How Did The Mets Get Their Name?

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Five-time winner of the National League, and two World Series Championships. The New York Mets are a pro-baseball team, and they have multiple silverware on their portfolio. This includes the aforementioned trophies.  The team was created by an attorney who is known as Bill Shea. Let us know ‘How Did The Mets Get Their Name?’.

How Did The Mets Get Their Name? The Mets got their name after multiple rejections. The name was selected because it was simple and easy to pronounce. It also had some similarities with the organization’s corporate name. The fans chanted the name with joy in their hearts. The home ground of the New York Mets used to be The Polo Grounds, before they moved to Shea Stadium, then Citi Field.

Criteria for choosing Mets

Although the name was selected because it was simple and shot. Other factors were also put into consideration. Some of them include Press and Fan Love: The name was wholly accepted by the press and the fans of the club. Uniqueness: The name was distinct when compared with the names of other teams in the league. Most teams often have names of Mascots. Background: If you trace the history of the New York Mets back to its root, the team was formed from an independent team that played in the Metropolitans. This was during the years 1883 to 1887. The home ground of the team then is now known as the Polo Grounds 

Name Ideas
Different name ideas were generated before it was eventually agreed that they can settle for Mets. Some of the names were eventually part of the New York franchise. Names like Jets, Reels, Burros, Islanders, Meadowlarks, and Skyliners. After all these names were rejected, they still had names like; The Avengers and The Continentals. They were also rejected before Gary Payson eventually settled for The Mets due to its simplicity. 

Team Roster

The Mets had a deep roster that was filled with popular ball players and veterans like Yogi Berra, Gil Hodges, and Duke Snider. The team was under the tutelage of Casey Stangel. Eventually, this amazing lineup did not yield any positive outcome on the field of play. The fans nicknamed them “Lovable Losers” after losing 120 games in their first season. The team shattered the previous record. 

The 1969 and 1980s teams were able to resuscitate the team to its former glory. They won the first and second World Series respectively for the team. They almost repeated this feat in 1973, but they lost to Oakland Athletics a record seven times. After winning the world series in the 80s, the team was demoralized. This was because most of their top players were accused of substance abuse. 

Playoffs Stint
It was difficult for the Mets to make a run for the playoffs until the 90s. In 2,000 they reached the World Series but eventually lost to their town rivals The Yankees. Another run was made in 2006, but they crashed out. They had a very difficult fall after this, they fell completely off the grid. They made a turnaround in 2015 when they stunningly won the division title with their team of youngsters. They have not had a successful season after this.  


The Mets kept this name because it was simple and easy to pronounce. It was also generally loved by the fans and the press. They kept chanting the name in the stands.  Though other factors were also put into consideration. Apart from the New York Mets, we have some other pro teams in New York, We have The New York Yankees and The New York Giants. The three teams have a combined record of 47 World Series. The New York Yankees have 47, Giants have 8. While The New York Mets have 2. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are the Giants, Yankees, and Mets in the same franchise?
This is a completely wrong notion. They are not in the same franchise. Of course, they are in the same city. The New York Mets is owned by The New York Metropolitan Baseball Club Incorporation. So they do not belong to the same franchise. 

What is the real name of The Mets?
The Mets are known as The New York Mets. They are one of the pro baseball teams in New York. Sometimes, some people would rather call the full name which is the New York Metropolitan. However, that is too long and sounds out of style. The name was selected by its owner Joan Payson. The Mets were the replacement for The Dodgers and The Giants. 

How did The Mets get their uniform color? 

The Mets uniform was derived by combining the blue from The Dodgers uniform and the orange from The Giants. This was how they got their blue and orange stripes. It was also to acknowledge the New York City flag. The flag is blue, white, and orange. 



How Did The Mets Get Their Name?
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