Top 7 Best Affordable Baseball Hitting Tees Most Rated (2021 Reviews)

best baseball tee

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best baseball tee

If you are learning to play baseball, you might know how hard it is to combine between to time a swing and to do a swing. To give a solution to this, professionals suggest beginners to use the baseball batting tee to practice. 

To those who are looking for a tool to train their hitting skills, this product is also for you. The outstanding point of this is that players do not need a pitcher’ s support to train themselves. 

It is not fun at all when you buy a wrong batting tee. That is why you should consider your needs before buying one. Based on my research, I will share with you the top best baseball batting tees that are available on the market recently. 

Top 7 Best Baseball Batting Tees 2021 Reviews

After making some comparisons, I summarize 7 best baseball tees that you shouldn’t miss. Now let’s look at each product’s pros and cons in the guide below   

#1 Best Overall: Tanner Baseball Tee the Original 

  • The ORIGINAL pro-style Tanner Tee...
  • PREMIUM STEEL SHAFT, flexible...

The Tanner Tee is a must-have product that a baseball player should buy. It is suitable for both home hitters and professionals. The top is hand-made with original rolled rubber so that the players can feel like hitting a real ball. 

This tee is a bit pricey, but believe me, it really is worth the money that you spend. It is very easy to assemble and can fit in any travel bag. The Tanner tee is much lighter than others.

Thanks to the great quality, it is always one of the best-seller tees. However, this tee is not meant for youngsters. 


  • Suitable for different levels 
  • Easy to move around 
  • Lasts long 
  • Friendly to users 


  • Not for youngsters
  • Higher price 

#2 Best For Kids: Easton Deluxe Baseball Tee 

Easton Deluxe Batting Tee...
  • Ball height adjusts from 27" to 36"
  • Heavy-duty base
  • Easy Assembly

In my opinion, Easton is a great match for young players. Easton Deluxe Tee’s height is from 27” to 36”. This makes it easier to adjust to kids height. Moreover, the Easton tee is not heavy (only 8.4 lbs) so you can transport easily. Even your kids can do it by themselves without having any big problem.

The material to make this tee is a heavy-duty metal base, as a result, it is very stable and durable. You don’t need to worry that the tee might be flipping over while your kids are practicing. It is also very easy to assemble or disassemble. 


  • Suitable for kids 
  • Easy to construct
  • Very adjustable
  • Low price 


  • Not meant for strong hitters

#3 Best Budget: Franklin Portable Baseball Tee

Franklin Sports Baseball +...
  • ADJUSTABLE: Twist and Lock to...
  • DURABLE: All-weather finish with...
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: Built and...

 Franklin Portable Baseball Tee is not the cheapest one, however, “you get what you pay for”. It is one of the medium-price but good quality products. 

The height of this tee ranges from 27” to 37”, which will be one of the great choices for youngsters. Made with fiberglass and aluminum post, Franklin Tee is confident to deal with all weather. It is quite durable. 

It is very easy to bring this tee to practice in any field. 


  •    Good price
  •    Works well for younger players 
  •    Durable 
  •    Easy to bring around


  • Not all levels can practice on this

 #4 Best For Professionals: Atec T3 Professionals Baseball Tee

ATEC T3 Professional Batting...
  • Helically wrapped cone is designed...
  • The unique shape the cone promotes...
  • Smooth telescopic design allows the...

There are so many words that I want to use to talk about this amazing tee. But the product’s name said it all. Atec T3 is highly suggested by professionals.  This brand is very well-known for sturdiness, durability, and resistance. The tee never falls over. 

You can adjust the height for various players. Thanks to the helically wrapped composite cone, the resistance of the tee is maximized. They design a patented quick release system that helps you assemble or disassemble very fast and easily. 

 Once you use it, you do not want to go back to rubber or plastic ones any longer. 


  •    Great quality 
  •    Durable 
  •    Sturdy and strong 
  •    Easy to assemble 


  • Expensive 

#5 Best for Beginners: Jug 5-Point Baseball Tee

Jugs 5-Point Hitting Tee
  • 2D Barcode located on base of tee...
  • Light-weight and breaks down for...
  • Patented crisscross 5-point design

If you are new to this game, a great tee will be essential to help you master it faster. Jug is one of the leading companies in making baseball training aids.

The Jug 5-Point Baseball tee is quite heavy and solid so that it won’t tip over whenever you hit the ball. This tee is also suitable for kids. 

The company supports newbies and professionals by providing a 5-Point Hitting Tee Drill book that you can download online to practice alone. Through this book, they guide you with more techniques to hit the ball and the best way to master some skills, especially swinging. 


  •     Solid
  •     Easy to adjust
  •     Comes with a drill book 
  •     Suitable for both beginners and professionals


  • Quite heavy compared to other tees

#6 Best for Youth: Macgregor Baseball Tee 

MacGregor Batting Tee (EA)
  • Batting tee for T-ball, softball,...
  • Constructed of durable rubber...
  • Features a solid metal base for...

If you do not want to spend too much on a tee, this is one of the affordable products. The height is adjustable, from 20” to 40” which is very suitable for youth and meant for kids also. 

The base is featured with solid metal. This makes it very stable and durable, even when the player is a heavy hitter. It is also designed to cope with all weather. This tee will bring no issues if the hitters use a metal or wood bat. 

You can either use a metal or wood bat with this tee. It is designed for repeated use. 


  •    Good price
  •    Sturdy 
  •    Very durable 
  •    Ideal for youth 


  •     Quite heavy if you want to move around 

#7 Best Convenient: New Jugs T-Pro Baseball Tee 

Jugs T - Pro Style Batting...
  • Most Durable, Stable and Portable...
  • Will not tip over. No outside...
  • Always-feel-the-ball flexible top.

 Let me tell you that New Jugs T-Pro is of the best options out there. The company offers a long guarantee – 1 year. It seems that they are confident about their product’s quality. They use a patented internal interlocking bolt to avoid the upper tee stem from being slipped. 

More importantly, this tee is very easy to adjust the height. Portable design makes it convenient to be transported around. 


  •           Easy to assemble and disassemble
  •           Well-made product 
  •           Solid and durable 
  •           Can transport around easily 


  • Not suitable for young players
  • Higher price

7 Factors You Should Think Through When Buying a Baseball Batting Tee

The above-mentioned is the list of 7 best baseball tees that I would recommend you to take a look at. Also, I will share the guideline on how to choose the most suitable baseball tee for you. There are several factors that you should consider.

1. Your needs 

Ask yourself a question ‘What do I use this tee for?”. If you want to invest in a professional play, then you can go for a high quality and durable one. The batting tee can be a great warm-up for you before you start the game without asking for help from anyone. It can also help you train the hitting skill. 

If your purpose is just simply to have fun and engage your kids in outdoor activities, you can buy less expensive and very light, easy to bring around tees. 

A batting tee is ideal for someone who just got into the game. It is a great kick-off for beginners.

It all depends on you. Sometimes, an expensive one does not serve the right purpose for you as much as a cheaper one. 

3. Quality & price 

The price and quality of a product always go together. It is said that the more expensive a product is the higher quality it has. But it does not work in this case when you buy a tee. You totally can find a good quality one at a reasonable price.

The most common price range of a batting tee is from 26 $ to 85$. But the material and quality of a product always make it exceptional. For example, Atec T3 Professional Tee costs around 99$. People are willing to pay more money for this because of its high quality. It is stable and durable and also helps a player a lot when they practice.

Regarding the quality of a tee, there are many points that you should pay attention to. It should be durable, solid, and easy to set up. Once you practice with a tee, you should be able to see the ball well. A good tee is the one that can support you well in terms of practicing swinging. 

4. Base design 

As you know, a batting tee always comes with a tripod base or a solid one. It is vital to choose a tee that can keep upright when you have any contact. During the training, you might waste your time setting up or fixing the tee if the base is not stable. 

I highly recommend you to look for a tee that has a bit heavy base to tolerate the full swing. 

5. Durability 

I believe that no one wants to pay for a tee that might be broken after some swings. The majority material of the batting tee is heavy-duty rubber or combined with metal, so it can perform for a long time. All in all, a sturdy made tee is highly suggested for you. 

6. Adjustability

If you want the batting tee which can be used for different ages, then paying attention to the height adjustability is important. Also, when you go to the pitch, not all support the height level that you want. So to practice hitting and creating a smooth swing to cover the whole strike zone, your tee should be easily adjusted. 

7. Materials 

There are many materials on the market now. Some are made from rubber, meanwhile, the others are made from plastic or steel. It is not difficult to find some products that have the combination of the rubber on top and heavy-metal at the base to keep them stable. 

I am sure that you want to buy a durable product that won’t crack easily. My tip is that you should buy a tee that has a rubber design on top to protect your bat. Also, you will feel the contact better when hitting a ball.


1. What is a batting tee?

A batting tee is a baseball training device that allows the players to hit the ball without the help of a pitcher. All you need to do is to set the height, place the ball on the ball rest, then make a swing. 

2. Does the backspin tee work?

You can use the backspin in the same angle and spin to hit the ball off a traditional tee. Then the traditional tee replicates a flat pitch and keeps the ball approximately right where contact should happen. In that case, the backspin tee works well. 

3. What batting tee do the pros use?

So far, the most common baseball tee used by the professionals is the original Tanner Tee.

4. How far can you hit a ball off a tee?

They do not find a method to measure the bat exit speed. However, by using a good bat and good mechanics, you could create a bat exit speed of 105 mph and in theory, you should be able to hit a ball further than 280 feet.

5. How high should a batting tee be?

The ideal T-ball level that teaches how to do a good swing is just above belt level. The tee ball should be adjusted to the player, so the top of the tee-ball tee is level with the top of the belt.

Conclusion – Your Best Baseball Batting Tee?

ATEC T3 Professional Batting Tee
ATEC T3 Professional Batting Tee

I know it is a must to buy the right tee. I hope you can find the most suitable tee to meet your needs after reading this guideline. 

In my opinion, among these 7 best baseball tees, I would suggest choosing the Atec T3 Baseball Tee for professional practices. Atec is a great rival of Tanner tee. If you have used Tanner before, you can try another option this time. It is well worth the money. This tee is very sturdy and has good height selections. 

If you do not invest in a serious game, you can choose a more reasonable tee. I believe Franklin Portable Tee can be a good option. It looks quite alike Tanner Tee but costs half of the price. Franklin’s tee is also quite sturdy and durable. 

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Top 7 Best Affordable Baseball Hitting Tees Most Rated (2021 Reviews)

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