditions

In this section, we delve into how the Amish haircut serves as a means of preserving cultural identity and honoring ancestral traditions. The Amish community places immense value on their cultural heritage and the customs passed down from generation to generation. The distinct hairstyles worn by the Amish are deeply rooted in their history and serve as a visual reminder of their ancestral traditions.

The Amish have maintained a strong sense of continuity with their forebears, striving to live in accordance with the practices and beliefs that have defined their community for centuries. The hairstyles worn by the Amish today closely resemble those of their ancestors, representing a link to their past and a commitment to preserving their unique cultural identity.

By adhering to these traditional hairstyles, the Amish honor their ancestors and show reverence for their heritage. The hairstyles become a living connection to their roots, a tangible representation of the customs and values that have guided their community for generations. Through the Amish haircut, they express a deep respect for the wisdom and teachings of their ancestors, forging a connection that transcends time and reaffirms their collective identity.

IV. Spiritual Symbolism: A Reflection of Religious Beliefs

In this section, we explore the spiritual symbolism embodied in the Amish haircut. The hairstyles worn by the Amish are not merely a matter of cultural tradition but hold significant religious meaning. For the Amish, their hairstyles are a reflection of their unwavering faith and their commitment to living a pious, obedient life.

The simplicity and modesty of the Amish hairstyles align with the religious teachings that guide their community. The closely cropped men’s haircut and the women’s covered hair signify humility before God and a rejection of vanity and worldly distractions. By adopting these hairstyles, the Amish demonstrate their devotion to a life focused on spiritual pursuits and their dedication to living in accordance with God’s will.

The Amish haircut also serves as a visible reminder of the community’s commitment to nonconformity. By intentionally distinguishing themselves through their hairstyles, the Amish express their desire to separate from the secular world and its ever-changing trends. The hairstyles become a statement of their commitment to living a life that is centered on faith, simplicity, and adherence to traditional values.


In our exploration of the significance of the Amish haircut, we have uncovered the multifaceted reasons behind this distinctive hairstyle. It serves as a visual marker of separation from the outside world, reflecting the Amish commitment to living apart from modern society. The Amish haircut also embodies the values of simplicity, humility, and modesty that are fundamental to Amish life.

Through their hairstyles, the Amish people communicate their unwavering dedication to tradition, faith, and community. The hairstyles create a sense of identity and unity within the Amish culture, reinforcing their shared beliefs and commitment to a way of life that embraces simplicity and rejects the trappings of the modern world.

The Amish haircut stands as a powerful symbol of the Amish people’s unwavering commitment to their religious beliefs and cultural traditions. It serves as a reminder of the values they hold dear and a visual representation of their desire to live in accordance with the principles of humility, modesty, and separation from the secular world. By embracing the Amish haircut, the Amish people find strength, unity, and a unique expression of their faith in the ever-changing tapestry of the world around them.

Why do Amish have that haircut?
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