A Guide To Throwing A CurveBall

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Curveball is a term related to baseball. It is described as a type of pitch where the ball spins in the forward direction and then later dives. It can be considered as a specific action of throwing the ball. There are various types of curveballs such as power curveballs and knuckle curves. Let us know “A Guide To Throwing A CurveBall”

A Guide To Throwing A CurveBall

A Guide To Throwing A CurveBall

Curveball is somehow related to baseball but there is quite a difference between the technique. As the title suggests A Guide To Throwing A CurveBall To practice curveball, it is important to learn and maintain wrist position and movements. The throw can be mastered by practicing drills. It is very important to do some warm-up before going to the pitch. To master curveball, there are techniques to throw and relax your body. For curveball, pitchers need to practice well and follow all the instructions to avoid any injuries.

Difference Between A Curveball And Other Pitches:

  • For most of the pitches, the players are supposed to use their fingers to hold the ball but for a curveball, players are supposed to make use of their wrists.
  • The curveball is based on slow pitches which require more movement than normal pitches.
  • As players are supposed to throw the ball using their wrists so the speed at which the ball travels is affected. This doesn’t happen at normal pitches.

Pre-Match Activity:

It is important to relax and prepare yourself before the game. The following exercises are good practice for warm-up.

  • Dynamic Stretching: Dynamic stretching refers to the stretching which is done while moving your body. This is a good warm-up exercise for the muscles.
  • Resistance band: A resistance band is the most advised tool to be used before the match to relax arms.
  • Long tossing: This is similar to stretching and resistance band. This is to prepare the body. It is suggested to do this by the end of your warm-up, just before going on the pitch.

Throwing Curveball:

  • The grip on the ball: Following steps should be done to ensure an accurate grip over the ball. Firstly, adjust your finger on the ball in such a way that it is away from your body. Next, place your thumb on the seam that is close to your body. The correct position is determined by forming a C with your hand with a baseball.
  • Throwing: Initial position is similar to a traditional ball, the elbow position will be the same and the elbow should be in a position that makes a right angle with the body. The process of releasing the ball is different from traditional methods. As one prepares to throw the ball, one should bend their wrist downwards. The ball shall let go of the thumb first and then the fingers.

Expert Tips For Best Practice:

The following tips should be considered to excel in throwing a curveball.

  • The curveball thrown is slightly complicated hence it is advised to do a warm-up before throwing to ensure proper working of arms and wrists.
  • One needs immense strength to ensure a fine throw, so make sure to relax and take short breaks.
  • Make sure to keep a proper balance. A good balance is very important for an efficient result.
  • When throwing the ball, instead of moving the head in the forward direction, make sure to keep your head straight. This results in a more effective throw.
  • It is important to relax your mind and not focus if the curveball is more difficult than other pitches.

How To Improve And Make Your Throw Better?

To improve your technique, follow these steps.

  • Try to focus on your wrist movement and placement because as already mentioned that the curveball is played with the wrist technique.
  • Another thing that one can try is to place your index finger in the same direction where you want the ball to land.
  • Also, make as much use of the middle finger and thumb while holding and releasing the ball.

Drills To Improve Your Throw:

Beginners or those who want to excel in curveball should look up to the below-mentioned drills.

  • Snap drill: This drill helps the player to get familiar with throwing the curveball as well as how to use the wrist. One can do this drill anywhere all they need is a baseball.
  • Broomstick drill: The purpose of this drill is to maintain consistency while throwing the ball. This drill is performed as such that one person holds a broomstick and then the player runs towards the broomstick and releases the ball as they reach it. The person holding the broomstick will let it fall in a downwards direction and the player shall follow that motion.
  • Throw the bone / Water bottle drill: These drills focus on arm position during the throw. One uses bones and the other drill uses a water bottle.


Now we have learnt “A Guide To Throwing A CurveBall”, Curveball has many differences from other pitches especially the technique applied. Before one learns to throw a curveball, it is necessary to do a warm-up because a curveball needs force and strength. To avoid any health issues regarding muscles and arms, warm-up is a must. When throwing the ball, the two important gestures to be practiced particularly are gripping and releasing the ball. Some extra tips can be used to make your throw better. Other than this few drills are also designed to improve the throw. Conclusively, it is the wrist game when we talk about curveball, if one knows how to use the wrist, one can master this game.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How curveball and baseball are related?

Curveball is one of the pitches of baseball. It is unique and requires a wrist technique, unlike other pitches that involve finger games.

  • Is it necessary to warm up before the curveball pitch?

For all professional players, warm-up is necessary to maintain their bodies. Without the warm-up, players may feel uneasiness in their muscles or wrists later on.

  • Is curveball an efficient technique to be learned?

Curveball is suggested as the best secondary throw practice because the batter usually doesn’t understand initially if the pitcher is going to go with curveball which is an advantage for the pitcher.

A Guide To Throwing A CurveBall
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