Top 10 Best Baseball Gloves For Pitchers & Outfielders (2020 Reviews)

Best Baseball Gloves For Pitchers & Outfielder

Baseball gloves are labor-intensive and require proper craftsmanship. The best baseball gloves utilize the maximum quality of full-grain leather and provide excellent features.

High-quality gloves will last for many decades, and the leather gets better and softer with age. They also provide the best comfort, style, and control whilst ensuring a secure grip in addition to an easy and fast break-in time.

There are also different types of baseball gloves depending on the participant and the area position. When choosing the best baseball glove, then you need to take into account the features it provides, so that you may get the one that’s the best match for you. Let’s dive in the 10 best baseball gloves in 2020.

Top 10 Best Baseball Gloves For Pitchers & Outfielders 2020

1. Wilson A2000

Wilson A2000 1786 11.5"...
  • Wilson A2000 1786 11.5" Infield...
  • Infield model; H-Web
  • Double lacing at the base of the...

This set of gloves is thought to be the ideal glove for serious players.

It is produced using Wilson’s”Pro Stock” leather, these gloves are manufactured out of very high quality materials and built to last. The premium quality leather also allows for individual players to split within this glove to fit their hand perfectly. It’s available in a wide variety of sizes and designs.

2. Rawlings Gamer XLE Series

Rawlings Gamer Series Baseball...
  • 9-1/2-inch adult baseball training...
  • Pro-style design and improved shell...
  • Tennessee Tanning rawhide leather...

The Rawlings Gamer XLE series glove gives an excellent overall experience. Having a modified trap-eze and basket, the Gamer XLE series is an outstanding step upward from the aforementioned Player Preferred series if you’re looking for something a little more high end.

But compared to its companion in the Player Preferred series, this glove has a break in ratio of 70%-to-30%, which means that you will have to put in a little more work to receive it field prepared.

That having been said, the glove is built with Tennessee tanning rawhide leather laces that offer it both outstanding strength and durability… but items you should be searching for if you are falling about $100 to a baseball glove.

3. Louisville Slugger American Crafted Evolution Series Ball Glove (11.5-Inch)

Louisville Slugger American...
  • Extra-wide alum tanned laces for...
  • Perforated palm lining provides...
  • Top professional patterns

The Louisville Slugger American Crafted Evolution Series Ball Glove is made in America, with premium, American-sourced steer hide in wealthy brown and black tones.

Like a number of the best baseball gloves from yesteryear, it sports extra-wide lacing, too of steerhide.

This glove comes in a few of the most well-known sizes and can be embellished with the Louisville Slugger logo.

The Louisville Slugger American Crafted Evolution Series Ball Glove is a superb selection for players with small to moderate hands, but people who have big hands may feel that it is a bit of a tight squeeze.

We recommend picking up one size bigger than normal if you are at the very top of your size range since this can minimize the need for adjustments.

Now that we’ve got the size issue from the way, let us proceed to quality. This is not one of these baseball gloves that originated ready to use directly from the box.

While the elongated break-in period takes a little bit of work and only a little patience, the tough steerhide will last much longer than thinner, more economical leathers and fabrics used in lower-priced baseball gloves. Premium materials and attention to detail make this a top-notch glove that will last for many seasons to come.

4. Rawlings Adult Unisex Playmaker Series Baseball Glove

Rawlings Playmaker Series...
  • Recommended for adult or elite...
  • 20% player break-in
  • Basket-Web forms a closed, deep...

The Rawlings brand is the most popular glove company, and they are famous for the”Gold Glove Award” in Major League Baseball. The Rawlings Playmaker glove is constructed of high-quality leather and is among the very best from the Rawlings Playmaker Series.

It features a Neo Flex conventional back and a basket webbed pattern for superior comfort. It is also breathable and durable and has an adjustable Velcro strap that ensures a perfect match. This model has an 80% factory and 20% player mix break-in process.

The Rawlings Playmaker is cheap and ideal for both novices and advanced players. This really is an adult unisex version and is available for right-hand and left-hand gamers.

5. Marucci Founders’ Series 12.75″ Baseball Glove

Marucci Founders Series H-Web...
  • Individually handcrafted, Premium...
  • H-web 12.75"
  • Smooth tone-on-tone finger welting

The Founders’ Series is handcrafted using only the best materials and with fantastic attention to detail, ensuring each glove is made to last. Even though Marucci is better known for their superior wood planks, their gloves are some of the finest available on the industry too.

Luxurious Japanese Kip Leather presents exceptional quality and durability. The heels on this ball glove provide for a quicker break-in while giving the participant a better feel for the ball in the pocket. A double-laced web offers valuable reinforcement to give the glove a longer life.

If you are an elite outfielder interested in a glove that matches your level of play, maintain the Marucci 2018 Founders’ Series 12.75″ Baseball Glove in mind.

6. Mizuno Classic Pro

Mizuno GCP66S Classic Pro Soft...
  • Throwback leather - rugged, rich,...
  • Roll welting increases structure...
  • Ultra soft pro - new palm liner...

When most men and women think about the best baseball gloves on the market, they typically tend to consider Rawlings and Wilson.

And that makes sense because both companies produce — arguably — the best baseball gloves year in and year out.

But you wouldn’t be during your search for a new baseball glove justice if you didn’t provide the Mizuno Classic Pro some critical thought.

Mizuno constructed the Vintage Guru with throwback leather that enables the glove to maintain its shapes and feel over an extended period of time. Moreover, it comes pre-oiled that, such as the gloves limited the quantity of breaking in that you have to do so that you could get it on the field earlier.

But, for a glove that a few are arguing is as great as any Wilson or even Rawling, you will be paying considerably less.

In reality, a few of the reviews on Amazon are stating that longtime users of the Wilson A2000, as listed above, are officially switching to Mizuno later using it for the very first time.

7. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Series

Rawlings Heart of The Hide...

Affectionately known as the Rawlings HOH, Rawlings Heart of Hide baseball gloves are made from the best quality steer hides available.

Tennessee Tanning new rawhide laces impart strength and durability, while deer-tanned cowhide inner liners provide a softer feel. Padded thumb sleeves provide added comfort.

These baseball gloves are available in left and right-hand throw configurations and are ideal for pitchers, shortstops, and 3rd base gamers. They arrive pre-oiled and 30% broken in, enabling every person to create a customized fit.

Rawlings has put tons of research into their gloves and it truly shows in the center of Hide series.

We attempted to find a reason to dislike this glove, however, we could not. While there is one report of a quality control problem, the majority of players love everything about the Heart of Hide glove and enjoy its dependable performance from 1 season to the next.

It’s exceptional in terms of comfort, quality, and durability — and it has got an extremely well-earned reputation as one of the best baseball gloves available on the market.

8. Franklin Sports Field Master Series Baseball Glove

Franklin Sports Baseball and...
  • EASY BREAK IN: The soft synthetic...
  • ADJUSTABLE: Complete with an...
  • DURABLILITY: Crafted of a thick,...

Franklin Sports Field Master is a good basic glove to get a pickup game. It likely isn’t suitable for league play and if you have very wide or large hands then it might not be a fantastic match for you. Put simply, it is a hard glove to break in and not supreme quality — but you get what you pay for. On the plus side, the dimensions 13″ is amazing for its outfield, thanks partly to the altered trapeze web design providing additional depth and durability. The most significant size 14″ is also excellent for its outfield with its basket web design allowing for a deeper, wider pocket to help fasten fly balls.

Moving back, the size 11″ is a respectable glove for infielders because of a nifty I-web design that’s ideal for midfielders desiring quick transition. Reviewers have complained that the substance doesn’t breathe well, the palm padding is minimal and the pocket is somewhat stiff. You won’t win the World Series for this, but it’s a great selection for beginners or tiny adults. We’d say that the bigger sizes have a semi-professional feel, however, the Field Master is really for playing backyard ball with your children or for the occasional charity softball game.

9. Wilson A500 Baseball Glove

Wilson A500 11.5" Baseball...
  • 11.5 inches Baseball glove
  • H Web design
  • Black / Copper / White top grain...

The Wilson A500 baseball glove is made with top-grain leather and offers real leather laces.

Double palm structure frees durability while providing a good combination of flexibility and protection, and rolled dual welting adds strength while leading to the glove’s classic good looks.

The right and left-hand configurations are readily available.

Designed with the needs of players in mind, the Wilson A500 baseball glove provides similar characteristics to those located from the brand’s lightest versions, at a price that will not break your bank.

A fantastic pick for little leaguers who are ready to move from a synthetic glove into one made with genuine leather, it is intended to offer a lightweight, comfortable feel when lasting for numerous seasons.

10. Nokona 2020 X2 Elite Series 12 Inch X2-1200C – For the pitcher

Nokona 2020 X2 Elite Series 12...
  • 12 Inch Model
  • Closed Web
  • Stampede Steerhide & Kangaroo...

Nokona is famous for its high-quality softball gloves regardless of which position you play. With the X2 Elite, pitchers get a glove made from Nokona’s proprietary top-grain Stampede Steerhide and Kangaroo leathers.

Though the X2 Elite is excellent for pitchers, this glove is very durable and may be utilized in the infield and outfield. The X2 Elite baseball glove is made with one of the most durable materials on the planet, kangaroo leather that needs minimal break-in.

This shredder includes a closed net which allows for the pitcher to easily hide the ball on the mound from opposing hitters. If you’re a competitive pitcher looking for a versatile glove that may be used at any given position, the Nokona X2 Elite 12″ Baseball Glove could be for you personally.


It’s difficult to give a hard-and-true answer to what baseball glove will be the best for you.

Are you an amateur playing on the weekends with your friends in a keg league? Or are you a more aggressive player?

Moreover, what do you desire more out of your baseball glove? Ultimately capacity, or the need to split it in as little as possible once you purchase it off the shelve?

The above gloves provide you all those choices. The Wilson A2000, as an instance, is a baseball glove used by people playing in super competitive leagues which are searching for every small advantage.

On the flip side, the Franklin Sports Master Series is more suitable for an individual playing at a keg league that is not as likely to be carrying the whole thing too seriously.

The best baseball glove for you really depends on what you are looking to get out of it.

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