Top 7 Best Youth Baseball Cleats For Catchers, Infielders, Outfielders & Pitchers (2021 Reviews)

Best Youth Baseball Cleats For Catchers, Infielders, Outfielders & Pitchers

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Best Youth Baseball Cleats For Catchers, Infielders, Outfielders & Pitchers

Youth baseball players need to perform fast turns and explosive movements. Therefore, they need cleats with stability, comfort, and excellent traction. With many designs and distinct specifications of each shoe, it becomes challenging to choose the right cleats for your child. 

This article summarizes Top 7  best youth baseball cleats so you can read and pick a suitable one for your young player.

Top 7 Best Youth Baseball Cleats For Speed 2021 Reviews 

#1 Best Overall: Under Armour Leadoff Low Baseball Cleat

Under Armour Boys' Leadoff Low...
  • Synthetic leather upper provides...
  • Mesh tongue for enhanced...
  • Full length EVA midsole for added...

As one of the most popular baseball cleats on the market, Under Armor Leadoff Low Baseball Cleat guarantees you unprecedented traction and comfort. Manufacturers have created the most flexibility for this shoe. You can run fast, stop suddenly and turn to the side without worrying about slipping or injury.

The manufacturer makes the upper of this one from synthetic material. Therefore, it not only brings lightness to your feet but also has an affordable price.

Tongue with breathable mesh allows air to cool your feet. Hot discomfort will not have the opportunity to reduce your excitement while playing. It also means that you can wear it for a long time.

Thanks to enough cushioning, the midsole part can absorb the pressure caused by the rubber studs. You will always feel the balance on the playground.


  • The breathable mesh ensures coolness.
  • The midsole has cushioning to minimize pressure.
  • Synthetic rubber offers durability.


  • It does not fit the foot size too large.

With the amazing advantages mentioned above, Under Amour’s baseball shoes can make your kids feel great regardless of their position in the game. Get it now or cry later because they are easily out of stock.

#2 Best Stable: Adidas Kids’ Freak X Baseball Cleat

When it comes to durable and high-quality baseball shoes, the Adidas Kids’ Freak X Baseball Cleat is one of the highly regarded shoes. In addition to high durability, Adidas baseball shoes provide stability with great traction. They will still look new even if your child wears them for days.

Adidas has designed the upper of the shoe with quality Nubuck leather. This is a quite soft and smooth material, bringing a sense of comfort to the user. Besides, the small holes in the leather material make the shoes more breathable. The heat will not affect your enthusiasm in every game.

In between the foot cushion and the rivet is a comfortable midsole. This middle sole can protect your feet from the forces caused by rivets. A rubber sole covers the outside of the shoe to improve grip on the ground.


  • Premium Nubuck leather.
  • Mesh ventilation.
  • Rubber soles improve durability and traction.


  • It slightly affects the ankle.

Overall, this is a pair of shoes suitable for every baseball match. The dynamic design brings consumer appeal. Such a great pair of shoes is hard to ignore. To find out more about these shoes, please click on the link in the name of the product.

#3 Best for Protection: NIKE Boy’s Vapor Keystone Baseball Cleat

Nike Boy's Vapor Ultrafly...
  • Synthetic leather provides...
  • Phylon midsole for lightweight...
  • Solid rubber outsole has 12 cleats...

The NIKE Boy’s Vapor Keystone Baseball Cleat is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a durable and agile baseball shoe. Underneath the shoes are rubber-molded studs, so you can use them wherever you want. Moreover, they are not easily worn out and completely maintained over long periods.

For the upper part of the shoe, the manufacturer has used durable synthetic leather. This is a lightweight and comfortable material. Users will always feel their feet are well ventilated.

Great protection with Phylon soles helps you avoid injuries. You can perform powerful and definitive movements with these shoes without pain.


  • 12-cleat outsole ensures stability.
  • Soft and airy.
  • Phylon material in the midsole protects the feet.


  • Few designs.

To ensure the perfect fit for you, NIKE created these shoes with full bootie. This feature creates the tightest coordination between your legs and feet. From there, you will move more flexibly. Experience the great advantages of this shoe today by adding to the cart.

#4 Best Stylish: Nike Kids Huarache Baseball Cleat

The first advantage of Nike Kids Huarache 2KFilth Keystone is high ventilation. The upper part combined with mesh structure with mesh collar and tongue enhances its ventilation. So, even if you use these shoes for hours, you still feel cool.

The manufacturer has designed these shoes with 6 different models including a trendy combination of red, white, and gray. Each design of the same color gives this shoe an intuitive fashion style.

The lace closure mechanism protects your feet from pain, creating a soft feel. Besides, the flex grooves wrapped in the outsole provide optimal traction when playing and increase the durability of the shoe.


  • Perfect fit with lace-up closure mechanism.
  • Many models with striking colors.
  • Flex grooves increase flexibility.


  • Slightly stiff with children with wide feet.

In addition to the above advantages, Nike Kids Huarache also comes with a shock-absorbing insole. This is great for those who want to spend a lot of time on the playground. 

With comfort, durability, and style, Nike Kids Huarache 2KFilth Keystone can satisfy everyone’s needs. What a pity if you ignore these shoes!

#5 Best Lightweight: Mizuno Youth Franchise 7 Mid

Mizuno Youth Franchise 7 Mid...
  • Performance-molded cleat featuring...
  • 9-Spike advanced outsole
  • Rubber stud

Rated as one of the lightest baseball cleats, Mizuno Youth Franchise 7 Mid allows you to perform extremely fast movements. These shoes not only create a comfortable feeling but also have high skid resistance.

Besides, the simple and elegant design attracts the attention of many young customers. If you combine these lightest shoes with the best high school baseball bats, then surely no one can beat you in the match.

Outsole with 9 spikes provides a stable balance for comfortable operation. The manufacturer uses molded rubber material at the top of the shoe. This allows it to work well on any surface. Also, this material is extremely durable, resisting any wear and tear. So, you can use it for a long time without worrying about damage.

The Mizuno Youth Franchise 7 Mid has a padded tongue inside that feels good even when you wear it for hours.


  • Support fast-moving.
  • Padded tongue creates comfort.
  • High-pressure absorption mechanism.


  • The sole is a bit soft.

It can be said that Mizuno’s baseball cleat is a product worth using with perfect features. Discover its greatness by visiting the link in the product name.

#6 Best Comfortable: New Balance J4040V3

New Balance Kid's 4040 V3...
  • Two-tone baseball shoe featuring...

The combination of comfort and style with New Balance J4040V3 will surely make you satisfied. With these shoes, you can significantly improve performance and avoid foot injuries. Durable material withstands the rigors of the outside.

The outsole from synthetic rubber gives you enough traction to move easily. The external factors will not affect the durability of this shoe, it will still promote the best performance.

Besides, New Balance J4040V3 also has the upper part of the shoe made from comfortable synthetic material. This prevents the shoes from scratching or pressing on your feet.


  • Sustainable synthetic material.
  • Rubber outsole improves traction.
  • Many suitable sizes.


  • A few colors to choose from.

Another special thing is the padded insole in the shoe and the lace closure mechanism. You will enjoy the most comfortable feeling and promote your strength with this baseball cleat. For more information about this product, click on the product name above.

#7 Best Responsive: Nike Men’s Trout 2 Pro Baseball Cleat 

Last but not least, The Nike Men’s Trout 2 Pro is an indispensable baseball cleat in this review. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, these shoes can still satisfy you. The manufacturer has been named after one of the greatest baseball players in the history of the world – Mike Trout.

The upper part of the shoe is made of synthetic material for easy maneuverability. At the same time, the mesh structure increases ventilation, helps you perform best on the playground.

When wearing these shoes, you will feel soft underfoot with Phylon midsole. Besides, it helps to reduce leg fatigue and prevent injury. The lace closure mechanism and small heel tab support you to remove shoes quickly with great comfort.


  • Combination of synthetic material and breathable mesh.
  • Prevent foot fatigue with Phylon midsole.
  • Lightweight design.


  • Slightly tight.

When you watch Mike Trout make perfect moves in the game, you can expect the same level of flexibility with Nike Men’s Trout 2 Pro. Let’s create a great experience with this shoe before it runs out!

What Is The Origin of Cleats?

The modern cleat began in the Greek army. Some soldiers spiked their shoes when they marched into the battle. King Henry VIII was the first person wearing a sports cleat in the early 1500s.

Until the 1860s, the baseball industry started to use cleats. The early spike baseball cleats were different from modern ones. Players just bought spikes added to their shoes for the game. The actual cleats appeared in the 1880s.

After cleats became baseball apparel, things kept pretty consistent. The next change to baseball cleats happened when AstroTurf began popping up in the 1960s.

Things to be Considered Before Buying A Pair Of Baseball Cleats

When buying cleats, there are several chief things you should consider. This short guide will provide you with some information you need.

1. Styles

1.1 High-Top Cleats

This type has a higher ankle and reaches a little bit higher to provide more support. In case you have some ankle issues, you should buy these high-tops. 

Although they are heavier, it is still worth buying if you need it due to their added support. This type of shoes is a great choice, but they are not popular nowadays. 

1.2 Low-Top Cleats

Different from the high-tops are the low-top cleats. As they possess a lower profile, they will offer less support. This also means that low-tops are more light-weight. 

Accordingly, they can bring you agility and improve the speed of a player. That is the reason why they are all the rage these days. 

1.3 Mid-Top Cleats

If you are not a fan of these two types above, mid-top cleats will be another excellent choice. A mid-top cleat is taller and heavier than a low-top one, but it offers more stability.

2. Types of Cleats

It is important to know clearly about the differences between types of cleats that you are going to buy. 

2.1 Metal Cleats

Some leagues outlaw metal cleats for some time as they are too sharp. Metal cleats used to be banned in high school play match in the late 80s. 

That is why they come back with a safer shape now. Modern metal cleats are not as sharp as they were, but they still have great traction on the field. This traction helps the player get a good jump whether he is trying to track a fly ball or is on the paths.

2.2 Molded Cleats

In comparison with metal cleats, the molded ones are safer. As the manufacturers often make them from rubber or plastic, they are less likely to cut the hand of a fielder on a sliding play.

Also, these cleats offer more durability, which means that they will last longer. They are frequently less expensive. This type of cleats works best on soft ground, so they cannot dig into firm dirt.

2.3 Training and Turf Cleats

As their name says all, you should only use them on turf. The spikes on the turf cleat are smaller than those on other cleats. Therefore, it cannot offer much traction on the field.

2.4 TPU Cleats

This type of cleats resembles closely molded ones, but its plastic spikes are harder than the rubber spikes in the molded cleats. Besides, its studs can provide sufficient comfort and are impact resistant. And the TPU cleats are lightweight, which makes them perfect for youthful players.

Knowing The Appropriate Cleats for Your Position

The position you are playing will have an impact on the ideal baseball cleat. For base stealers, a flexible pair of cleats are the perfect choice because they enable the player to move swiftly from a base to the next. So, defensive specialists can choose cleats with the capacity of multi-direction.

1. Infielders

The infielder needs to choose the right cleat depending on the pitch they are going to play on. If the pitches are dense and compact, plastic studs can hold excessive dirt. So, with such fields, the infielder should find the metal cleats. 

2. Outfielders

In case you play on a neatly maintained outfield which is firm and lush, you can wear metal-pike cleats. The reason is that these cleats will not pick up large patches as the molded ones do. Besides, they will provide you with a firm and stable stance.

3. Pitchers

The pitcher will need the best stable cleats as it can help you make perfect pitches. A pair of metal-studded cleats can provide the stability the pitcher requires. A plastic cleat is not the best choice for those who play in lush fields.


Above is all the information you need about the best youth baseball cleats. All products have earned loads of praise since the manufacturers introduced them. Besides, the mentioned guide has been prepared for all the aforesaid features. Hopefully, you will have the right choice for your beloved child.

Bonus: Expert Advice – How to Choose Best Youth Baseball Cleats

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Top 7 Best Youth Baseball Cleats For Catchers, Infielders, Outfielders & Pitchers (2021 Reviews)

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