Which New Yorkers Are Mets Fans?

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In New York, so many people fan baseball games. While there are numerous baseball teams, a percentage of New Yorkers will be distributed to one group and the others. For instance, if we compare the Yankees fans and the Mets fans in New York, you will find that some people will be for the Mets while others will fan the Yankees. Let us know ‘Which New Yorkers Are Mets Fans?’.

Which New Yorkers Are Mets Fans?

The most specific way to determine the fans for a baseball team is to check the percentage of people in a particular borough of New York City. New Yorkers who are Mets fans mostly come from the Queens area. This region is where the Mets are situated; therefore, most fans are also from the site. Otherwise, there are four other areas from which most fans for the Mets come.

Would you like to know more about Mets fans in New York City? This brief will point out the New Yorkers who are primarily fans of the New York Mets. The following are the five boroughs in New York from which most people there are Mets fans.   


The New York Mets is a professionally composed team of baseball players. The team is mainly based in Queens, a New York Borough. This is one of the boroughs that have the most percentage of people who are Mets fans. This is a statistic that compares fans for all the baseball teams.

For instance, if you compare such fans for Yankees and Mets, you will find that the Mets have more fans in this borough than the case of Yankees. So in Queens, the Mets are so famous than any other baseball team. 

Also, if you are from the queens’ borough of New York City, then the possibility is that you are a Mets fan unless otherwise.  


Another area where the Mets have a lot of fans is in Suffolk. Suffolk is one of the five New York City boroughs that carry most people who support the Mets. From this area, people would wear the color corresponding to Mets. This tends to signify how people in Suffolk are big fans of the New York Mets.

For every game day for the Mets, Suffolk people would come in large numbers to support and cheer up the Mets. So in this area, expect every individual to be a Mets fan!

Also, for most of the National Leagues games, while the Mets participate, most people to be part of it will be the people from Suffolk. This suggests how committed fans for the Mets are Suffolk people. 

Staten Island 

Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York that are Mets fans. In Staten Island, also most people here are Mets supporters. 

Staten Island is a New York area with large Mets fans, and if you are from this area, then the most probable outcome is that you are a Mets fan.

Mets fans from Staten Island like their team. The people here would always participate in every game day for the Mets. This is mainly in the National Leagues, in which there is no chance of the Mets missing. 

Furthermore, from Staten Island d, you will find the Mets fans hate the Yankees and other few baseball team fans from the area. Additionally, some Yankees fans may also be seen to support the Mets from this area. 


One of the most crowded areas with the Mets fans in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is one of the five areas of New York borough that holds the most fans for the Mets. 

While the Yankees and the Mets are the two dominant teams for baseball playing in the US, most fans dominate in Brooklyn than are there for the Yankees. For instance, you will also find that over 52% of the baseball fans here are Mets fans. Hence, referring to such a percentage, it is a clear suggestion that the Brooklyn borough of New York is a place for the Mets. 

In addition, Brooklyn carries the most fans for Mets compared to the other five boroughs that show a more significant number of Mets fans. 

Long Island

The last place in New York you will be able to find a large number of Mets fans is a Long island. This place is among the top five New York boroughs that support New York Mets. Just like the other regions where Mets fans are more numerous than fans for other baseball teams, in this area, you are likely to find that the people will wear the Mets color, with more than 56% of fans being for the Mets.


Mets fans will always support the team in every game. The fans are based on the area they live in, and the most number will help one know if the area is for the Mets or other teams such as the Yankees and Red Fox. So, for the Mets, most fans come from the five boroughs of New York City. These areas include Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Suffolk. So in every game, the fans will be at the place in most numbers from the specific areas.


Which New York borough fans the Mets?

Queens is one New York borough that roots the Mets team. 

Does Brooklyn borough root for the Yankees or the Mets?

Brooklyn area has Mets people for the Yankees and the Mets. However, numerous fans of baseball here are Mets fans. 


Which New Yorkers Are Mets Fans?
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