Why Does Baseball Have 162 Games?

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Baseball expanded in the early 1960s, with the American League enhancing from eight to ten teams in 1961 and the National League extending in 1962. Every league’s season was modified in its expansion year, so the American League teams played the 162-game schedule in 1961, but the National League teams still played 154 games. Let us know more detail about ‘Why Does Baseball Have 162 Games?’.

Why Does Baseball Have 162 Games?

Baseball games needed a balanced schedule, so each intraleague team played the same number of games, evenly split between home and away. An eighth-team league has seven opponents; playing each one 22 times (11 at home, 11 off home) adds up to 154 games (22 times multiplied by seven Leagues ). And 154 games fit neatly into the mid-April to late-September time structure. In terms of baseball, 154 was effective though it was not magical.

Why Does Baseball Have 162 Games?

According to John Thorn, baseball history Personel, who said Continuing to face every component competitor twenty-two times will indeed amount to approximately two hundred league matches. “Shareholders eventually abandoned the 22-game style in favor of 162 gameplay.”

How Many Games Make Up A Complete  Season?

How many matches up a complete season in baseball history? It is a simple issue but complicated. The season runs from April to October. That is quite a bit of baseball. A Main League season comprises 162 matches. Yet, it can be broadened or lessened due to specific conditions. The 162 major season matches are employed to calculate postseason and regular season statistics. Spring training games, All-Star games, and postseason games are not included in the 162 games.

Some games are not computed in the league such as:

  • Spring: Each season starts with spring training. They are warm-ups for the league and to determine the roaster. These are usually about 15 to 30 games.
  • Intrasquad games.
  • Scrimmage with colleges.
  •   Big league club balls.
  • The All-star games.
  • Postseason games.

Scenarios To Play Fewer than 162 games

The Baseball season is long, 162 games are a large number of games. Some games can last for hours. That is how lengthy the baseball tournament lasts. There are baseball games almost every night, meaning there is planning to strive with like Teams have limited travel time. Of what importance is this? Because a significant percentage of baseball stadiums are yet on the grass, It could result in a rain delay. If the weather gets cloudy, the game may be terminated. On these occasions, teams can often play a doubleheader to attempt to cover the game. The doubleheaders are rained out.

There are other possibilities for game delays, but the most prevalent is the weather. Often, teams are unable to accommodate the make-up game right away. It frequently depends on how frequently the team visits town. If it is a squad opponent, there are multiple chances. Regardless, if the squad is meant more frequently, more effort may be made to make up the game right away. If a game cannot be made up immediately, a make-up game may be slated at the climax of the tournament or at a period when both squads’ lists are free.

Plans can come to be confused at this level. If a make-up game between two teams is not slated until the climax of the tournament, the match could be terminated.

The National League accepted the 162-game league campaign in 1962 as well. The league has been cut several times since the switch to 162 games. The routine has been altered due to player strikes, lockouts, and, most recently, the pandemic. It is unusual for the baseball world to have a reduced tournament, though it has been expanded on rare occurrences.

The Reason Why The League Can Be Extended

The only scenario that leads to the extension of the league is when two teams are tied.

Ties: There have been some rare occasions where there are ties between two teams that can be booked for a post-league match at the end of the 162 tournaments. 

If two teams are tied, they must play a tiebreaker game. It is the main federation baseball edition of a penalty shootout with additional hours. It is a one-game elimination game that defines which team advances to the playoffs. The winning team advances to the playoffs, while the opposing team is eliminated. This is the only scenario in which a team’s league is expanded.


The season was programmed to have 154 games but was later restructured to 162 games as the number of teams increased. The number of games played is determined by the times each team is played.

Each team has to play their division rivals 17-18 times and the rest of the squad about 8 times. That equals 72 divisional games and 72 interleague games. The concluding 18 approximately, totaling 162 games are inter-league.

  • Is it all games that are counted in the league? 

No, some games are not counted.

  • What can prolong the league?

It can be prolonged when there are ties between teams.  It is a one-game elimination game that defines which team advances to the playoffs. The winning team advances to the playoffs, while the opposing team is eliminated.

Why Does Baseball Have 162 Games?
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