Top 9 Best Youth Baseball Bats For Little Leagues (2021 Reviews)

Best Youth Baseball Bats

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Best Youth Baseball Bats

It is difficult to find the best youth baseball bats that suit your youngsters. Some kids are beginners joining the league, some are just learning how to play, and some are professional with this game. 

However, it is more important that you need to guide your children in choosing the appropriate equipment. This article consists of detailed reviews of best high school baseball bats and some useful tips for buying guides. 

Top 9 Best Youth Baseball Bats Reviews

#1 Best Overall: Easton ADV 360 Baseball Bat

EASTON ADV 360 -11 USA Youth...
  • Ultra-Lite Launch Comp - Launch...
  • 2-Piece iSo CXN construction - New...
  • Power Boost - Patent-pending "Soft...

Based on the ability to adjust 360 degrees, the manufacturer has named its product Easton ADV 360 Baseball Bat. This baseball bat has a two-piece composite design. Combined with a balanced weight, the Easton ADV 360 Baseball Bat has become one of the most popular bats on the market.

The next advantage of this product is of perfect comfort. The flex handle with an interlocking piece (iSo ConneXion) gives the player a flexible shot. Also, Nitrocell foam reduces strong vibrations.

The combination of the Power Boost soft knob and a slight flare at the end of the handle enhances the player’s thrust. The Lizard Skins handle made from 90% carbon fiber improves the power and increases the softness of the bat.


  • High grip with Lizard Skins.
  • Super light and comfortable.
  • Improved leverage thanks to the new soft knob.


  • Unproven composite material.

It can be said that ADV 360 Baseball Bat is an additional step of Easton with outstanding advantages. This promises that this baseball bat can become the best product for every young player. Own it today before it is sold out.

#2 Best Proven: Rawlings Quatro Pro Baseball Bat

Rawlings 2019 Quatro Pro USA...

When it comes to the best high school baseball bats in a lightweight, the Rawlings Quatro Pro is an unbeatable product. With outstanding advantages, few competitors dare to compete with it.

First, the manufacturer has redesigned the Focused Flex connection ring, making it more rugged than before. This not only eliminates excessive traction but also reduces vibration.

Although limited to US Baseball specifications, there are still many pops in the 5/8 inch composite barrel. One of the major improvements of Quatro Pro lies inside the barrel. Rawlings uses carbon discs to enhance the power and special sound of Quatro on impact.

With unparalleled cushioning and tactics, the Lizard Skins handle has become the preferred handle for many players.


  • Many swing weights.
  • Enhanced strength with carbon discs.
  • Sturdy.


  • Need a break-in effort.

Overall, the Rawlings Quatro Pro is a highly regarded baseball bat on the market. This will definitely be a suitable option for you. For more information about this product, visit the link in its name.

#3 Best for 9-year-old: DeMarini CF Zen Baseball Bat

DeMarini 2020 CF Zen (-10) 2...
  • Para flex plus composite barrel:...
  • 2 piece composite construction:...
  • 3Fusion connection: The streamlined...

DeMarini CF Zen is one of the most appreciated high school baseball bats on the market. The manufacturer has upgraded it to an alternative version but keeps the two-piece structure.

The first amazing feature is the Paraflex Plus composite barrel. Because this is a classic carbon design, you will have to spend time for CF Zen break in a hit-turn-hit period.

If you feel hesitant about the long handle of this baseball bat, don’t worry. This is a purposeful design of the manufacturer. The length of the handle helps improve the balance of this baseball bat. 

The length of the Drop-10 version matches its weight, giving the player an impressive shot. With an eye-catching connecting collar that increases flex, DeMarini CF Zen can absorb more energy and vibration.


  • Compact design.
  • Suitable for children.
  • The flex handle creates outstanding pop.


  • Care must be taken because it is easy to self-destruct.

If you are looking for a baseball bat for your child, then DeMarini CF Zen is a very reasonable choice. Bring your kid’s marvelous experiences with this baseball bat today!

#4 Best for Budget: Easton Fuze 360 Baseball Bat

EASTON FUZE 360 -10 USA Youth...
  • 1-piece ATAC Alloy - Advanced...
  • Forged Composite Cap - Lighter and...
  • Power Boost - Patent-pending "Soft...

One of the most striking features of the Fuze 360 ​​Baseball Bat is the Easton ATAC aluminum alloy material. This material makes it one of the thinnest wall baseball bats.

With the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees around the barrel of 2 5/8 inch, this baseball bat has no hot spots or dead zones. Easton uses Carbon-Core technology to reinforce thin skin. Also, the extremely long end cap of the Easton Fuze 360 ​​improves the trampoline effect from a thin aluminum cover.

In particular, the Power Boost knob not only improves the polish of players on the field but also provides outstanding comfort. Besides, this design helps reduce strong vibration.


  • Full aluminum design.
  • The thinnest skin.
  • Improve leverage and shock absorption with Power Boost knob.


  • Only available in -10 form.

No matter what period, Fuze 360 ​​is one of the baseball bats that many players choose. Discover its outstanding features before it’s out of stock.

#5 Best for Skinny Barrel: Louisville Slugger Solo SPD Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger 2020 Solo...
  • MID barrel shape with SL Hyper...
  • One-piece construction allows...
  • Speed Ballistic Composite (SBC) End...

Although the current major youth baseball leagues allow players to use baseball bats with 5/8 inch bins, this does not mean that this bat is suitable for everyone. 

The Louisville Slugger Solo SPD is a 2 inch bore baseball bat. This is the perfect choice for younger players, immature children. 

Also, this baseball bat has a lightweight swing, assisting the player in hitting the ball. The thin skin of Louisville Slugger Solo SPD is derived from SL Hyper alloy, providing the best trampoline effect.

Another advantage of this product is the Speed ​​Ballistic end cap. It supports a more balanced and smooth swing weight. Combined with the LS Pro Comfort Grip, this baseball bat has excellent vibration and impact reduction.


  • One of the lightest baseball bats for young people.
  • Durable aluminum material.
  • Drop-13 swing weight.


  • Not suitable for power hitters.

If you are a beginner, do not hesitate to try this baseball bat. Its perfect features can satisfy any junior player. Surely you will love it very much!

#6 Best Anticipated: Marucci CAT Baseball Bat

Marucci CAT -10 USA Baseball...
  • AZ105 alloy, the strongest aluminum...
  • Multi-variable wall design creates...
  • 2nd Generation AV2 Anti-Vibration...

Marucci CAT is one of the most anticipated American baseball bats recently. The manufacturer has upgraded this baseball bat to an alternative version but still keeps perfect comfort.

With the new 2nd generation AV2 anti-vibration knob, Marucci CAT has a harmonious change to reduce vibrations and eliminate the stinging sensation.

Despite having tiny and soft holes, Marucci’s handle is not squishy. Combined with the AV2 knob, Marucci CAT ensures players feel super comfortable. It brings balance with great shots.


  • AV2 vibration reduction knob.
  • Tough and thin AZ105 alloy.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Hard to hear a pop when hitting.

In general, this is a baseball bat worth buying with interesting advantages. With this product, you will become the most prominent player on the playing field. For more information about it, click on the name above.

#7 Best Facelift: Rawlings Velo ACP Baseball Bat

Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP USA...
  • First EVER bat with accelerated...
  • Created for hitters AGES 12 and...
  • Increased sweet spot and great...

If you are a fan of speed, then Rawlings Velo ACP Baseball Bat is the right choice for you. 

With a new upgrade from the manufacturer, the carbon-accelerated end cap, lasting 2 inches at the end of the bat, is a new advanced technology. Also, the material of this baseball bat is entirely aluminum, the Ai909 sound alloy is shown in the trenches.

Velo ACP Hybrid can compete with other one-piece aluminum canes in the form of drop-10. Manufacturer laser engraved on the Pop 2.0 groove to provide an extra small punch. It can be said that Rawlings Velo ACP Baseball Bat is a representation of speed.

The attractive look of Velo ACP is a combination of new graphics and mysterious dark paint. The carbon fiber woven on the end cap makes this baseball bat even more appealing.


  • Knob helps reduce vibration.
  • Flexible with laser engraving.
  • Swing weight to the right limit.


  • Small knob.

Significant advantages have made Rawlings Velo ACP Baseball Bat become the first choice of many people. Don’t be afraid to try this product, maybe it is exactly what you are looking for.

#8 Best Innovative: Axe Avenge One Baseball Bat

Axe Bat 2020 Avenge One (-10,...
  • Our most popular 1-Piece,...
  • Premium Charged carbon construction...
  • Shock-absorbing End grid technology...

With the ability to help any player maximize the swing speed, it can be said that Axe Avenge One Baseball Bat is a representation of leverage. This outstanding advantage is because of the unique handle of this baseball bat.

From an unusual grip, the player can transfer all of his energy to the shot. The synthetic structure ensures as much energy as possible. The carbon mixture can absorb all the vibrations during the game. Poorly hit balls also yield good results.


  • The handle knob absorbs indestructible transmission force.
  • Lightweight and fast with composite.
  • Bouncing appropriate.


  • Need a break-in process.

Axe Avenge One Baseball Bat is becoming more and more popular than ever. Get it now or cry later because it is easy to run out of stock.

#9 Best Overlooked: Mizuno B20 Hot Metal Baseball Bat

Mizuno Youth Baseball Bat,...
  • COR TECH: Generates a wider sweet...
  • Hot Metal Alloy: A stronger alloy...
  • One-Piece Construction: For maximum...

Last but not least, Mizuno B20 Hot Metal is an indispensable baseball bat in this review. The manufacturer has optimized this version to bring the perfect balance and sound of the collision on each ball.

One advantage everyone probably likes is the longevity of this baseball bat. This harmoniously combines high technology and affordable cost. 

The 2 5/8-inch barrel allows the player to create the most amazing shot, as long as the ball finds the sweet spot that suits it. The Mizuno B20 Hot Metal is a very durable baseball bat so you don’t have to worry about breaking down.


  • High longevity.
  • Can produce satisfying sounds when hitting.
  • Perfect balance, stable.


  • Less strong vibration damping.

The Mizuno B20 Hot Metal Baseball Bat has two striking color options for you to choose from. Attractive design will make you the most outstanding on the playground. If you want to learn more about this product, click on its name.

How Can Your Kids Play Baseball?

  • In case your children want to play baseball, you can sign them up with a local league for youth baseball. In the United States, there are some leagues such as Pony Baseball, Little League, Cal Ripken, or other independent leagues. Some other countries may organize different leagues. 
  • Each league will be governed according to a particular set of rules which can change the game. For example, the distance between bases and the distance from the mound of the pitcher to the home plate can be not similar across various leagues. 
  • Some leagues allow stealing after the catcher catches the ball while others do not agree with this rule. Several independent leagues enable stealing in the same way as in the adult baseball game. Therefore, you should familiarize your kids with each league’s rules before they join. 

Once you made your choice, you should equip your kid with proper baseball gears including helmet, gloves, cleats, and a bat allowing him to hit the ball appropriately. 

What to Look for In A Youth Baseball Bat

1. Length and Weight

The length and weight of the bat is the primary element you should consider. If your kid is tall and strong, he may need a long and heavy bat.

However, if the bat is too heavy, your kids will feel uncomfortable when playing. Besides, his hits can be mediocre owing to the low swing speed. Therefore, the best criteria for weight is from 2.5 to 5 pounds.

The length of a bat is also in comparison with its weight. This is a subtraction between the weight and the length of the bat. For instance, a bat whose length is 27 inches and weight is 15 ounces will be a “-12” bat. 

There is a good way to evaluate this. You can rest the bat’s head on the ground while the handle’s knob should easily rest in the palm of the player. If you get this right, you are on the right track to find one of the best youth baseball bats for your kids. 

There is advice to find a bat offering the optimal combination of weight and length. It can help your kids reach peak performance. 

2. Type

Youth leagues normally require players to have a metal bat. This bat has two forms including one-piece and two-piece. 

The manufacturers make a one-piece bat from one metal type while they make a two-piece bat from two types of metal. This means that the two-piece bat has two distinctive parts including the handle and the barrel of the bat. 

The one-piece bat is generally suitable for the harder hitter as there is less give. Whereas, the two-piece bat is more flexible making it more favorable to players generating less power. 

Besides, the two-piece bat possibly has different forms. The barrel is sometimes made from composite materials, producing a larger sweet spot. A big sweet spot can provide more power, making the two-piece bats popular with powerful hitters. 

3. Barrel

If your child is under or 12 years old, he can use the 2 ¼’’ barrel. This is the standard size for most youth leagues out there. Moreover, some independent leagues like 2 ¾” barrels. 

4. Materials

There are several materials they use to make baseball bats such as composite, hybrid, alloy, and aluminum. Alloy and composite bats are more durable, but heavier. Aluminum bats are relatively durable and lightweight. And the hybrid bats are combined between alloy and composite. 

It is recommended to stick to aluminum-based bats because of their added lightweight benefit. However, if you prefer durability to flexibility, you should choose alloy-based or composite bats.

5. League Requirements

As indicated above, each league has its own rules. Therefore, you should check the requirements of the local league before buying a bat even if it may be the perfect one. This can save you many hassles and money. 

6. Importance of Drop

Not many people know what the word drop is in the baseball bat world. The drop is the weight to length ratio. If the drop weight big, the bat weight will be light. 

A youth common baseball bat will have the drop ratio from -10 to -12. These numbers are generally perfect for young players. The length is bigger than the weight so the drop is negative numbers.

Besides, a small drop means more power while a high drop means a fast swing. A player can choose his favorite bat based on this number.

7. Grips and Handles

An uncomfortable handle and a wide grip may sting young players. So, when purchasing, these factors should be considered as well. 

A thick handle of bat means more balance and stability. It has a certain capacity to withstand the shock on each hit or even miss. While a thin handle can promote speed as it enables the player to move his hands more quickly. 

Most of the youth baseball leagues ask for the knob found at the end of the handle. So, the bat will not slip during the high impact swing. This can prevent accidents and other children on the field from being hit.

8. The Standard BPF 1.15

BPF is the abbreviation of the Bat Performance Factor. It is the measurement of the speed of the ball coming off the bat. The United States Speciality Sports Association (USSSA) put this standard in place to keep pitchers and players safe from dangerous ball speeds. 

The BPF 1.15 is roughly equivalent to the wood bat’s BPF. So, youth bats should meet this standard and need to be stamped with the mark of BPF 1.15.

Almost hybrid or aluminum alloy bats clear this standard, but it goes with composite bats. All of the bats in the review list above pass BPF criteria. In case you are not sure about the rules in the league, checking with the league director or the coach will be a good idea.

Experts on How to Choose a Youth Baseball Bat!

How To Size A Baseball Bat

Final Thoughts

There are numerous different brands of best youth baseball bats. Products from each brand have their specific features. Some are lightweight, some own the best materials, and some have the most innovative technology. 

When it comes to measurement and composition, it is important to think about the league, the capacity, and the age of the players. Coaches can give some advice and help a lot. But parents still need to equip themselves with the right information. 

Finally, you should remember that the capacity of each kid will change when they grow up. This means the equipment they use also changes. 

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Marucci - EXCEL Double-Knit...
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Marucci - Adult EXCEL...
  • DOUBLE-SNAP closure waistband with...
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Top 9 Best Youth Baseball Bats For Little Leagues (2021 Reviews)

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