Is New Balance Small, Large or True Size?

Is New Balance Small, Large or True Size?

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Is New Balance Small, Large or True Size?

When you land on this page, you will get detailed answers to these questions: Is New Balance small? How do they fit into their size correctly?

Generally speaking, New Balance shoes are true to size when models come in a variety of widths to accommodate feet of different widths.

However, this does not apply to all New Balance shoes. There are many more questions to answer than yes or no when it comes to New Balance shoe sizing. So please read this guide as I provide some examples that will clear all your confusion about New Balance shoe sizes.

Whether you’re walking, jogging, running, or standing all day, a pair of New Balance shoes that look and feel comfortable is essential to your activity. Since its inception in 1906, New Balance footwear has been one of America’s most popular brands.

The growing success has led to the creation of the NB series, which includes different models and sizes to meet the needs of consumers. New Balance shoes are known for combining comfort, support, function, and style. The most important thing about New Balance sizing is that they have a different size range than most other shoe brands.

Your feet are not one size fits all. New Balance designs different shoes according to style and foot shape. So if you’re 8 when you mark 1 and 7 when you mark 2, that doesn’t mean you’re a perfect match when you’re 8 when you mark 3! It may be extra wide or extremely narrow for you. Also, you may purchase a New Balance running shoe in a different size than their hiking or work shoe line.

Here’s everything I’ll cover about New Balance sizing and fit:

  • New Balance Size Chart
  • New Balance shoes fit
  • Size comparison between New Balance and other brands like Nike

How do New Balance shoes fit?

New Balance shoes are known for maximum comfort and support, no matter what type of foot you have or what level of activity you prefer.

Anyone who’s ever had to put on new shoes knows how uncomfortable it can be. New Balance shoes are different because they’re designed from the ground up to fit your foot and provide lasting support as you put them in.

Regarding the fit of New Balance shoes, after surveying several users and browsing relevant New Balance sizing forum discussions, I would generally say that if your feet are medium width, then New Balance shoes will fit your size. Their shoes usually have plenty of room in the toe box so they fit snugly on the ball of your forefoot and you don’t feel your toes being ground.

Overall, I’ve told you where New Balance shoes fit best. Now, I’ll take some examples of famous New Balance shoes and give them a specific fit.

How are New Balance shoes classified?

New Balance shoes are classified according to fit, comfort, stability, and support. When you look at each shoe model, it contains numbers that describe its category.

We take the New Balance 570 model as an example, you should only focus on the last two digits to get the most information about the New Balance shoe in terms of performance. A two-digit number, 70, represents the category of that particular shoe. It ranges from 40 (lowest) to 90 (highest).

Lower numbers such as 40, 50, and 60 are used for high stability purposes. If you suffer from hyper pronation, you can walk in them. The numbers 70 and 80 are for sprinters or recreational runners. The highest number, 90, represents a long-distance high-speed marathon.

New Balance shoe size and fit numbering system

You can also read New Balance’s guide to the numbering system to learn more about the last two numbers. These series represented by the last two numbers are further categorized. For example, in the 70 series, from 71 to 79, as long as the shoe type is in the “570” category, the technology is almost the same. Higher numbers represent only newer collections and contemporary styles. Comfort and support are almost the same.

How well does the New Balance 574 fit?

I interviewed several New Balance 574 users and did extensive polling on relevant forums. According to most people, New Balance 574 shoes have a small toe cap that allows them to provide a comfortable fit in the front. But after a few days of wearing, they stretch and provide a comfortable fit.

The New Balance 574 shoes look light and strong, keeping you comfortable on the move. Combining vintage style with modern comfort, this versatile shoe features a premium leather upper and mesh fabric.

The New Balance 574 shoe is available in a variety of sizes to fit every foot, in standard and width options to fit every foot shape.

So, for most people, these New Balance 574 shoes are the real size. If you have extra wide feet, you may want to choose a half size up. But I still recommend that you choose the wide original size first. If you find the shoes are too small, you can return them and choose a half size up.

I analyzed the New Balance 574 size and fit reviews on Zappos and Amazon, and here’s the breakdown.

According to user reviews, these shoes offer moderate arch support and may require you to wear a custom insole, which may compromise the overall fit. So if you have a high arch and need orthotics, you may need to buy a half size up.

Is the New Balance 530 running small?

The New Balance 530 is undersized for those with extra wide feet. These are some casual sneakers that you can wear to walk around the house and are only used for casual low mileage runs. This is a shoe you can casually wear almost anywhere without looking out of place.

The New Balance 530 shoe is only available in standard widths. Also, this is a unisex pair and comes in Euro sizing. You can refer to the New Balance shoe size chart to convert to a US standard size. If you are a man or woman with normal feet, this shoe is the correct size. If you have even medium wide feet, you may want to order a half size up as their toe box is a little tight.

Is the New Balance 990 small or plus?

If you have wider feet, the New Balance 990 shoes will fit your size. These are lightweight, high-performance, iconic style running sneakers for long, responsive marathons. These shoes come in a wide range of widths, from extremely narrow to extremely wide, to exactly fit your foot.

These shoes are designed for people with wide feet. Despite the narrow width options, these shoes offer plenty of room in the toe box. That’s why they run a little big. But no problem for people with wide feet. Shoes are normal to her. But if you like a snug fit and want to keep your heel from slipping, you can try a half-down sole.

If you have thin and narrow feet, I recommend that you definitely go a half size smaller so they fit perfectly on your forefoot.

New Balance Width Size Chart

The ball of the foot is the widest part of the foot based on the width of a particular shoe. The length of the foot is measured from the heel to the ball of the foot. The width of the New Balance shoe is then determined based on the length.

You can easily measure foot width with the Brannock device, which I explain in detail in another sizing guide article. This sizer has a scale on it to indicate the width (from A to D), which corresponds to the length you measure from heel to ball of the foot.

New Balance defines different width ranges for men and women because of their different foot structures. Women’s shoes have a wider forefoot for stable posture. Because of this, New Balance men’s and women’s shoe sizes vary in the size range. I better explain the concept of male and female foot size differences with illustrations and videos in the Timberland Shoe Sizing Guide.

New Balance Men’s Width Size Chart

This is a size chart developed by New Balance for men’s feet.

New Balance Mens Width Size Chart

So, according to the table above, men’s shoes range in width from 2A (minimum) to 6E (maximum). As I explained above with some examples, not all New Balance shoes are available in various widths. Some are only made in standard widths, such as the New Balance 530, while some models cover a wide range of widths, such as the New Balance 990.

New Balance Mens Womens Kids Width Chart

As I mentioned before, women’s feet are usually wider in the front than the back, but they tend to be less wide compared to men’s feet, which are relatively stronger and contain more mass.

Men’s feet are somewhat symmetrical. They will also be the same width in the hind feet as in the forefeet. Because of this, women opting for the 2E width option will get an extra-wide shoe, while men opting for the 4E width will feel the extra width.

How to measure new balance shoes?

Here are a few things you should consider when sizing your New Balance shoes. The following points also apply to other brands of shoes.

Foot measurements should be taken in the afternoon or at the end of the day. Feet swell throughout the day, and this change can affect your results. Be sure to measure both feet and use the larger foot size to determine size.

  • Start by standing barefoot with your heels against a straight edge or wall. Make sure you are on a flat, hard surface.
  • Hold a ruler next to your right heel and note the measurement in inches. This is the required length of the shoe. Repeat with left foot.
  • When measuring the height and width of your feet, measure the socks you normally wear when walking or running in order to find the right size New Balance shoes.
  • If you regularly wear insoles for arch support or stability, you should also consider using them in the right-sized New Balance shoes. It depends on the model of shoe you are looking for. If you need arch support and feel the need to wear orthoses, adjust your shoes accordingly.
  • If you buy New Balance running or walking shoes, you should be able to wiggle your toes. They should not be crushed. When you buy New Balance shoes for cross training, you need a better fit.

Compared to Nike, the size of the New Balance shoes depends on the model you want to buy. For example, if you buy New Balance 420s or 574s, these are low-top sneakers with a tight toe for a comfortable fit. So if you have wide feet and wear a Nike size 9, you’ll need to go half a size up, like a 9.5 on a B. New Balance 420s or 574.

Instead, there are some New Balance shoes with a deep wide toe like the 990s or 1500s. If you are a Nike size 9, you must choose a half size smaller for these shoes, which is an 8.5.

Final Thoughts on the New Balance Shoe Fit

So if you ask me, is New Balance small? I would say yes and no. New Balance defines a large selection of men’s and women’s widths in its width table. But not all shoe styles have to cover such a wide range of widths. Some shoes are only available in standard widths, while some famous New Balance models cover all of these wide and narrow widths to fit all foot shapes.

If your feet are moderately wide, New Balance shoes will fit in most situations. For wide feet, New Balance may be on the small side and you may need to buy a half size up.

Last but not least, when you are comparing your New Balance sizing to those of other brands like Nike, just stick to measuring your CM length with whatever tool you use. That’s because each brand has its own size chart. So if you’re looking to buy New Balance shoes, just stick to the New Balance size chart, if you’ve owned a Nike shoe size chart before, don’t compare it to a Nike shoe size chart. Otherwise, you will have a lot of confusion.

If your friends also end up having trouble finding the right New Balance shoe size, please share my New Balance sizing guide with them, as I’ve spent a lot of time researching forums and some New Balance shoe users interviewed for this size type article.

Is New Balance Small, Large or True Size?
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