Top 9 Best Baseball Cleats For Catchers & Pitchers (2021 Reviews)

Best Baseball Cleats For Catchers & Pitchers

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Best Baseball Cleats For Catchers & Pitchers

Baseball cleats! These can be so difficult to choose if you’re not experienced. But don’t worry, this article is designed to help you find the best ones for you!

Baseball cleats play a large part in deciding the player’s performance, and even their safety. Hence, choosing the right pair requires buyers to invest their time and knowledge into a thorough evaluation. If you’re beginners, not professionals, or just confused about too many offers floating out there on the market, you’ll find this article helpful.

To choose the best baseball cleats efficiently with no need for extreme knowledge or experience, you need a guide to particular features which matter. And here, you’ll get more than just pieces of advice. I also put on this table a set of best items at the moment, attached with fair reviews.

So now, why don’t you scroll down to see what we’ve got for the meal?

Mizuno Men's 9 Spike ADV...
New Balance Men's L4040V3...
Under Armour Boys' Harper 2 RM...
Mizuno Men's 9 Spike ADV...
New Balance Men's L4040V3...
Under Armour Boys' Harper 2 RM...
Mizuno Men's 9 Spike ADV...
Mizuno Men's 9 Spike ADV...
New Balance Men's L4040V3...
New Balance Men's L4040V3...
Under Armour Boys' Harper 2 RM...
Under Armour Boys' Harper 2 RM...

Top 9 Best Baseball Cleats For Catchers & Pitchers 2021 Reviews

First of all, it is essential to get an idea of how the best baseball cleats are supposed to be. So, I present to you below, optimal purchases that display great features. 

#1 Men’s 9 Spike ADV Franchise 8BK-Mizuno – Best molded baseball cleats!

Mizuno Men's 9 Spike ADV...
  • Baseball specific cleat with rubber...
  • 9 spike advanced outsole designed...
  • Full length midsole for maximum...

These ADV Franchise 8BK shoes appear to be amazing baseball cleats with standardized features to go. 

The pair is made out of synthetic from top to toes. At the bottom, you will find a classic molded spike along with rubber studs. Especially, the spike ring got placed around outsoles that help to preserve balance better.

As world-widely known, Mizuno has got a reputation as a sports shoe brand in speaking of durability and comfort. By this cleat edition, I can get them confirmed in the synthetic top, padded collar, and supportive midsoles.

To be clear about those points, these cleats promise staggering performance on all fields or positions without swelling ankle, tired feet, or sweaty odors.

The quality guaranteed by Mizuno will come along months and years.

For beginners, this 8BK pair is a no-brain purchase. 

Even if you have no idea about baseball but are obligated to shop for a gift, 8BK can’t be any wrongdoing.

The only thing about Mizuno 8BK is the no customized insoles. That means cleaning up will be a challenge.


  • Good price
  • Breathability
  • Flexible to all fields
  • Absorptive midsoles


  • Non-removable insoles
  • Small form

#2 Men’s L4040V3 New Balance – Best lightweight baseball cleats!

New Balance Men's L4040V3...
  • Lace-up baseball cleat with...
  • Debris-free tongue
  • Full-length REVlite lightweight...

The above Mizuno seems likely a pretty safe option to go. However, in positions requiring more tactical moves like batters, or fielders, a good pair of baseball cleats need some focus. 

Model L4040V3 of New Balance is a pair with some highlights.

They are lightweight. This is the result of combining synthetic and foam to reduce as much weight as possible. Therefore, this pair will help wearers to pick up speed pretty much effortlessly.

Also, the metal spike takes care of keeping on hold of the ground, killing traction, and increasing memento for the next phase of speed.

Combined of above two, L4040V3 is such the greatest wingman for batters, baserunners, and fielders. For you to know, all of these positions need to prevail in racing and breaking.

But remember, New Balance always has short but large footwear, this pair is also short for long feet so be careful of sizes.


  • Good price
  • Nice insoles
  • Lightweight
  • High-resistant metal spikes


  • Short length

#3 Boy’s Harper 2 RM Under Armour

Under Armour Boys' Harper 2 RM...
  • Synthetic leather upper provides...
  • Mesh tongue for enhanced...
  • Full length EVA midsole for added...

Low and mid-ankle baseball cleats are more preferred for flexibility but in some cases, people need to patch up on ankle protection. That’s how we need high ankle shoes.

If you have ankle relating problems, pay attention here!

The Boy’s Harper 2 RM is a high collar pair with easily adjustable straps. The design gets embracing all over the feet to above the ankles, shields them from all kinds of possible injuries.

Leather is smartly coped with hereby airflow holes on the front foot. 

Generally, the construction and the leather body will keep the foot under firm shape, therefore protect it from outside hits. For runners, keeping the feet fit like that can promote powerful movements. You don’t have to be a runner to know that.


  • Protective for ankles
  • Handy ankle straps
  • Absorptive EVA midsole
  • Breathable front


  • Narrow form
  • Tight for ankles

#4 Women’s Micro G Pursuit Under Armour

Under Armour Women's Micro G...
  • Engineered synthetic upper provides...
  • Mesh ankle collar & tongue...
  • Full length EVA midsole provides...

Women! If you have small feet which cannot fit in Men’s collection, here you go.

This Micro G Pursuit model carries almost good points from the classic Under Armour such as leather top, flexible molded spike but in mid collar version.

After weighing the two for a while I also realize this pair is lighter. Well, a bonus point for female consumers.

Wearing it, you will feel great support from the sole to the ankle but still more comfortably. It’s because of firm leather coverage and shock absorptive midsoles.

If I have to say, it’s such a neutral option for women, beginners, practices because of flexibility and cushion.


  • Lovable mid-ankle support
  • Leather and synthetic combination
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Terrific price


  • Leather coating breaking fast
  • Small form

#5 Men’s L3000V3 Metal New Balance

New Balance Men's L3000v3...
  • Revlite midsole
  • Toe protect
  • Fantom fit

 If you are looking for an easygoing pair of baseball cleats, this L3000V3 by New Balance should be in consideration.

Compared to other editions, this one got developed with mesh on top, instead of regular synthetic. The new feature brings baseball cleats into a new level of comfort by letting extra airflow, effortless breaking in, and lighter weight.

Here speaks the future of no sweat and odors from the inside your baseball cleats! 

The low collars made the shoes compatible with almost every kind of player. On the other hand, the metal spike will be a highlight for tactical movements expected in batters and fielders.

The new combination brings groundbreaking effect but it also causes the cleats to go large quickly.


  • Terrific price
  • Breathable mesh
  • Very supportive midsoles
  • Sturdy metal spikes
  • Very lightweight


  • Going large (mesh) 

#6 Mizuno Men’s Vapor Elite 7

Mizuno Men's Vapor Elite 7 Low...
  • Baseball shoe with breathable mesh...

These Mizuno are built for everyone. The pair provides enough shock absorption for forefoot, and ankle by using extra padded synthetic. Synthetic also makes the items affordable to most consumers while keeping all these layers.

Besides, Men’s Vapor Elite maker also put some extra care on the soles which now are more absorptive and comfortable than past editions. Especially, the maker added pro-flex to encourage irritation-free movements by forefeet.

The metal spike is also one of the strong points to help these shoes prevail the others. I have to say it is not so many affordable options for baseball cleats with the metal bottom but well, you’re looking at one of the rare ones. 

Overall, Mizuno in the Vapor Elite edition has kept its simplicity and comfort as usual. And better than that, there are improvements. 

Speaking for players, I think most will satisfy with these cleats not only because of their spending on them.


  • Lightweight
  • Supportive padded synthetic
  • Solid
  • For all seasons
  • Affordable


  • Firm but not easy to break-in

#7 Men’s Speedform Gemini 3 Graphic Under Armour Baseball Cleats

Under Armour Men's Speedform...
  • 2E Sizing built to better fit...
  • RUNNING STYLE: Ultra cushioned,...
  • Innovative UA SpeedForm...

Under Armour, standing among other great brands like Nike, Mizuno, or New Balance, outshines by the clever use of materials.

They chose classical leather for baseball cleats as a warranty for durability and solid shoe form. 

But in these Speedform Gemini 3 Graphic cleats, they surprise us by mixing original leather with synthetic and mesh to maximize benefits of those fabrics: lightweight, solid, heat moderate.

The use of fabric makes this pair both breathable and perfectly fit. Bonus, the inside mesh tongue feels so airy.

I’m also very thrilled every time looking at the molded spike made by Under Armour. These are stable and bold which keep your mood up to any kind of baseball field you’re bound to be. 

The only problem with this pair is also classic Under Armour’s downside in design – narrow form. For those with long slim feet, the form will embrace perfectly but broad feet? Well, that could be tension.


  • The smart combination of materials
  • Shock absorptive midsoles
  • Breathable rouge
  • Durable
  • Ankle protective


  • Classic narrow form

#8 Adidas Performance Men’s Speed Trainers 2

adidas Performance Men's Speed...
  • Lightweight shoe designed for...
  • EVA midsole
  • Durable outsole with traction...

If you want to put your mind at ease in a turf trainer, Adidas Performance Men’s Speed Trainers 2 should be on your list.

If I have compared which one is the best for comfort, these Adidas will be the unhesitating answer.

Just looking at how it’s built, you can feel the awesomeness. Synthetic layers combined with mesh lining guarantee extra breathability. No odors, plus airiness.

The design of these shoes is for encouraging splash running. It points forward and soles growing up backward. 

This pair doesn’t have spike but ergonomic bottom also works well with traction. Or, I would say the design is to motivate natural motion. Besides, the trainers are interchangeable for cleats so this pair can switch among styles.

For baserunners, these Adidas could help a bunch.


  • Extra airy
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Light cushion
  • Natural traction blockage


  • Narrow tipped shoes

#9 Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleats

NIKE Huarache 2KFilth Men's...
  • Model Number: 807131010
  • Gender: Men
  • Brand New With Original Box

Among the names of sports shoes, Nike made up quite a big market share. For baseball cleats, they have several stars but these Nike Huarache 2KFilth shine the most.

This pair has mid collars that stand firmly vertical to back up ankle as best as they can. However, they won’t block ankle movements thanks to flexible front pads. 

The large font of the cleats is made out of mesh that is known as an amazing cooling system.

In mentioning spike, I am impressed by how they have 12 cleats under sole but keeping the whole footwear such lightweight. It is because of TPU.

To support running, flex grooves on the tip of the shoes allow more contact with the fields without damage on toes.

The stiff rear is both a shield for ankle injuries and a barrier to break in. But your try will be rewarded.


  • Breathable
  • Solid
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Extra cleats
  • Sleek design


  • Stiff to break in at first

Things To Consider Before Buying Baseball Cleats

However, it is not that every reader can find one perfect pair out of just nine options. The market offers more and brands strive to elevate their models every season. 

So, I guess you need a more overall wrap-up about how to define suitable baseball cleats, especially regarding your situation. 

1. Spike

Spike is an essential feature when we shop for baseball cleats. You can lay your eyes on myriad shoes but the bottom needs paying double attention unless you don’t desire great performance at your spot.

To choose the right spike, you should know which kind does what. 

Metal spikes are the best for traction, especially for sudden stops or short runs. Considering batter position, I see metal spikes the top choice to empower throws with the least chance of slipping.

Molded rubber/plastic spikes come down for just adequate traction players need on fields. Usually, molded spikes are made fixed on outsoles, provide stable movement and comfort. They can’t promise as much traction as metal ones but rubber or plastic spikes are friendlier to runners on almost all surfaces, especially in soft fields. 

Turf trainers are not exactly cleats but they serve the same purpose. As the name describes, turfs are more for practice. The most common feature I found out is interchangeability. Players can switch between metal and rubber cleats using the same shoes.

Among three types, metal spikes are likely the most expensive for great traction blockage. But, rubber is more flexible, as well as turfs.

2. Ankle Support

The game asks players to run and jump a lot so the ankle becomes the most vulnerable part of baseball players.  Therefore, cleats are not only about high performance but also safety. 

Here are what the market offers you. There are 3 kinds of collars for baseball cleats – high, mid, and low ankle.

  •  Among them, both high and mid collars get ankles completely shielded, therefore, fully protect them. However, the blocking ankle can also hinder movements like sudden speed-ups, jump-ups, and so on.
  • Low collars are very popular for the easy-to-wear neck. The release of the ankle also calls for freedom of tactical moves of our lower body. But, remember that your ankle is exposed to injuries.
  • Players need to count on their current condition, position, and realistic situation to decide which cleats they are going for.

3. Materials

In searching for shoes that bring performance, the material could be the least to care. However, I hope you spend more time studying material that your cleats are made of because it matters.

The material will define comfort as well as the duration of the cleats. After a long training, you might ask more of your cleats besides spikes and collar embracement.

At the moment, leather and synthetic are two stars in baseball cleats. They are exchanging the crown anytime. 

Leather is sturdy, therefore durable. The fabric also keeps front feet in better protection. Nevertheless, leather is a picky material that can be cracked by moist, tight to break in and complicated to maintain. but until the end of the day, as I evaluate, leather will be better for performance.

But for comfort, synthetic is doing better. It lets your feet breathe, unlock doors, and sweat. To be fair, synthetic is also lighter.

However, this material can easily go degraded, get loose, and torn out. Even though, synthetic is friendly to careless players which I talked about shoe maintenance.

Recently, cleats makers add mesh in production to minimize weight and maximize comfort. 

Each fabric has pros and cons so the wearers themselves need to decide which is better for their shoes. 

4. Other Factors

When you’ve decided the spike, material, and design of the cleats you wish for, it’s time to go further in searching.

As I mentioned, the market is uploading a myriad of models just for baseball cleats. You can find plenty of shoes carrying the features you want. Hence, you might want to sort them out starting with:

  • Trustworthy brands will guarantee the quality of the shoes. Don’t worry about the budget because many big names now appear quite friendly in price.
  • Duration will define how long you will want to stick with these cleats. Will they be temporary practice shoes or for competitions? 
  • The form of cleats will give you an idea of how they fit in with you. Some are narrower in midsoles which are not for broad feet. Some are short in front so not for long feet. Just basically as that.

Professional Advice: Metal vs Molded Baseball Cleats

Differences Between Metal vs Molded Baseball Cleats!

How To Clean Baseball Cleats Right!

Do You Know How To Clean Baseball Cleats The Right Way?


1. Are metal cleats allowed in high-school tournaments?

At the moment, they are officially permitted for baseball in high schools.

2. Which is the better option: fixed or interchangeable cleat?

Fixed is like a one-way ticket. You go hard or nothing. But by fixed baseball cleats, you will learn how to master your move, develop it into a strategy.

Interchangeable cleats are flexible and of course, sound tempting for practice. However, the shoes are usually heavier and not so stable for intensity.

3. How to clean cleats at home?

You will need a brush, better be an old toothbrush for deeper intervention. Brush them carefully then dry spike by dry cloths. With leather, don’t lay them wet for long or it will crack.

4.  How to break in baseball cleats very fast?

With leather, the fastest way is wearing thick socks and use heat to break in. For synthetic, you can use warm water. Deep your feet wearing new cleats into warm water and dry up later.

5. Can I wear baseball cleats for other sports?

Cleats foster speed and stability so wearing them for other sports like football, tennis, and so on will be understandable.

Author’s Pick

For the bigger group of players, Mizuno Men’s 9 Spike ADV Franchise 8BK should fit. For all from beginners, high school players, trainees to professionals, these cleats will satisfy what they need. And with the price, it won’t be hard to decide.

Conclusions – Best Baseball Cleat of Your Choice

Choosing Baseball cleats is as important as matching your partner in tennis.  They will add in your performance, affect your tactics, influence your mood during the game.

Or, I would say, best baseball cleats are like the best start. So, you should pay more attention than just some comparison clicking on the Internet. Knowing yourself and the situation you’re in to choose your best “shoes”.

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Top 9 Best Baseball Cleats For Catchers & Pitchers (2021 Reviews)

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