Can Manager Challenge A Call In Baseball?

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It has become a joy to watch baseball teams playing both on television and in the stadiums. Baseball has become one of the best sports to watch in the modern days, especially in the United States and the world. There are some rules in baseball that you might wonder about or not understand when they occur. An example is when everybody thinks the umpire made an unfair call during a game. If the umpire makes an unfair call, a manager is allowed to call for a challenge play, in a process called the manager challenge in baseball. Let us look at what a manager challenge means and some scenarios where managers are allowed to make challenge calls. Let’s learn about ‘Can Manager Challenge A Call In Baseball?’.

Can Manager Challenge A Call In Baseball?

Can Manager Challenge A Call In Baseball?

Many people have been asking questions, about if a manager can call for a challenge and how many challenges can a manager call for. Here we are going to look at these scenarios. A baseball manager is allowed to challenge one player in a game that is in the regular MLB season. But a manager will be allowed to make two challenges when they are playing in all-star, playoffs, and tie-breaker games. The manager can also receive another challenging call if their first challenge was overturned.

How a baseball manager can challenge a play?

During a baseball game if a manager feels that the umpire made an incorrect call, the manager is allowed to make a challenge call. The first thing to do when a manager wants to make a call is to signal the umpire. 

When a manager wants to challenge an umpire’s call, it is not a must for them to point out what is wrong with the call but the important thing to do is to know the exact call they are challenging.

After the manager’s signal to the umpire, the reply officials will replay the video multiple times and review the call. After the review, they will be in a very better position to make their judgment on the call.

Number of challenges that a baseball manager can make to the umpire’s calls

Managers are allowed to make numerous challenges to the umpire’s call. The rule that is available for these scenarios in a baseball game, states that, if a manager calls for a challenge and they win it, then they get to keep their challenge. What does this mean, it means that if a manager makes 20 challenge calls and they win all of them, they will always be allowed to take another call. The bad thing that happens is when they lose the challenge, if a baseball manager loses on a challenge, they are not allowed to call for another challenge.

Calls that a baseball manager can challenge in a baseball match

Before rules evolved in baseball it is only the umpire crew chief could challenge a call, and the only call that could be challenged was the home run challenge. But nowadays team managers are allowed to call for several types of calls.

The following are some of the calls that baseball managers can challenge, catch plays in the outfield, tag plays, hit-by-pitch, home plate collisions, home runs, double play interferences, non-home boundary calls, placement of runners, specific baserunning calls, and specific foul ball calls.

The number of calls a manager can challenge in a single play

Managers are allowed to challenge multiple calls made by the umpire in one play. There is no limit to how many calls managers can challenge in a single play. Another thing that is opposite to this one is that, even though they can challenge several calls in a single play, they are not allowed to challenge the same call twice.

The decision of a replay official on a challenge is final and managers are not allowed by the rules to argue or protest against this decision.

The results of a manager’s challenge on a play in baseball

After the manager makes a challenge to a call, the video is replayed by the replay official for some time and they release their judgment on it.

Here are the possible outcome scenarios when a challenge is made on a call.

  1. If the call is overturned, all the decisions made by the manager and were influenced by the call are nullified and they will re-strategize their play based on the new decision.
  2. If there are protestors to the replay official decision on the field, they will be removed from the play.
  3. All the players will be placed in positions they would have been if the umpire’s call was to be correct.

What happens when a manager exhausts their challenge calls chances?

Managers are only allowed one challenge call in a game not unless the call is overturned. If a manager exhausts their chances of making challenges, they can no longer make challenges to the umpire’s call.


Managers are allowed to make challenges whenever they disagree with an umpire’s call in a baseball game. A manager is only allowed to make one challenge in a game not unless the challenge is overturned and, in this event, they are allowed to make another challenge on a call. If a manager wins on all their challenges, then they will continue challenging the umpire’s call until they lose on a challenge. A challenge is reviewed by the replay official and their decision is final.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can a baseball manager make a challenge on an umpire’s call?

YES, they can make a challenge whenever they disagree with the call.

  • How many calls is a manager allowed to make?

They are only allowed to make one challenge.

  • Who gives the final decision on a challenge to a call?

The decision made by the replay official is final.

Can Manager Challenge A Call In Baseball?
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