Top 5 Best Baseball Games for PC Most Rated (2021 Reviews)

Best Baseball Games for PC

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Best Baseball Games for PC

Are you a Baseball fan? In this decade, you can even play baseball and experience Major League Baseball (MLB) without having to go out of your house. All you need to set up is a gaming PC and a good couch to sit for hours. 

If you are a gamer, you might understand there are many old games that some people can never forget. It happens very often that their favorite is the game that they play for the first time. 

Nowadays, there are so many baseball video games on the market. In this post, I would like to share with you the Top 5 best baseball games for PC that any gamer should try at least once. 

Top 5 Best Baseball Video Games For PC 2021 Reviews

Below is the list of 5 best baseball video games that you do not want to miss. I will talk about each product’s pros and cons for your reference. 

#1 MVP Baseball 2005

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MVP Baseball 2005 was launched 15 years ago. However, time could not kill it. It is still with us, alive and well updated. It is a classic game from EA sport. I am sure that you have heard of EA and its reputation. In the past, EA was a strong game publisher. They developed a lot of worth-playing games and MVP Baseball was one of them. 

This is not a random game. MVP Baseball 2005 is a game that has a standard. It is so professional that players can live in the experience of a full Major Baseball League. To me, this is the best baseball game of all time. 

In MVP 2005, there are different game-play modes for you to choose from. For instance, you can set the owner mode, plan your own budget, determine ticket prices, build your own ballpark, hire, and fire managers. 

In terms of graphics, the game looks as though it is not updated as of today’s standards. However, it was one of the best beauties at the time it was released. 

It is great that if you perform well in the game, you will receive points. Gamers can use these points to purchase legendary players, stadiums, and lots of throwback jerseys.


  • Classic game
  • Can collect all uniforms and fields
  • Fair price
  • Various game modes
  • Realistic 


  • Not very up-to-date graphics 

#2 Baseball Mogul 

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Are you up to a strategy baseball game? Then Baseball Mogul is the best fit for you. However, if you are looking for an entertaining style, this game does not suit you much. 

In this game, you can do different things with your players. You can manage your funds, check your ticket’s price, run your farm system, etc. While running the game, you can make the changes at any time. 

Mogul has a great scouting system. You will get a detailed evaluation of your players’ abilities, for example, their arm strength, speed, etc. 

The amount of money you need to pay for this game is not a lot. One of the cool points of Mogul is that you can use the real players’ names. They do really get older over time. 

The game exists online so you can have battles with others on the internet. 


  • Suitable for a strategy game  
  • Low price 
  • Has an online version 
  • Good scouting system


  • Not meant for managing- a-baseball- a team game
  • No arcade graphics

#3 Super Mega Baseball 2

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 The next name on my 5 top best baseball video games is Super Mega Baseball 2. It was released in 2018. You will be attracted right away by its cool and unique graphics. This game has a wonderful collective sense of humor. You can customize your players such as changing their names and look at some creative characters that you can think of. 

All ages can find some fun in this game. It is the combination of both cartoon and reality. It can be very challenging too. You can set the difficulty levels to match your ability. So no matter how amateur you are at baseball video games, you can have the chance to win any time. 

I was really amazed by the online multiple player mode. Up to 4 players can participate in this game. 


  •  Multi players 
  •  Cool arcade design 
  •  Fun
  •  Suitable for all ages and levels 


  • Lack of MLB license 
  • Addictive 

#4 Out of the Park Baseball 19 

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Let me tell you from the beginning. Out of the Park Baseball, 19 is a simulator game only. You will play this game from the perspective of a manager, but not a player. You will be responsible for leading the team to victory. You should make the right decisions. 

It is highly praised by both baseball players and critics. It is a strategy game, somehow like Baseball Mogul but Out of The Park 19 has a lot of improvements. The models of the players look very catchy. They pay more attention to the stadium’s aesthetics. The animation has been upgraded to a higher level. The actions, including to run, pitch, and throw are better performed.

There are many more impressive things that you should check out by yourself. 


  •   Catchy design
  •   Great management game 
  •   Good animations
  •   Has MLB license 


  • Only simulator game 

#5 RBI Baseball 18

RBI Baseball 18 | Xbox One | GameStop

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Out of the licensed games for PC, RBI Baseball 18 is one of the best. At the same time, gamers can play traditional play mode on this. This game may not be as fun as Out of the Park or Super Mega Baseball 2. However, if you care about playing with licensed teams, then you should go for RBI Baseball 18. 

It has updated and well-designed graphics. You will never be disappointed about the way your players look in the game. The most outstanding point is that you can follow the full journey of a player, from the beginning until retirement. 

Any changes in players’ real-life are all updated timely in the game. That is why you don’t have to worry about being outdated when you play RBI Baseball 18. 


  •     Modern and up-to-date graphics 
  •     Licensed baseball game 
  •     Multi players 
  •     Update players’ real-life fast


  •       Not diverse game-play modes

Factors You Should Think Through When Picking a Baseball Game for PC

I have listed the top 5 best baseball video games for you to choose from. I guess you already have some ideas on which you will pick. However, please continue reading my guide on what you should notice before purchasing one. 

1. Preference & Requirements

Picking the right game that matches your needs is necessary. It somehow shows your personalities through the type of game that you pick. If you enjoy watching baseball and want to go deeper and practice a bit more, you can go for something easy to control and you don’t need to think about the strategy or lead the whole team. 

On the other hand, if you are a professional baseball player and are eager to learn about baseball strategy, a management game can be an option. Very often, people play a video game to have fun. You totally can find great fun at baseball video games too. If you haven’t tried before, why not start a new source of entertainment. You might enjoy it!

Do not forget that you are looking for a video game for your PC. It provides you with more capabilities such as various game controllers, hardware, more affordable price, etc. It is always better to double-check if your PC specifications meet the requirement of the game. 

2. Budget 

How much are you willing to pay for a baseball video game? With a budget of around 20$, you can totally get a very good game. If you don’t mind using a used CD, you can look for some options on the internet. 

I always believe that you get what you pay for. If you fancy impressive graphics and require different tricks in your game, you can pay a little bit higher for a perfect baseball video game. 

3. Graphics

To some people, beauty is “only skin deep”, but in my opinion, it works differently in video games. Graphics play a vital role in measuring how attractive the game is. The power of image and art might influence people’s emotions in the game world. 

It is great if a baseball video game is fun, and has great graphics as well. Of course, you can not ask too much. But only you know what meets your expectations. 

4. Who is the baseball video game for?

You should read the information about the game carefully to see whether it is suitable for someone who wants to practice baseball or wants to be a team manager. Whether you are choosing the game for your children, friends, or yourself. 

Understanding the abilities and preferences of the player helps you pick the right video game. 


1. What is the best baseball video game?

There are different lists of the top best baseball video games on the internet. To some people, MVP Baseball 2005 is still the best that they have ever made of all time. Other people might have different opinions on this. 

2. Is MLB The show 2020 coming soon to PC?

At the moment, the show 2020 is only available on the PS4 platform. However, the baseball video gamers do not have to wait that long anymore. It has been revealed recently that The show 2020 would be soon on the PC platform. They also said it would be going to be available on multi-platform by 2021. 

3. What was the first baseball video game?

The very first one was launched by Fairchild Semiconductor in August 1976.

4. Is MLB 19 better than 18?

The 19 version seems to be better than the 18 one. It has nicer animations. They flow quite smoothly too. There are different new gameplay additions. They also added some nice modes to the MLB 19 too.

Editor’s Choice – Best Baseball Games For PC

I hope it is clearer and easier for you to choose the most suitable baseball video game out of this top 5. 

In my viewpoint, I would choose Out of the Park Baseball 19 because I am interested in managing a team. To be good at this game, I need to have wise decisions and strategies to lead my team to achieve the goal. The graphics and animations of this game make me deeply impressed.

I highly recommend you pick MVP Baseball 2005 if you want to experience an old classic game. It does not bring a “wow” graphics, but this game has a real gold standard. To me, it is the best game of all time. 

Out of the Park Baseball 19 Game Play

MVP Baseball 2005 Game Play

Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay

Top 5 Best Baseball Games for PC Most Rated (2021 Reviews)
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