What Does It Mean To Clear The Bases In Baseball?

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Watching baseball is one of the most entertaining games we have experienced. Fan base has increased both in the United States and everywhere across the globe. Baseball has set of rules that all its fans around the world will not understand. Forcing them to do some research online to get to know some of the baseball rules. In a full inning of a baseball match can experience exciting plays, especially if a player hit clears the base. Those not conversant with baseball rules might have problems understanding what it means to clear bases. The article will help you understand this. Let us look at what it means to clear bases. Let’s learn about ‘What Does It Mean To Clear The Bases In Baseball?’.

What Does It Mean To Clear The Bases In Baseball?

What Does It Mean To Clear The Bases In Baseball?

Clearing bases in baseball will occur when a batter bats a ball and gets a timed hit with one or more runners on the base. The runners should be allowed to cross the home plate safely. The hit performed by the batter can be anything from a home run to a single provided the baserunners have enough time to run and reach home. The phrase “clearing the bases” is used typically when there are 2 or more runners on the base, and the batter performs a hit that will clear the base, then send everyone home. The term is not used when one of the runners is thrown out.

Having looked at the meaning of clearing the bases, you might want to know the live situations on the pitch that involve a base clearing play, this is exciting because what it means is that the batter was able to perform a successful hit and was able to bring in a few runs at the same time. Different variations occur during the clearing of the base. Let us look at the definition of clearing bases and the different variations of clearing bases in baseball.

The definition of the term clearing the bases: What Does It Mean To Clear The Bases In Baseball?

The term clearing the bases is used in baseball and softball. It means the same thing across the two sports. The phrase clearing the bases is used to refer to an exciting play when two or more runners were on the base.  Then they both managed to score because of the hit coming from the batter. What this means is, a batter should get a hit, that will bring in all of the runners and they score.

There are different ways in which a batter can clear a base. This will depend on how well they can hit the ball. Let us look at these different ways a batter can base-clear.

  1. Hitting a single to clear the bases

You can perform a base-clearing play by simply hitting a single, it is the easiest way a hitter can perform a base-clearing hit. If the hit is performed correctly by the hitter on a single hit all the baserunners can score. Whenever the bases are loaded, and the runners are stealing, the batter will perform an easy base-clearing single hitting on the ball.

  1. Hitting a double to clear the bases

It can be put in the most common ways for players to perform a base clearing hit. Batters can choose to hit a double when performing a play that will clear the base. An advantage of hitting a double is that the baserunners will have more than enough time to score, especially if one of them is on the 1st base.

  1. Hitting a triple to clear the bases

Hitting a triple is one of the most rewarding plays in baseball when clearing the bases, but it is equally one of the most difficult ways to perform a base-clearing play. The play depends on how well the batter hit the ball and he will get a triple and scores all the runners. When a batter gets a triple-on hit, it means that all the runners are cleared in all the bases.

  1. Home run base-clearing play

A home run is not directly referred to as a base-clearing hit but, in some situations, it is referred to as a base-clearing hit because all the runners get a free trip around the bases. So, when a player hits a home run when there are two or more baserunners on the base.  They will have hit a base-clearing home run on that play.

Scenarios that are not looked at as base clearing play

Other scenarios might be evident in a baseball match that is not considered base clearing plays. Being a baseball fan, it is equally important to understand what is not base-clearing play. Here are two scenarios that can not be base-clearing play.

  1. Base clearing when there is only one runner on the base

There would not be a base-clearing scenario when the batter hits a ball and there is only one baserunner running, this is considered not to be a base-clearing play because the play will be too easy for the baserunner.

  1. Sacrificed bunt/fly bases clearing

During some scenarios, a sacrifice bunt or fly play can lead to a base clearing play but this is not a base clearing play but will be termed as a successful sacrifice play that resulted in a scoring run.

  1. Clearing the bases because the defense committed errors

When baserunners advance and score hits because the opponent’s defense is involved in an error play, the play cannot be taken as a clearing base play because this will totally depend on the prowess of offensive players, and scoring from a defensive error will not clearly express the prowess of offensive players.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘What Does It Mean To Clear The Bases In Baseball?’, Base clearing play occurs both in softball and baseball. The scenario occurs in baseball when a batter hits the baseball when two or more baserunners are running on the base, and they score from the successful hit. There are different scenarios that we have looked at some of which are considered a base clearing play while others are not. The information in the article proves to be very useful to people who did not understand the rule when watching baseball games.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is “clearing the base rule” also applied in softball?

YES, the “base clearing rule” is used both in baseball and softball.

  1. Can sacrifice plays result in a base-clearing play?

Sacrifices bunt/fly plays are termed successful sacrifice plays that resulted in a scored run and not a base-clearing play.

  1. How many baserunners are supposed to be on the base, for a play to be called a base-clearing play?

For a play to be a base-clearing play, there should be two or more players running in the bases when a batter hits the ball.

What Does It Mean To Clear The Bases In Baseball?
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