Best Youth Baseball Glove For 9-year-olds

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A Nine-year-old kid who loves athletic games like baseball is at the peak of having his best time yet because he will want to explore and try out different positions to know which is suitable for him. To enjoy this game, having a glove is a factor for a better experience. Without a properly fitting glove, your child can lose balance, sustain an injury or not find it as fun as other kids. At their age, they are also growing, and this leads to an increase in their body size and affects the fitting of sports tools, the glove that entered comfortably into their hand a year ago may not be easy for them to wear now, So in this article, we have guides on how to get the best youth baseball glove for 9-year-olds and things to put into consideration when you are ready to buy one, 

Best Youth Baseball Glove For 9-year-olds

Best Youth Baseball Glove For 9-year-olds

To know the best baseball glove for your 9year old child, first of all, determine the age and size of the glove that will fit perfectly because a nine-year-old still has tiny hands and wrists, so they need a glove that fits snugly with a pad inside to protect the hand from injuries when catching the ball. The glove should not be too tight for when your kid wants to open or close his hand. Go with your kid when you want to buy a baseball glove for him because their feeling about their glove matter. If your player loves the glove and is comfortable wearing it to play, it improves their confidence and helps them to do their best while enjoying the game.

 Here are things you need to put into consideration when you decide to get the best glove; 

  • How long it can serve its purpose,
  • How comfortable it feels playing with it 
  • Quality of the brand materials used in making them  
  • How safe it is to use the glove for young players.

Steps to consider when finding a perfect baseball glove

  • Size

Baseball glove comes in different sizes for players. For a young player at the age of 9, the perfect glove size is 11 to 11.5 inches

  • Position

Baseball has different positions, from infielder, pitcher, and catcher, to outfielder. You have to determine the positions your kid will be playing so you will know the better glove suitable for that position. You should also know that kids mostly do not play one yet as they might still be getting used to the game and tend to play all as they are still learning. Get a glove that suits whichever position they are playing at the time,

  • Ability to control the responsiveness

Be sure that your child can open and close the glove at will, and if it is difficult to control for the kid, try and change the glove into the one he can handle to avoid discomfort or distractions for him while in the field.

  • Fitting 

You can take your child with you to try out the gloves until there is a perfect match, do not get an oversized glove, and expect your kid will grow into it. You would not want your child wearing a glove these minutes, he puts his hands down, and it will fall off the next minutes. Fitted gloves give a child comfort and confidence to carry on with his game

Here is the top recommended baseball glove for youths

1. Franklin sports field, master baseball glove

When it comes to the best gloves to get, field master is one of the best sports equipment from Franklin sports, designed for youths between 9 years and available in sizes. The glove is built with synthetic leather for comfort and flexibility and has a hand-formed pocket which makes the scoop and catches a lot easier for the young players  

Characteristic features and advantages
  • It is made with good synthetic leather that provides comfort and easy break-in 
  • Has a contour fit system
  • Hand-formed pocket construction to easily scoop and catch a ball
  • Has a light weight of about 8.8ounces 
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easily Affordable
  • Provides maximum support, flexible enough for opening and closing the hand 
  • Enhances good performance
  • There is not enough space to let in air to the hand.

2. Franklin sports fielding glove

Gloves constructed by Franklin sports are always topnotch; they always have the younger generation’s interest in mind when constructing the gloves. The producers made it with polyvinyl chloride, laminated the palm, and added a mesh design to it, giving it a quality and lightweight feel. They designed it to proved adjustable wrist closure which provides comfort and is easy to use.

Characteristic features and advantages
  • It is designed with a mesh design to give it a lightweight touch
  • It is affordable
  • It has an adjustable wrist closure which helps to provide fitting to every player
  • It is designed to fit the left and right-hand players
  • It is designed with a trap eze web pattern to provide comfort 
  • The size of the glove is 11 inches which are perfectly suitable for a 9years old
  • The leather is not strong It has a shallow web pattern 

2. Mizuno youth prospect baseball glove

The Mizuno prospect glove is constructed with a pig skin that makes it easy to break in, this features helps with flexibility and the ability to catch or scoop the ball with confidence for young players, with a palm pad built inside it which helps provide comfort and protect their little hands from sustaining injury. It has an adjustable wrist strap that is for young players which helps them to easily control the glove while playing.  

Characteristics features and advantages
  • Constructed with soft pigskin leather that is easy to break in and provides more comfort
  • The inbuilt palm pad helps to provide comfort and safety to the young player
  • It comes with 11 and 11.5 inches which fit perfectly for a 9-year-old.
  • It is very flexible and easy to control the player
  • It is built for beginners, infield players, pitchers, catchers, and outfielder
  • It has an adjustable strap for this wrist which helps the glove fit in snugly. 
  • It is easily affordable
  • It is a beginner-friendly kind of glove and cannot be used for a big team 

3. Rawlings R9 youth softball glove

This new Rawlings glove came with good features, and they have been known for always making outstanding gloves. The Rawlings R9 gloves were made with durable soft leather that already has up to 80% break-in making it easy for the players to complete and start their game immediately. It comes in all sizes and has an inbuilt palm pad that protects the hand from any injury or impact while playing the game. The glove also has a pull-in strap attached to it to provide fitting.

Characteristic features/advantages 
  • It is long-lasting and will take a long time before it wears out because of the full-grain leather.
  • Available for all positions 
  • Affordable 
  • It is a good fit for young players 
  • It has easy-to-break-in features 
  • It provides comfort for the hand because of the inbuilt palm pad, which also protects the hand from hard impact.
  • It is only built for left-hand throws and is only for starters.


The baseball game is what most kids play, explore, learn and be with their best sports equipment, learned about baseball gloves and how to get the best baseball for your nine-year-old. We have detailed what to consider when you want a bass ball glove and the type that will fit your kid. The glove is a factor in baseball games, so they should be equipped to get right for your kids.  

  • Do expensive baseball gloves make a difference?

Higher-quality baseball gloves and mitts are usually distinguished by higher-grade leather, better construction, and better design. They work together to produce a durable glove or mitt and help the ball into and out of pocket.

  • How do you determine baseball glove size?

Start by looking at your current glove. Baseball and softball glove makers etch the glove size into either the thumb or pinky finger of their gloves. Glove sizes are measured from the top of the index finger to the center of the heel. That measurement in inches is the size of the glove.

Best Youth Baseball Glove For 9-year-olds
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