Why is Laurie strode not michaels sister?

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When it comes to horror movies, few are as iconic as John Carpenter’s “Halloween.” The film introduced us to Michael Myers, a seemingly unstoppable killer who terrorizes a small town on Halloween night. But there’s one aspect of the franchise that has sparked debate among fans for decades: the relationship between Michael and Laurie Strode. In the original film, Laurie is portrayed as Michael’s sister, but in subsequent sequels, this connection is often ignored or retconned. So, why is Laurie Strode not Michael’s sister? Let’s dive in and explore this question.

Why is Laurie strode not michaels sister?

The Original Film:

To understand why Laurie Strode is not Michael’s sister, we need to go back to the beginning. In the original “Halloween” film, it’s revealed that Michael Myers is, in fact, Laurie’s older brother. This twist was introduced to add a personal dimension to the story and make Michael’s killing spree all the more shocking. However, this familial connection wasn’t always part of the plan. The script for “Halloween” originally had no mention of Michael and Laurie being related. It was only during filming that the decision was made to make them siblings.

Retcons and Reboots:

Despite the reveal in the original film, subsequent sequels in the franchise have often ignored or retconned Michael and Laurie’s relationship. For example, in “Halloween III: Season of the Witch,” Michael Myers is absent altogether, and the film has no connection to the original two movies. In “Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers,” it’s revealed that Laurie died in a car crash, and the story instead focuses on her daughter, Jamie. This film effectively erases any connection between Laurie and Michael, as she’s no longer alive.

In the 1998 film “Halloween H20: 20 Years Later,” Laurie is back, but Michael’s backstory is changed once again. In this movie, it’s revealed that Laurie faked her death and assumed a new identity to escape Michael’s wrath. Her connection to him is still present, but it’s not as direct as being his sister. Finally, in the 2018 reboot of the franchise, “Halloween,” the decision was made to ignore all of the sequels and pick up directly after the events of the original movie. In this film, Laurie is once again Michael’s sister.

Why Was the Relationship Retconned?

So, why did the filmmakers behind the “Halloween” franchise choose to retcon Michael and Laurie’s relationship? There are a few possible explanations. For one, as the franchise continued and more sequels were made, it likely became more difficult to keep track of all the different storylines and connections between characters. Retconning certain aspects of the story was a way to simplify things and make it easier for new viewers to jump in.

Another reason for the retcons could be that the filmmakers wanted to explore different angles of the “Halloween” story. By changing Michael’s backstory or removing Laurie from the equation entirely, they were able to create new narratives and explore different themes. For example, in “Halloween III,” the focus shifts to a group of scientists trying to stop a company’s nefarious plan to use Halloween masks to kill children. This storyline has nothing to do with Michael or Laurie, but it still falls under the umbrella of the “Halloween” franchise.

The Importance of Michael and Laurie’s Relationship:

Despite the various retcons and changes to the story, Michael and Laurie’s relationship remains a crucial aspect of the “Halloween” franchise. In the original film, their connection adds an emotional weight to the story and makes Michael’s killing spree all the more terrifying. The fact that he’s targeting his own family adds an extra layer of horrorto the story, as it makes the audience wonder what could drive someone to do something so heinous to their own flesh and blood.

Even in the films where their relationship is retconned or changed, the impact of Michael and Laurie’s connection can still be felt. In “Halloween H20,” for example, Laurie’s fear and trauma from her past experiences with Michael inform much of her character and actions throughout the film. And in the 2018 reboot, the fact that Laurie is Michael’s sister once again adds tension and stakes to their final confrontation.


In conclusion, the relationship between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode has been a contentious issue among “Halloween” fans for years. While the original film established them as siblings, subsequent sequels have often ignored or retconned this connection. The reasons for these changes are varied, from simplifying the story for new viewers to exploring different angles of the “Halloween” universe. However, regardless of whether or not they’re related, Michael and Laurie’s relationship remains a crucial aspect of the franchise. Their connection adds an emotional weight to the story and makes Michael’s killing spree all the more terrifying. And as long as the “Halloween” franchise continues, their relationship is sure to remain a topic of discussion among horror fans.

Why is Laurie strode not michaels sister?
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