Do Baseball Hats Cause Hair Breakage?

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Hats, caps, and beanies are excellent head gears that serve as both fashions for style, and protection against extreme weather conditions, sun, rain, and wind. Some sports require the players to wear these protective gear during games for the same protective reasons. Let’s learn about ‘Do Baseball Hats Cause Hair Breakage?’.

Do Baseball Hats Cause Hair Breakage?

Do Baseball Hats Cause Hair Breakage?

Baseball is one of those sports that makes wearing hats criteria during games. Sometimes games like tennis and golf allow the wearing of hats during games.

Although some believe excessive use could lead to hair breakage, is that the cause of hair loss? This Article will surely help to solve this query.

Baseball hats do not generally cause hair breakage or loss. Although wearing tight caps consistently, and for a long period can lead to a disease called Traction alopecia, a gradual hair loss due to the repetitive tension and pulling of the hair. This means that you will be exposed to traction alopecia if you wear caps more frequently, regardless of being a baseball player, or just someone who just loves to wear hats.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Hats?: 

You may have been wondering why a baseball player is required to wear a hat during a game. Well, here’s why:

A hat helps them keep the sun out of their eyes:

most baseball games are played under the sunlight. It is difficult to catch a ball thrown at you under the sun, but wearing a hat keeps the downward shine of the sun from entering the eyes of the player, giving them a clear vision to see any ball hurled in their direction.

Sweat Protector:

hats also serve as sweat protectors. Baseball games are mostly played during the summer, so sweat dripping over the faces of players can be a concern and hindrance to sight. Hats soak in sweat that drops from the heads of players and stop it from affecting player sight.

A hat helps keep out stadium lights:

For some games that are played at sundown or night, the stadium lights can become an issue, just like the sunlight, most times in a case when a player is trying to catch an airborne ball. So wearing a hat would protect the player’s eyes.

Protection from Sunburn:

caps also protect from sunburn caused by being under the sun for too long.

Types of Baseball Hats: Do Baseball Hats Cause Hair Breakage?

There are different types of baseball hats, with slightly different patterns and designs. But as long as they all serve the purpose of protection from sun, stadium lights, and sweat, anyone of them can be used by the teams in baseball.

They include fitted, flexfit, snapback, trucker 5-panel, and strapback styles. But within the baseball community players prefer the snapback style of hats

Rule on Wearing Hats in Baseball

There is no direct rule in Baseball on the wearing of hats by players. But if a team decides that they do not need to wear hats in a particular game, no player in that team will play the game wearing a hat, except the umpire of the game insists that players of both teams must take the field with hats on their heads.

What Causes Hair Breakage?

We have established the fact that wearing Baseball hats are not the cause of hair breakage, but excessive use of hats. So, what are the other causes of hair breakage? Here are some of them and their remedies:

  • You may be using or applying the wrong kind of products on your hair which is killing the scalp on your head and causing your hair to break off. To combat this, you need to change the products to use to a less harsh type.
  • Excess heat or lack of moisture can also be a cause of hair breakage. The use of curling tongs, blow-dryers, and straighteners will overtime make your hair break out. Weather can cause your hair to lack moisture leading to loss of hair. Using a conditioner would help your hair, especially after washing your hair with shampoo.
  • Strangely, the food you eat or do not can cause your hair to break out. If you are deficient in certain nutrients that are supposed to help in the growth and strength of your hair, you would experience hair breakage. You can enquire about the kind of diet you need to be on to stop hair breakage.
  • People’s bodies react differently to stress. Some have sleep inability, some gain weight, others lose appetite, and some others too experience hair breakage, as a result of stress. You need to reduce your level of stress by taking out time to relax and release tension in your system.


Baseball caps are also worn for fashion as fans around the world represent their support for teams in the MLB by wearing their team-designed hats. But whatever your reason for wearing a hat, make sure you treat it like you treat other clothes too. Wash them more frequently, to keep them clean and neat to prevent other bad things apart from hair breakage.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • When did Baseball players start wearing hats?

In 1860. It was worn by the Brooklyn Excelsiors.

  • Why do Baseball hats have holes in the back?

Most hats have holes in the back for ventilation.

Do Baseball Hats Cause Hair Breakage?
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