Will there be a Soa with Abel?

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Abel Tesfaye, popularly known as The Weeknd, is one of the most innovative artists in modern music. His experimental sounds and ethereal voice have made him a household name, with fans eagerly awaiting each new release. With the announcement of his upcoming album “So Help Me God,” many are wondering if this will be his next venture into the realm of concept albums, or if it will follow a traditional format. In this blog post, we will explore whether there will be a “Soa” (a story of Abel) with the album “So Help Me God.”

Will there be a Soa with Abel?

The Story So Far

Abel Tesfaye has always been known for his storytelling abilities. His early mixtapes were filled with tales of drugs, sex, and heartbreak, all delivered in a hauntingly beautiful voice. With the release of his first studio album, “Kiss Land,” Tesfaye expanded his storytelling abilities and delved deeper into the world of cinematic soundscapes. From the neon-lit streets of Tokyo to the debaucherous nights of Las Vegas, “Kiss Land” was a journey through a dark and twisted world. Tesfaye continued his exploration of storytelling with his critically acclaimed album “Trilogy,” which combined his three mixtapes into a cohesive narrative.

The Clues in the Album Artwork

One of the most intriguing aspects of Abel Tesfaye’s music is his use of visual imagery to tell his stories. From the iconic cover of “Beauty Behind the Madness,” which featured a bleeding, bruised Weeknd, to the blood-soaked imagery of “After Hours,” Tesfaye has always used his album artwork to hint at the stories within. So, what can we glean from the artwork for “So Help Me God”? The cover features a man standing in front of a fiery background, with a cross hanging around his neck. The image is reminiscent of religious iconography and suggests that the album may have a spiritual or religious theme. However, the man’s face is obscured, leaving his identity a mystery. This could be a clue that “So Help Me God” will be a concept album, with the man on the cover representing a character or alter ego.

The Collaborators and Their Influence

Another clue to whether “So Help Me God” will be a “Soa” lies in the collaborators that Abel Tesfaye has worked with on the album. One of the most notable collaborations is with producer Metro Boomin, who has worked with Tesfaye on previous tracks like “Six Feet Under” and “Low Life.” Metro Boomin is known for his hard-hitting trap beats, and his influence could suggest that “So Help Me God” will be a departure from Tesfaye’s signature sound. Another collaborator is Oneohtrix Point Never, an experimental musician who has worked with the likes of FKA Twigs and Anohni. Oneohtrix Point Never’s ethereal, otherworldly soundscapes could hint at a more abstract and conceptual album.

The Potential for a Cinematic Experience

Abel Tesfaye’s music has always had a cinematic quality to it, with his songs often feeling like they could be the soundtrack to a movie. “Starboy” even featured a short film to accompany the album. With this in mind, it’s possible that “So Help Me God” could be a fully realized concept album, complete with a storyline and visual accompaniments. Tesfaye has already released a music video for the album’s lead single “Take My Breath,” which features him as a vampire roaming the streets of a neon-lit city. The video is reminiscent of the classic vampire film “Blade,” suggesting that the album may have a horror or supernatural theme. If this is the case, we could be in for a cinematic experience that goes beyond just the music.

The Potential for a Personal Story

While Abel Tesfaye’s music has often been about characters and narratives, there is also the possibility that “So Help Me God” could be a more personal album. Tesfaye has always been somewhat of an enigma, with fans speculating about the meaning behind his lyrics and the stories he tells. However, in recent years, Tesfaye has become more open about his personal life, discussing his struggles with addiction and mental health. It’s possible that “So Help Me God” could be a more introspective album, delving into Tesfaye’s own experiences and emotions. This could make for a more raw and vulnerable listening experience for fans.

The Importance of the Title

The title of an album can often hold significant meaning, and “So Help Me God” is no exception. The phrase “So help me God” is a declaration often used in legal oaths, suggesting a sense of solemnity and gravity. This could hint at a serious and weighty album, with themes of justice, morality, and spirituality. Additionally, the phrase has religious connotations, with its use in Christian and Jewish oaths. This ties in with the religious imagery on the album cover and could suggest a more spiritual or religious theme.

The Role of Abel Tesfaye’s Evolution as an Artist

Finally, the evolution of Abel Tesfaye as an artist could play a significant role in whether “So Help Me God” is a “Soa” or not. Tesfaye has always been known for pushing the boundaries of his sound and exploring new territory. This has been evident in his recent releases, which have seen him move away from the dark, brooding sound of his earlier work and into a more pop-oriented direction. This evolution could suggest that “So Help Me God” will be a departure from his previous work, with a new sound and approach.


In conclusion, the question of whether “So Help Me God” will be a “Soa” with Abel is still up in the air. While there are clues and hints that suggest a concept album or narrative, there is also the possibility that the album will be a more traditional release. However, with the talent and creativity of Abel Tesfaye, there is no doubt that “So Help Me God” will be a musical journey worth taking. Fans will just have to wait and see what Abel Tesfaye has in store for us when the album drops.

Will there be a Soa with Abel?
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