Why does Rip not like a walker on Yellowstone?

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In the rugged and captivating world of the hit TV series “Yellowstone,” relationships are often as complex and unpredictable as the untamed landscapes they inhabit. Among the intriguing dynamics that unfold within the show, one particular relationship stands out—the tension between Rip Wheeler and Walker. From their initial encounters to their ongoing clashes, their uneasy dynamic has captured the attention of viewers. In this blog post, we will dive into the depths of “Yellowstone” and explore the reasons behind Rip’s disdain for Walker. What lies beneath their animosity, and what events have shaped their relationship? Join us as we unravel the complexities of this intriguing dynamic and shed light on the factors that have contributed to Rip’s dislike for Walker.

Why does Rip not like a walker on Yellowstone?

A Clash of Loyalties

A. Walker’s Arrival: One of the key factors contributing to Rip’s disapproval of Walker is his arrival on the Yellowstone ranch. Walker, a former inmate, enters the picture with a complicated past, adding an air of suspicion and unease. As a new member of the ranch, his presence disrupts the established order and challenges the loyalty and trust within the group. Rip, deeply committed to the Dutton family and fiercely protective of the ranch’s values, views Walker’s arrival as a potential threat. The uncertainty surrounding Walker’s intentions and allegiances fuels Rip’s skepticism and fuels the initial friction between the two characters.

B. Questionable Loyalty: Another crucial aspect of Rip’s animosity towards Walker is the latter’s questionable loyalty. Throughout the series, Walker’s actions and choices raise doubts about his commitment to the Yellowstone ranch and the Dutton family. Whether it’s his involvement with rival factions, his conflicted relationships, or his wavering allegiances, Walker’s actions often raise suspicion among the ranch’s core members. Rip, with his unwavering loyalty and devotion to the Duttons, sees Walker as a potential liability and someone who cannot be trusted. This lack of trust deepens the rift between the two characters and fuels Rip’s dislike for Walker.

Clashing Personalities and Ideals

A. Different Backgrounds: Rip and Walker hail from vastly different backgrounds, which contributes to their contrasting personalities and outlooks on life. Rip, having grown up within the rugged and hardened world of the Yellowstone ranch, embodies a stoic and hardened demeanor. His experiences have shaped him into a fiercely loyal and protective figure, willing to go to extreme lengths to defend the ranch and its inhabitants. Walker, on the other hand, brings a more free-spirited and independent nature. His background as an outlaw and his experiences outside the confines of the ranch make him more inclined towards self-preservation and personal interests. These fundamental differences in character and upbringing create a clash between Rip’s steadfast loyalty and Walker’s more self-serving nature.

B. Conflicting Values: Rip’s aversion to Walker is also rooted in their conflicting values and beliefs. Rip embodies the traditional values of the Yellowstone ranch, including honor, duty, and the preservation of a way of life deeply connected to the land. His commitment to these values is unwavering and shapes his every action. Walker, on the other hand, represents a more fluid and individualistic perspective. His past choices and interactions often prioritize his personal gain or survival over the ranch’s well-being. This misalignment of values intensifies Rip’s disapproval, as he sees Walker’s actions as a direct affront to the principles and traditions he holds dear.

Past Wounds and Betrayal

A. Personal History: Rip’s animosity towards Walker is further fueled by their intertwined personal history. While the exact details of their shared past are gradually revealed throughout the series, it becomes evident that Rip holds deep-seated resentment towards Walker. Whether it’s past betrayals, unresolved conflicts, or personal grievances, their history is fraught with tension. This lingering bitterness adds an extra layer of animosity to their interactions, as Rip struggles to reconcile his past experiences with Walker’s current presence on the ranch.

B. Trust and Betrayal: Trust plays a pivotal role in Rip’s relationships, particularly when it comes to Walker. Their shared history includes instances of betrayal and broken trust, which have left lasting scars on Rip’s psyche. These wounds shape his perception of Walker and contribute to his unwavering dislike. Rip, having experienced the consequences of betrayal firsthand, remains guarded and skeptical of Walker’s intentions. His reluctance to let go of past grievances prevents any possibility of reconciliation and perpetuates their ongoing conflict.


The tension between Rip and Walker in “Yellowstone” showcases the complex dynamics that unfold within the show’s intricate narrative. Rip’s disdain for Walker stems from a clash of loyalties, conflicting personalities and ideals, as well as past wounds and betrayals. As viewers, we are drawn into this captivating relationship, intrigued by the layers of emotion and complexity that drive their interactions. The dynamics between Rip and Walker add depth to the storytelling, creating a compelling narrative arc that keeps us eagerly anticipating each episode.

Why does Rip not like a walker on Yellowstone?
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